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  1. Instant daze isn't exclusive to druid. Mes and thief also have it.
  2. Jalis hammers give a lot of extra sustain and even do more DPS than shiro in cleave scenarios. Run jalis over alliance or shiro and your sustain will likely be just as good as core again.
  3. NA finals were mirror comps. Core guard + DH + DE + Druid + Reaper.
  4. If it was even close to out dosing zerk/vipers (spoiler it often really is quite close to vipers) that would be incredibly broken because zerk/viper have absolutely nothing going for them except for damage. Cele damage is actually disgustingly close to vipers stats for most condi builds so long as they have a decent amount of hybrid damage yet it has a ton of extra defensive and support stats baked in almost for free. Yet, none of that matters, people want absolute max damage on their damage dealers and would consider cele "niche" even if it made them literally immortal (see the old 100% damage reduction herald for a completely broken and overpowered build that was never meta merely "niche").
  5. Those are literally examples that my support my point: encounters designed where defensive stats have less value.
  6. It's op in pve too it's just that there isn't much content that is difficult in a way where being able to stack lots of defensive/supportive stats while still maintaining solid damage is of great value. Most pve enemies simply don't have the consistent fast paced attack patterns where players don't have enough dodges to avoid everything important (also healers are pretty OP at keeping glass cannons alive against stuff like passive damage auras) which could showcase cele's insane statistical superiority. Cele is only "balanced" in pve because encounters lack depth in a way where they can punish running full offensive setups. The reality is that you can't have a stat set have 60% more stats than other sets and call that balanced unless much of those stats are literally worthless. Pvp has shown that all stats have good value, it's simply that pve lacks encounters where more defensive stats help significantly.
  7. I guess best option here is spam victor skills till out of energy so it self cancels. Definitely an extremely strong counter. Best to just not use the skill around PB mesmers unless legend swap is available.
  8. Average stays the same regardless of population in theory. The bell curve just doesn't have the girth to allow as extreme of ratings on either end. There probably aren't any legitimate bronze players on NA.
  9. Scrapper is THE most popular dps in top tier play while druid has been seeing lots of meta usage lately including winning the last MaT iirc. Weird choices for garbage tier specs.
  10. Getting rid of the sub 10 energy requirement just makes it easier to use. I kind of like having to pay attention to using it to get the benefit.
  11. Restore charged mists to at least 20 energy. It was always one of the few fun and interesting traits core rev has and was butchered down to complete and total uselessness at 10 energy.
  12. I really miss damage on SotM. It was such a cool and fairly unique mechanic where the number of hits and thus the amount of damage you dealt scaled with how perfectly you aimed it. Now there is barely any incentive to even to to land it as it is both extremely clunky and difficult to land as well as the cc is such a short duration that there isn't much time to land any follow up damage (which staff doesn't even have any of its own). So now it's basically an extra evade with a tiny amount of extra mobility which leaves it almost completely devoid of the skill expression it used to have.
  13. If you check version history for the individual skills for necro dagger (mainhand and offhand) you can see numerous pvp buffs to most of the skills at various points in time. Additionally I do recall dagger mainhand being used on various bunker necro builds that have shown up in the meta on rare occasion while offhamd dagger has been a staple for condi builds (at least before torch was available to non scourge necro). None of that can be said for revenant hammer.
  14. Funny fact: this will be the first time hammer has ever been buffed in pvp despite having never having seen significant meta usage. Probably the only weapon across all classes to be so neglected for so long.
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