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  1. I've brought my thief to many raid encounters. There's two big reasons why they aren't taken: lack of boon support and forced movement. Vale Guardian: You can't kneel with power deadeye, or else you'll be teleported away or get hit by the red orbs. Last phase of the fight is pretty mobile. Using condi DD or power DD is likely to get you hit by the Vale's auto attacks, which will shred a 13k health thief. Condi Deadeye will get teleported accidentally into red orbs. No useful utility provided here, aside from good CC. Overall the Daredevil specs work, but you have to watch y
  2. Step 1: Grab Minstrel or Givers gear. Step 2: Do a lot of research on the wing you want to run that day. Particularly what the tank does. Step 3: Put up your own LFG and create your own group. Be sure to have quickness, alacrity, heals, and might for each team. Step 4: Grind it out, hard style. It will take a while, but you can learn raids. That's what I did.
  3. "If you find yourself in a fair fight, it means you're bad at strategy." -- Some guy I forgot the name of.
  4. I'd put FGS at 7 out of 10 for it's PVP/WvW use. It is incredibly fast, it does a lot of damage, and it acts as a weapon swap to let you refresh your cooldowns. I've lost count of how many times this skill saved me in WvW by letting me escape or win fights that I wouldn't have won otherwise.
  5. Pretty much. It's actually less than that, since you want to camp Shiro until you run out of energy. That can take quite awhile if you aren't using other skills. The only time you want to swap to Jalis and use vengeful hammers is if you're out of energy, or if you're surrounded by a group of mobs instead of just 1 or 2. I should also specify that this is PVE only. In PVP players run around like spastic freaks, so it won't work there.
  6. If I were to recommend a build that does the most amount possible with the least number of button presses, it would be the auto attack Renegade: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PmwAwyVldQMMHyj1QdsHij9RksAigJvl/TD-zRIYR0xXGtlCVUB2OA-e The strategy for that build is simple. Part 1: Turn on Impossible Odds. Auto attack until you run out of energy. Part 2: Swap Legends, and turn on Vengeful Hammers. Auto attack until Shiro is off cooldown. Part 3: Swap Legends and return to part 1. That is all. You press 2 buttons every 10 seconds. There's a bunch of minor changes
  7. It has been my experience that invigorating precision trivializes most fights. Unless you get one shot or heavily counter-pressured by some mechanic, then you'll survive even in full berserker gear. Wearing Marauders can help alleviate that pressure while losing about 8.4% of total damage.
  8. I'm not sure why they changed the virtues to have no passive, except to just make them different. I mean, seriously: is Willbender OP if they have passive virtues, and then their active skills give a 6 second ability while removing those passives?
  9. We'll have to check that. DPS is Damage Per Second. If you need to wait 10 seconds to do 350k damage, then that is 35k DPS. I'm not sure how well the other skills will do their own damage, but for comparison the Berserker can do 37k DPS with its power rotations.
  10. I know this is the rev forum and all, but I have to say that I like the Reaper shouts. When I'm not in a raid I prefer to use a hybrid well/shout build instead of the standard wells + minions + signet, because the shouts provide a good toolbox that affects a wide area.
  11. The only one of these that really appealed to me was the Vindicator. That one provided a niche that I've wanted for years, which was AoE power damage on Rev. The others... Virtuoso: theoretical black pill here, but I still think that the damage output of the chronomancer was nerfed just to make the virtuoso have something to do (single target power DPS)... because that's the only thing that Virtuoso does. Willbender: I'm still not sure how to play this. It's just a guardian with more dashes and less passive virtues. Harbinger: Granted this one provides the niche of
  12. At this point I am wondering how exactly they're going to differentiate this from the weaver without just making it a better weaver. It takes an awful lot just to make the weaver function at a basic level. They need a bunch of extra health to survive (whether that be in barrier or real health), enhanced swiftness and superspeed to catch and kite things, or barring all of that so much vigor to dodge endlessly. Their utilities include a double dodge + stunbreak + superspeed, and double stability + 5k extra health. Nobody takes Elements of Rage or Weaver's Prowess in PvP/WvW, because the othe
  13. I'm not sure a lot of these would fix conjures, even if we made them into ammo skills or kits. The short reason why conjures aren't used is simply because they aren't that good: Flame Axe: Projectiles move way too slow to hit a moving target, and it has no CC or defense. Lightning Hammer: Needs more damage, shorter animations, and ideally some form of stability. Wind Blast Contradicts the entire set. Earth Shield: Used mostly to bunker on point and abuse Lightning Rod. Would be nice if what it did do, it did better. I.E. a 600 range pull instead of a 400 range on
  14. Is it weird that my preeminent thought is how hot my ele will be with Juggernaut equipped?
  15. Its... more common than you'd think. There's two examples that come to mind: Elementalists have an aura based trait in 4 out of their 5 core lines, yet the only way to reliably get an aura is in Fire. There's usually an aura skill stashed in the weapon kit somewhere, but good luck getting any tactical use out of them. Eventually Anet just made it so Auras were the gimmick of the Tempest, killing the previous fire signet build. Because of where all the traits are placed any aura support build ends up sacrificing several potential boons due to limited trait space, essentially making aur
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