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Simple Idea for a challenging Hard Mode for Raids

First off, to be honest, I've never even taken a step into a raid. Nor do I plan to ever change that, as I'm not too much into hardcore PvE content. However I just happened to have watched some hardcore pro raid guild beat a raid wing on youtube and I couldn't help thinking: Well, that looks like a walk in the park!
Pretty sure that isn't really the case and on my first try I'd be dead in a minute.
Whatever, here's the idea I had while watching:

Create a hard mode with only one small change: The down state is disabled. You get hit too hard, you're dead.
Ideally add an achievement with a pretty weapon skin for each raid wing and a prestigious title once you beat them all.

It's a very simple variation that would make raids much more challenging and engaging, I guess. Or at the very least it would make watching them on youtube more exciting for me. Even if the most dedicated of the raid guilds may beat them in a day or two, I'm sure it would be a rather good experience. And it'd give the rest of the raid community a goal to work towards and retry once in a while.
Sure it would be a bit inconsistent with the rest of the game. But I hardly think that matters.

Do you think that's a decent idea?


  • zoomborg.9462zoomborg.9462 Member ✭✭✭

    There is a hard more AKA challenge motes and they provide a much higher difficulty challenge and much more interesting than what u are suggesting. U could watch some of those perhaps. In any case the problem atm is that there's not much point to adding future achievements for this difficulty unless they are repetable.

    Anet will probably add challenge motes for the next wing, i just hope they reset weekly or something.