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  1. It's never made sense that the weapon that fires arrows through mist portals cannot use spirit crush on targets behind you while thieves, warriors, nade engi's etc. have no problems firing projectiles backwards while running forward at full speed.
  2. Tormenting runes + generosity sigil to periodically transfer the torment you have built up on yourself.
  3. Ok warrior wastes a utility slot for a skill that helps only against a few builds and still has minimal chance to kill competent thieves because of super overloaded kiting kit.
  4. Wait you actually struggle against players who finish casting the jalis elite? Oof
  5. I like spirit watch and vote for it every time it comes up even though I have all the achievements. Bring it to ranked please.
  6. 100% In 3v3 is pretty easy since you can completely control your whole team and just q when you know there are no other top players qing together. 2v2 is a bit harder due to the more volatile format and need to be top duo when there is more potential for multiple high tier duo's at any given time.
  7. I think scourge is not really strong anymore and reaper is pretty healthy aside from how cheesy lich is. Core minions and condi on the other hand are both absolutely obnoxious at the moment.
  8. They can yolo push with just the 5 supply each team starts the match and win the game very quickly if they succeed. But this only really works when teams are heavily imbalanced i.e. experienced premade against new pugs which does happen quite a bit as stronghold population is quite low. Its an easy strategy to counter as defenders have the advantage with npc guard support which can1 shot the doorbreakers completely ending the rush and contribute enough damage to attacking players to swing an otherwise balanced fight, not to mention doorbreakers just aren't very durable even if protected from g
  9. Its almost like rev uses an energy management system instead of just basic cool downs 😮
  10. I've been thinking shining aspects should be reworked as its just a selfish survivability trait that directly competes with another selfish survivability trait in the same tier. Making it a selfish damage mod would make a more definitive choice between the shared empowerment support, the self sustain of hardening persistence, or the selfish damage of new trait. A roughly10% damage mod would be greatly appreciated there.
  11. I hate how taunt disables weapon swap and always feels so laggy to stunbreak for some reason.
  12. His breakbar is extremely small so don't forget about soft cc like blind, weakness, cripple. Just slotting a sigil of hydromancy will do a lot of breakbar damage so long as you have the weapon swap up at the time.
  13. Yeah, thief/guard were both way more common than holo/rev so I don't get why he would make it seem otherwise.
  14. Maybe people should stop complaining about builds having different strengths and weaknesses and stop insisting on normalizing everything
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