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  1. I would still like that daily AP limit included LWS1 AP so new players can catch up on AP. How will a raise in the limit let 'new players' catch up? Won't everyone, 'new' or not be able to acquire the new Daily AP?If not, do 'new' players get easy Daily AP, when other players had to participate in more difficult content for the same AP?A suggestion that's been put forth is this:Make the current "Daily+Monthly" cap instead be "Daily+Monthly+Historical", and make the cap 15k+however much is in Historical. This would mean that anyone who's both capped and did every historical achievement is still capped, but someone capped but missing 5k from Historical suddenly gets 5k points worth of dailies available.
  2. So true! Each individual effect is usually gorgeous, but with even 5+ players it just gets completely blurred so nothing is clearly visible!
  3. Never use the 10-at-a-time recipe unless crafting literally hundreds of clovers. Having 5 tries out of 6 fall to the ~66% probability of not getting a clover is actually pretty likely. Having 50 out of 60 tries do the same is drastically less likely!
  4. That's the same with all passes. They work from Shared Inventory too - place it there and every character has access.
  5. Have you done DS? There are MPs to get just from contributing to various events there.Also, as said above, the adventures. Some will be essentially impossible with high ping, but some should be manageable. Alternatively, you can get Funerary Incences faster by spending more Trade Contracts, or by paying in Elegy Mosaics, at the Tomb of the Primeval Kings.
  6. Or head left of the ramp up into CoR, that way also leads to the same cave.
  7. Have you gone inside the order of whisper base and grabed the one in there it dont show up on the outside in Bloodtide Coasthttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Chantry_of_Secrets[&BMYEAAA=]copy paste that into your game to check, done for the deadend cave POI already and the Bloodtide Coast 100% alsothanks anywaysRemember to actually enter the Chantry of Secrets, not just go into the cave where the entrance is! It has a PoI that is not part of Bloodtide Coast.
  8. Is it always synced up? If the bubble is moving around but the tag is stationary, I can see it being pretty anoying, but if the bubble always is around the tag I kind of like it actually!
  9. I feel 110% confident we will not see actual PvP on this map - they're borrowing mechanics like area control and upgrading from WvW, not forcing PvP on PvE players.
  10. No, this is a bug. I've had it happen. My Order of Whispers Norn is basically Priory too after joining my partner's instance. Sssh, your norn is just deep, deep, deep undercover. Oh, exactly how I've treated it ever since! She even has access to member-exclusive vendors in both order HQs!
  11. I read that as "my active story is PoF, I join a buddy in LS2, after accepting progress that same LS2 step is now my active story". I can't imagine it's designed to overwrite decision you've made yourself. That seems pretty clearly a bug.
  12. No, this is a bug. I've had it happen. My Order of Whispers Norn is basically Priory too after joining my partner's instance. Her level 50 storyline (racial affinity) became a fascinating jumble of alternately having Sieran and Tybalt join her.
  13. All the new weapons and skills are more references toward the existing GW2 professions and elite specs. Look at Mesmer: very Chronomancer-themed, or Necro: just as Reaper-y. Warrior got a skill to be proficient in every martial weapon.
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