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  1. Not necessarily. Most professions have to sacrifice DPS to get their self-sustain options. Thief: They need to lose No Quarter for Invigorating Precision. That's a 16.6% reduction in crit damage. Guilty admission here: when I'm doing pylons on Deadeye, I don't wear berserker. I found that, while wearing berserker, it only takes one mistake to die. It doesn't have t be my mistake, either. The most frequent cause of death is when another pylon messes up, which proceeds to knock me out of place and shields Qadim, prevent me from healing by doing damage. Necromancer: They lose Li
  2. @Daddy.8125 There's an issue with saying that weaver has poor sustain. It... really doesn't. In fact, Weaver has some pretty immense sustain options. They get about 3k health from Master's Fortitude, 894 barrier on dodge from Invigorating Strikes (paired with vigor to dodge more), 680 barrier per stance activation on Bolstered Elements, 523 barrier per dual skill from Elemental Refreshment, and a total of 16,035 barrier from Stone Resonance + Lesser Stone Resonance from Bolstered Elements. This isn't including any of the weapon skills, or any of the core sustain options, but those are avai
  3. I don't know if it because I play celestial sword weaver, but there's some pretty strong spellbreaker builds out there. They keep me nearly permanently stunned while doing immense amounts of damage, and they can dash away effortlessly. At this point if ele gets nerfed again I might just pick up a full marauder spellbreaker. Pretty much this. Celestial is only good on professions that do a lot of strike damage condi damage, soft-cc, self-healing, and self-booning all at the same time. Not just a little, but a lot. Celestial lacks power, which is the most efficiently scaling
  4. If you have a commander tag, you might be able to just push through the vinetooth event yourself. People will flock to the thing to get events done.
  5. It would be nice to have dye-able underwear as well. One of the things I did accidentally once was post an upskirt shot of one of my toons. Her color scheme is black and yellow, so I couldn't immediately tell that part of her was her underwear. Now, if I had the option to dye it, I would color it black. That way, it would be incredibly hard to tell where the skirt ends and the underwear begins. Something my sister told me about wearing dresses is that you want to go with black underwear, or failing that you match the darkest tone on the skirt possible. I.E. if you have a red and yell
  6. I really wish this were true, but it isn't. Just earlier this week I quit a static that was attempting to form because the guy forming it had the gall to lecture me on the importance of 90% benchmark videos when I brought up that I was disabled but mechanically capable. This was after being rejected by the previous two groups who... also demanded 90%+ benchmarks, and passing over 3 others who went as high as 95% benchmarks with 500 legendary insight. If they don't list it in squad or LFG requirements, it comes up once you start talking to people. In fact, through this entire half-year + of
  7. I've been using my spare obsidian to craft Fulgurite, which can then be crafted into Jeweled Patches or Plated Dowels. It's a decent obsidian to gold conversion, albeit inconsistent due to requiring the HoT map currencies. You can convert these into LWS4 mats with karma, which can then be changed into volatile magic.
  8. The theory I have right now is that the devs are trying to mold Ele into using Celestial gear, raiders be darned. The ele was designed to do a bit of everything at once, but in practice it means the profession is constantly fighting against itself. The splits between condi damage and power damage frequently mean that Earth attunement is not worth going in to due to the damage loss. The requirement for healing power means that the water attunement is mostly useless, giving very little damage for a miniscule amount of healing. The trait system is weird, enhancing specific attunements in
  9. It's pretty clear that Bannerslave is exclusively an instanced content build that doesn't constrain warrior playstyle elsewhere. I still use banners sometimes when fighting relatively stationary overworld bosses, but that is my choice alone. How well banners do in PVP is an aside. I can understand your complaint, but know that this issue is shared with every other profession in the game. They all have skills that are nearly useless in PVP, as well as combat ranges which they are ineffective against certain opponents.
  10. Are you certain they're celestial? I have a full Marauder scrapper that I take into WvW on occasion, and she has so many blocks and barrier generation that I can fight other players endlessly. It also does... surprisingly low damage for a marauder build.
  11. I don't get the hate for the bannerslave. It's easy to play, provides strong group buffs, has excellent CC, and the damage is pretty high for a "support" profession. You can go condi BS, power BS, and on rare occasion spellbreaker BS.
  12. If celestial gets nerfed, weavers will have to back to this.
  13. Staff is perfectly functional for most of the game. The only place you'll encounter issues is in fractals and raids, not because staff doesn't work but because other players prefer weapons that are more bursty with higher DPS. While wandering the overworld, you'll want to use something like this until you unlock the elite specializations. The strategy for it is pretty simple: you sit in Earth Attunement while walking around, until there's enemies to fight. Then, use Magnetic Aura and Glyph of Storms on the group of enemies. Lay down Eruption, quickly swap to fire, then put the Lava F
  14. I thought it was Pile Driver that was offing people in one shot. I know that's the skill that I use. I don't have a gimmicky one-shot build insomuch as I have a full marauder staff build that I zerg with. I have Lightning Rod traited to take advantage of the strong CC's in Unsteady Ground and Static Field. Because of this, I frequently run in Earth/Air attunement. If there's a random enemy on the side or the enemy group has scattered, I single out a player, rev up Pile Driver, and then Lightning Flash into range just as it goes off It hits for 11k or so. It's pretty strong, but if I
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