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League Dominator_Elite Achievement Broken

Shogen.5071Shogen.5071 Member ✭✭

So yesterday I won 6 games on my necro and then today i won another 6, I then won some on my guardian and i still havnt been awarded the achievement 2 days in a row

look im not great at pvp and I rather not play unnecessary pvp each day, so I would like to see this get fixed
https://ibb.co/LYctP4m - Image of proof

I have listed a bug support ticket but my faith in being heard kinda low,

I just dont want to feel pressured to play 6 games a day in hopes to get an achievement that may or may not tick over


  • Shogen.5071Shogen.5071 Member ✭✭
    edited March 27, 2021

    love how tickets go unanswered you know Anet im like one of those players that loved this game so much ive bought it 5 times for myself and 2 times for friends and spent more money from my government contracts on gem cards then ive probably spent on any other games over the years and your support team cant even send a we are looking into this, reddit has post and post about this issue and the only solution is just keep playing and youll eventually get it, well i frankly dont want to keep playing im that close to this legendary but the mode i used to love the most has slowly become worse with each balance patch since beta and that upsets me that the beta and post launch game pvp felt better, more free and most creative then this disgusting dumpster fire of bots, salty rude and down right nasty people, the only part of this game i dont have any fun on these days is pvp, one part due to these stupid achievements and secondly because of the community its become

    i still have fond memories of watching Teldo's pvp videos or having a rather worthless but fun army of ranger spirits follow me around... something i find funny to this day is the removal of spirits following you and the addition to even more minions on necro in the day... the whole AI is a issue is stupid you just need a setting that ignores them as target and only ever gets overridden by taunts, anyways my rant is over im just upset that the game i have felt so passionate over the years is failing me, my $20 or more a month i spend on gems for this game might aswell be spent elsewhere these days I mean at this point Endwalker is looking pretty dam good at least im free to play however i want in final fantasy

  • Abelisk.5148Abelisk.5148 Member ✭✭✭

    You have to do it before the daily reset.