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  1. Now that I've played during one of these events, I'm actually enjoying it. Maybe it is all the extra people in WvW atm, but I'm having a much easier time winning 1v2 than I was before. Not having to fiddle with rez mechanics makes all of the kills far more seamless and certain. I no longer have to hope that I'll have enough cooldowns to finish a person after fighting two guys simultaneously for awhile. I'm running celestial weaver, btw, so it definitely isn't a class thing. Though swapping to marauder and dropping meteor storm on a zerg was quite satisfying now that they can't
  2. Mirage only brings more damage if you're fighting against one target that dies slowly and lets you build up clones. It's only meta in 3 raid bosses, and the only fractal it is good in is Sunqua CM. Though if you're running with a bunch of pugs with low DPS it can be good in Shattered and Nightmare.
  3. Well, I'm back. After taking a break from the game for a bit, I came back to WvW to find that it is incredibly hard to find 1v1s and solo roamers nowadays. Everyone runs around in packs, and it is hard to get a good grasp for what the build does in a 1v4 . But, I finally had a few solo fights. A few notes: #1: Still can't beat deadeyes worth a darn. #2: The loss of power is fairly noticeable. The extra ferocity doesn't compensate for the loss of power in the least. On the other hand, condition damage is significantly noticeable. I now see enemies health tick down much m
  4. I've done it a few times. When running the deadeye build, when I'm not fighting bosses I will use Sword + Pistol and equip Be Quick or Be Killed. I've done it mostly for fun, but I've done it up to 99CM. The main advantage to running it is the blind spam from black powder can carry a bad group, and headshot + pistol whip is great for breaking bars in a timely manner. The disadvantage is the mediocre damage. While the sword has a relatively high sustained damage from its auto attack and pistol whip, there's no way to truly push it higher. In general, deadeye builds are hard to
  5. I wonder if someone should come up with a "best race/profession to play the story step as" guide, from a lore perspective. The irony about most of these hated story steps is that I was always the correct race for them. I.E. I became a shining blade as a human, for the beetle plague I was a sylvari (and thus immune), etc. and so on.
  6. ...You mean you didn't like the part where you press "F" to kill an elder dragon?
  7. #1: Bikini Armor #2: Better graphical culling #3: A third WvW map so we don't have two alpine maps.
  8. Usually Anet announces when they change drop rates or crafting requirements. So yes, they do manipulate the market, but they're quite open about it when they do.
  9. The only profession I wouldn't recommend for new players solo is elementalist. That's the only one that's actually hard to play. I mean, it's fun, but it is also hard. Just look at most of them: Warrior: Has massive bulk and several invulnerability skills, as well as great self-sustain with certain builds. Revenant: Has two heal skills, and massive self-sustain. Also has considerable bulk. Guardian: Has the highest burst damage in the game. Aegis solves most problems, and blinds solve the rest. Firebrands deal with condition immune mobs by beating it senseless with
  10. A commander tag is one of the best investments I've made. It will more than pay for itself in the long run. The ability to start events, move events forward, and summon hordes of players on a whim is an invaluable skill.
  11. The game uses a megaserver system. This means that each of the maps creates a shard, and then it puts players from all servers into that shard. The only time server identity comes into play is with World vs. World, which unfortunately I do not have enough knowledge on. Your use of the word "professions" here is confusing. All of the games classes are called "professions" here, so if you're leveling someone then you are focusing on them. If you're referring to the elite professions, you should only concentrate on those once you hit maximum level. Otherwise, just enjoy leveling
  12. It looked something like this: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PiwAExzlVw2YeMG2JOyKdNbA-zRIYRUzXG1mCVUB2uKpH-e but I also used a Powerful Potion of Icebrood Slaying. This was also pre-nerf, but even with all the hits it received I still imagine that the chronomancer would still do well. The main advantage that chrono has is boon strip. It can usually CC Ryland during the channel phase, but if it doesn't the sword clones and the disenchanter take care of them. This gives the build a massive damage boost when compared to others. The rotation is... complicated and require
  13. Well, that answers my question. I was wondering how they were going to resolve the whole issue of having a support build that effective does glass damage because it runs glass gear. Their solution is just to nerf the weapon so much that all it can do is run the support build.
  14. I doubt there will be much change. In PVE, Guardians still have the best condi build, support build, and strike burst. In WvW they still have the best support toolbox, and also good sustained offensive condi pressure.
  15. Anorexia is not, nor has it ever been, the standard of beauty. That's just misandrist lies. Hell, my sister is on the very-thin side, and most guys just think there's something wrong with her. When I was a kid, the big model around town was Tyra Banks, who weighed in at 160-165lbs. Society, by and large, does not like skeletons. I call it magic as a direct insult, because that is what subjectivity ultimately comes down to. Knowing the causes for someone's standards of beauty and desires allows one to exercise scrutiny on those causes, as well as exercise a degree of control ov
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