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edited September 20, 2017 in Revenant

In all likelihood the devs are knee deep in re-tuning the rev and perhaps even retooling some of the shortbow and utility skills as I write this. Since I started playing GW2 I have mained a thief and I have relied heavily on shortbow as a thief for years now. So given my experience there and my experience playing rev, I feel that one of the biggest problems with kalla/shortbow is the lack of some sort of mobility enhancement. I like the rapid flow trait and the swiftness it offers, but it would be very nice if the shortbow or kala offered something in this department as well. I am not suggesting that they simply clone the SB5 from thief, I would like to see something unique for kalla. Perhaps a way to open up a portal to the mists to use as a shortcut on the battlefield?

As for the rest of the issues that have been pointed out, most of the stuff that bothers me are simply a matter of tuning damage, condition durations, energy costs, cast times, cooldowns, and adding or removing conditions or effects to skills (please for the love of god add some chill to icerazor for instance). I.E. nothing to panic about. Spirits being cced in wvw is probably the next biggest issue, as well as the problem of the stun break on the heal causing the heal to be wasted if the stun break is used at full or near full health. On this one I would just make it instant cast and give the heal a very large radius, if you waste the stun break oh well, at least you aren't stuck clicking twice just to have to wait to cast the anemic heal.

SB3 is probably the biggest loser of all the new skills, an interesting concept but horribly implemented and probably a just plain bad idea, if I were the devs I would be looking at scraping this all together for a mobility based shortbow skill. Alternatively they could put a stun break in here and retool the heal to give some extra mobility somehow.

The F skills are pretty bad, first the energy costs are prohibitive as hell and it's hard to imagine a situation where you would ever use them. Granting might is great, but with that energy cost it's stupid. The alacrity is too expensive and too short. And Citadel Bombardment is cool but too slow and too weak. If you are going to give up improved KF to trait for improved CB it should be a BIG bump to the effectiveness of that skill. I think that traiting CB should cause not only the increased ammo count, but Kalla Schorch Razor herself should drop in out of the mists and do a quick whirlwind with her greatsword as well, and it would be a bonus if anything she hit was stunned for 2 secs so that they had a good chance of actually being stuck in the bombardment.

FWIW I actually had a lot of fun playing this during the pvp/wvw demo weekend. Once I got the hang of it I was actually surprisingly effective, my biggest gripe outside of the undertuned sb damage (again not really worried about that) was that it just felt too slow running around. The devs focused heavily on the "Joy of movement" in the development of the mount system for PoF, I hope that they can apply a bit of that philosophy as the move forward with improving the Renegade.