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Herald support t4 fractals

Hey there,

Let me start by saying that I enjoy the heavy professions in this game the most but I haven't really mastered rev yet.
Since I'm used to playing warrior en guardian I want to give it a try but not the standard dps builds.
I was wondering if there arz any builds or suggestions for a support/healing herald for t4 fractals?
Thanks in advance!


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    Renegade is generally better than herald in the healing role because renegade has two legends with group healing it can swap between (kala and ventari) while herald only has ventari and thus healing goes basically to zero if you run out of energy and have to swap.

  • Thanks for your reply!
    Well I might give renegade a shot then.
    Any suggestions for that elite spec? Since I don't a thing about renegade :p

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    Marshall's (++Power, ++Healing, +Condi, +Precision) stats w/ viper or magi trinkets is strong for Mace/axe & Staff heal renegade, as it lets you get decent condi damage while still supplying very strong heals. The reason I'd prefer Renegade Heal/support over Herald for fractal pugs is because it provides 4-6k burst heals in addition to a very easy 100% alacrity uptime, as well as might stacking with F2 if other members of your party don't have it covered. For traits, Salvation and Renegade are the obvious two, and you can choose between corruption or devastation for DPS amplification (corruption is much better personal DPS, but devastation gives everyone the assassin's presence buff).

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  • I'm still rocking a full zealot's healer build myself. But as far as fractals go, I have several tiers that I go through. Often times, "support" just means changing playstyles instead of changing builds.

    • Basic zerk Herald is actually pretty good. The reason being that it has the ability to give the entire team permanent fury, protection, and good levels of might. On a pug team where nothing is guaranteed, those 3 boons really boost group performance. Taking 33% off of every hit is useful, and with the damage buffs you frequently won't need a healer.
    • Utility viper Renegade. The thing with Renegade is that it has a lot of utilities not seen elsewhere. It can group cap might, it can corrupt boons, it can disable groups of enemies. Most importantly, even at full power the Renegade can act as a healer of sorts. Soulcleave's Summit has no trigger limit and heals 385 health per enemy hit. If you have a team that struggles to survive, you can change your rotation so that, instead of going through a damage rotation on Kalla, you camp Soulcleave and let the group heal through its damage. This ability is... quite powerful.
    • If I am in an area that is going to need a lot of projectile destruction, I run Ventari. Protective Solace makes projectiles stupid easy to deal with.

    But, if the groups need a dedicated healer, I run the following:

    Gear: Full Zealots
    Weapons: Staff, Sword + Sword
    x6 Superior Rune of Water
    Sigil of Water, Sigil of Transferrence
    Renegade/Centaur stances

    Salvation: Nourishing Roots, Invoking Harmony, Selfless Application
    Devastation: Vicious Lacerations, Assassin's Presence, Swift Termination
    Renegade: Wrought-Iron Will, All For One, Lasting Legacy/Righteous Rebel

    The last trait on renegade is whether you need to stack might or alacrity. This depends on team composition, but mostly I just end up stacking might. There's an invocation build that can output more healing, but this build gives the most team buffs.

    The way it plays is pretty simple. Unless you need one of the staff skills, you just auto attack with sword. This stacks as much vulnerability as possible, and does a surprising amount of damage for the healer build. Swap to staff if you need to CC, block, or suddenly need a condi cleanse. Everything else depends on what the team needs from you:

    If you need to stack might, swap between centaur and renegade whenever possible, using Heroic Command whenever it is off cooldown. This will give the team 15 permanent might. In Kalla, use Breakrazor for emergencies. Otherwise, just camp SoulCleave, which gives a sizeable damage buff and heals to the whole team. In Ventari, you want to slightly adjust the position of the tablet on occasion. If anybody is near the tablet it will heal them on movement, and also this procs the Sigil of Water's 6th effect. Otherwise, use Natural Harmony when it is available, as it also gives the team alacrity.

    If you need to stack Alacrity, things get a bit different. First, take Righteous Rebel. Camp Centaur for most of the fight, using Natural Harmony when possible. You'll only want to swap to Renegade when Orders from Above is off cooldown. Before swapping legends, burst out several Natural Harmony, then swap to Renegade and use Orders from Above + Soulcleave.

    You can't stack might and alacrity at the same time, due to energy constraints. For general usage, the hardest part is chasing players down. The Rev healer functions in a narrow area, so if an injured player panics and runs around, you'll have to chase them down with the tablet. This puts the healing Rev in an odd place where it only works if your teammates are smart enough to stick to the tablet. You can support an entire team while camping Centaur stance, but renegade is good for its damage buff and wider area.

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