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  1. I think it should along with many other skills, but it not doing so doesn't break anet's rule because dragon's maw is like two cc skills mashed together. The first one pulls the target into the trap and deals damage (now reduced to negligible damage because cc + damage not allowed). The second part of the skill is the ward which keeps targets in the trap which like longbow 5 has never done damage to enemies who tried to cross. If dragon's maw didn't pull targets into it and just formed a ring around them like longbow 5 does, it would still be allowed to deal damage by anet's rule.
  2. Renegade has much stronger synergy with dance of death which means way more battle scars and way more healing than condi herald can manage regardless of slightly less tormenting rune synergy (not really true). Herald is only tankier if stacking damage reduction modifiers or if shield/infused light are high value (spikey telegraphed incoming damage as opposed to steady sustained damage or just non telegraphed damage).
  3. It doesn't even scale off the herald's healing power, it scales off the heal power of whoever received the buff. So you can heal the healers in your group for a bit more.
  4. I would be very embarrassed if I died 1v1 to a power herald on renegade in wvw. Can't remember if that's even happened once since I started roaming on ren.
  5. You are extremely over estimating facet of nature, shiro f2 is about 150 hp per second with 50% uptime, your group will passively die to boss aura ticks if you are counting on that as a "solo heal". Glint f2 is 20% boon duration with 50% uptime (comparable to traited tactics banner which never sees use despite also bringing healing power) it let's supports swap out 2 pieces of diviners for berserker which while it is something it is not much. Regardless we can agree herald has a small niche as a support for supports who are either incompetent or are in the minority willing to min max their gea
  6. It is important to know why it was used in those records which were for sloth, samarog, and deimos. For sloth + samarog, it was mainly used for staff 5 cc since those bosses both have multiple large defiance bars and large hitboxes that need to be broken both quickly and frequently so a pretty niche use. Deimos use was even more niche where it was to give alacrity to an NPC instead of the rest of the squad so that the NPC can use his super overpowered skill an extra time. In every one of these cases a second renegade would be better except that herald can replace the boons that druid would nor
  7. The wards don't cc you unless you walk into them, and they don't do damage while knocking a target down so the damage and cc components are split. For instance you can't use longbow 5 to interrupt res because the final impact doesn't technically cc. Regardless, cc doing negligible damage across the board is still a dumb decision and should have never been implemented or at least reverted a long time ago.
  8. kittening joke, kitten anet balance team you all suck donkey sick.
  9. It was pure power but ultimately damage is damage and all condi builds do some amount of power damage. Devastation was historically used for the pre pof core revenant condi dps build because it buffed the power damage part of that build more than the alternative traitlines resulting in more overall damage. This is doesn't make it a condi dps or even hybrid traitline, there simply wasn't any alternatives for a third condi dps traitline, so people opted to increase the power damage part of the build.
  10. That dps is quite good, but its renegade, I hate renegade, I'm sick of renegade being the top revenant build in almost every situation for pve especially exacerbated by how herald has been more or less killed off in pvp with renegade being the one meta build we have left there.
  11. A slight reduction to damage from the Devastation specialization is also being made to help preserve competitiveness and the diversity of options between Devastation and Invocation. Unsuspecting Strikes: Reduced bonus strike damage from 25% to 20% in PvE only. Why the kitten are you nerfing the power damage from the power dps trait-line for the lowest power dps class in the game? I don't care that you want to make invocation the higher dps version of condi renegade but this is one of the dumbest ways you could possibly go about doing so directly nerfing all dps power re
  12. I guess I could see herald getting a trait rework for burning based on the theme of dragon fire. As it currently stands the specialization provides a mix of power dps, boon support and durability skills/traits. It ultimately doesn't have elements that would contribute to a max damage condi build hence why it's used as a defensive line when condi revs do use it.
  13. At some point you need to look at yourself and say "I am bad at this game and I should work to improve myself rather than blaming all my failings on balance". And this goes to a huge amount of people in this forum.
  14. Tybalt was trash even before the change, use Grymm instead.
  15. If you actually believe that that then I would say you have a very short memory.
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