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This is more useful for PvP and WvW players than Raiders, Sorry!

While you can use Sniper's Cover to protect yourself for five seconds with blinds and projectile hate. You can also use it for a real impressive fast setup into a Death's Judgement. When you drop the cloud, it appears just close enough that you do not need to move to trigger the combo. Just tap Free Action and then immediately Death's Retreat. This gives you an immediate cloak and teleports you. Why is this good to know? You can quickly catch up to fleeing targets, or you can reposition and make their AOE spam and blind swinging useless.

You can control their direction of travel by placing the field in the opposite direction you intend to go. Or placing where you want to go, and about facing.

For those who are confident in their reverse aim, you manually aim yourself by swinging the camera, and this will allow you to teleport onto high walkways.

Finally, you can stack this combo with the Dodge roll cloaking if you need more time.

Something to think about first. It's probably not worth it to crouch and then do the combo because of how long it takes. It's better if you kneel for with the intentions of putting out some damage or staying there for a while, and using the combo to gain some distance when leaving kneel.


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    We also remove a conditions for our troubles as well! Loads of ways of getting stealth, even with the fiddly Snipers Scope.

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