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  1. How many times have they showed a preview and then reverted after listening to us? Only once in my memory. And it was something innocuous
  2. Ah yes.... More reliance on trickery for thief. That's the solution for everything! How about leave it alone? It's fine? Maybe deadeye is popular because everything else isn't doing enough? I actually had hope after the last patch. Seriously, this should not go through. As this is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE. You are bumping the cost of Death's advance to FRIGGIN 8 in total to use. It's already akward to use immediately because you need to kneel (costs 2), be inside the line of smoke from snipers cover (costs 4) - which does not last long enough to recover thr lost init - and use the skill again to teleport (now 4) for a total of 8 WITH THESE CHANGES. OR 10 IF YOU CHAIN IT WITH KNEEL Thief's init pool is only 12 by default, and 15 with trickery, which thief is absolutely forced into taking because of crap like this. Thief is the ONLY profession in the game that is completely locked out of a full rotation of their skills because of these skills. And noe you're increasing the cost even more?! After burning death's advance you can only use one more skill, and then you're stuck to auto attacks Why?! Do you seriously not understand this dang class?
  3. My feelings are mixed, but mostly positive. I like the new bonk skill. And I like that it doesn't require targeting to use. Don't care much for the init cost. The one that I am mixed about is the skill four. The animation for Charr is... ergh... bout what you expect with Charr in this game. The staff just kinda floats. I like that it is my own demand reflect, so get stuffed rangers. But I do miss the ranged poke.
  4. Hmm... honestly. This would feel better as an offhand weapon than a main hand. Which would give the user an interesting mix between ranged and melee. As it stands, I can't see this being a good mainhand. It's not as bad as I thought it would be. But there's still a number of issues that needs to get ironed out. The first one I am noticing as that the axes feels extremely sluggish to use. The Axes travel very slowly, so an enemy pacing to the left an actually avoid getting struck by the axe about midway into its range. Which makes this worse for pvp, as players are regularly circling or moving about. And using the skills feels extremely slow for almost no reason. Or maybe it was balanced with the expectation of quickness? At which case... why? It's a thief. They need to be fast because their weapon skills do not offer them much, so if it takes almost a full second to throw three axes, or to call them back. (giving players ample time to interrupt or dodge), why would I use this weapon versus rifle, double pistol, or bows which do not offer the same weakness? The second note is the recall. These axes misses pretty easily still. So maybe increase their hitbox size to a bit. But I would also say add some stronger visuals on their recall to make them look more impactful, and to give players a visual warning those axes are coming. I am pleasantly surprised that it has piercing on all of its attacks. But I feel like the evasion on three isn't really helpful. You're using this as a burst or a form of engage. But a thief would typically only do so when they know they can't be punished for suddenly diving onto someone. And using this reflexively doesn't make any sense, because it does have a bit of spin up time. I do not care for the malicious attack. This feels like a waste of my time, and that it would punish me. I get no benefit from this unless I am a condi build on a weapon that splits condi and power. Why not give this weapon some needed CC? You have an explosion. Why not give the explosion a knock back? It's damage also isn't impressive. Which is... odd. Because it does seem like other weapons are hurting a lot more with their weapon skills while having increased functionality... while the axes themselves do not actually do anything more than damage.
  5. Felt underwhelmed watching it. Cheated a bit even. Like I get due to how spamable our skills are, we don't get many things flashy or good on a single use. But something about the axe just looks lackluster compared to everything else. Like it feels like it doesn't offer anything new, and got hampered heavily. Torment isn't great in PvP due to people constantly moving, and having it on the "power" setup seems counter intuitive. I'd rather have bleed than poison, as bleed ticks much faster. More important when thief doesn't have any staying power. Ranged attacks doesn't really have anything going for it unless the init is cheap. Dual pistols does power better, scepter does condi better. And P/D has better utility. Things might change if the axes spinning around were able to deal damage, kiting and area control possibilities there. But no dice, and the cleave won't help with projectile reflects in WvW (thief for ever left in the dust by zerf commanders and professions that do everything the thief does, better.) And the evade window on three is nice.... But like... It's attached to an attacking skill, so using it defensively is counter productive. And the two skill seems to be what you use instead of auto attacks. And then there's the sneak attack. I like the idea of an exploding axe... But the deadeye sneak attack is more of a cop out - and feels like it punishes the thief more. Like... Why would I drop my damage bonus to apply poison that's only increased in duration? Something that gets shrugged off by most professions easily? You could have played more into the explosion part of it. Increase the radius of the blast per stack and apply knock back. So it's an AOE and a powerful tool for thief. But nope. Poison. Im glad I didn't put any effort into trying to get a legendary or good skin for it. Because I feel like it'll just fall into the same "unused" category as scepter for me
  6. If you get one shotted by the class biggest tell, you deserve it. But this tells me you don't actually know what you're talking about. A deadeye *CANNOT* one shot you out of no where. Inorder to build up damage, they have to hit you with skills that consumes init. And that's after they put an extremely obvious mark over your head. If the mark flashes, then the Deadeye had a full malice bar and he's going to stealth soon to try and get that damage off. Even then, in most circumstances, a deadeye will. Not do enough damage to one shot you from full
  7. Honestly... just have them do damage, and treat them as a bonus. Given that thief kites when using ranged weapons, the idea that you can move about in a way that makes it riskier for a player to chase you through your axes is kinda fun. It would also help thief with some much needed potential aoe.
  8. You say a lot of funny words magic man. Should have a standup act.
  9. Honestly this entire set is painful in the traditional anet fashion.... Reminds me of the BS that you go through in the gen 1 legendaries where a good chunk of the cost is just sunk into making a bunch of junk that doesn't directly go into the legendary. Only worse. You need a total of 12 kittening gifts. Possibly 18 gifts. Which are sunk into the preliminary armor (no gurantee if it's precursor). And the fun part is... if you didn't have to pay that tax, you'd be done with that part already!
  10. There are trade offs. Thief gets high access to stealth and mobility. But lacks any amount of staying power, static/passive defenses, sustain, and is punished far more brutally for mistakes. Stealth is broken if you land an attack, and your weapon skills reveal your location. Stealth is hardly the most busted thing in this game. Where you have a class with the ability to be invulnerable for several seconds at a time while being able to fight. A class that can break your target lock on a whim by Bouncing between clones. A class that spams blocks for just breathing. And a class that can annoy you with a pet that you can't get rid of. And a class that has two health bars for you to blow through.
  11. I mean I don't blame you. I got more salt than the Atlantic as a thief main.
  12. As Azure said. You're absolutely free to record yourself going god mode on a "no skill class". Sure, steal doesn't have a cast time. But you thinking that's overpowered is a skill issue, and I am not sorry for saying that. Steal is literally a gap closer, and for almost all thief builds a way to regain some init. You can make it deal damage, but it doesn't hit for 5K like you say. If a thief used steal, they're most likely going for burst - so it's up to you to figure out that you're gonna have to defend or stun. A better mesmer would know they can win the trade against a glassy thief and just fight. You have better sustain, damage, and cooldowns than thief. And a better HP pool normally. And a decent thief wouldn't engage you like that unless they are sure you're missing cooldowns
  13. Still feeling very salty about not also getting an offhand axe to help shake up our builds from the only two off hands we have. Still don't understand why we can't have both. But I will say that the axe looks fun.
  14. No fixes to trickery dependency, again. So core problems aren't getting fixed still.
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