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  1. Finally. I'm all for farming but that was just a golden cow being sucked dry.
  2. Yup, with the glorious Zerg. My Herald is for smaller groups or to act as a heat-seeking missile in the zerg. But I truly love how a well place Ele can influence the enemy zerg.
  3. 1: The game character can a proxy for the player within the game world. Being able to choose a gender your associate with can help the player project onto the game character and in so doing, better connect with their play experience when operating the game character within the game world. 2: Building on Point 1, enabling people to customize characters has been studied and shown to promote emergent narratives. Long story in a nutshell short, how you or I think and connect the events of play experience can build our own personal narratives, ones that the designers did not create. Edit 3: There's also a whole package of tropes that digital games have picked up from their pen and paper cousins/ancestors, which are often included because designers and players associate certain elements with 'a role playing game'. Making a character, including choosing their gender, is part of this legacy.
  4. I have become one with the tower. Practice, practice, practice - sometimes there isn't an Option B..
  5. Or just, again, have you die and re-spawn at a set location. It's not ideal but better than restarting. And designating areas of instant death and re-spawn locations seem fairly fundamental.
  6. I could get behind torch. Some kinda Firebreather/pyromaniac. Tho perhaps that's better suited to Mesmer. Perhaps call it a Sapper. Dunno the niche - perhaps something that builds on our traps?
  7. Will it dance like it's never danced before?
  8. Strafe Left = aStrafe Right = d Weapon skill 1 = qWeapon skill 2 = eWeapon skill 3 = rWeapon skill 4 = fWeapon skill 5 = t Healing Skill = Mouse Utility Skill 1 / Mount Skill 1 = Left Shift (shared bind)Utility Skill 2 = MouseUtility Skill 3 = Left CtrlElite Skill = Mouse Profession Skill 1 = 4Profession Skill 2 = 3Profession Skill 3 = 2Profession Skill 4 = 1 Special Action = ZAuto Run = \ Dodge / Mount Skill 2 = Mouse (shared bind) About Face = g Call Target = 6 Mounts are f1 -- f5, with ` for beetle
  9. Not on social media they weren't. Quick search on google:https://www.themuse.com/advice/yes-you-can-get-fired-for-your-social-media-posts-9-times-people-learned-this-lesson-the-hard-way This image is good:https://visual.ly/images/howcansocialsoftwaregetyoufired_4f2a494e750fb_w610.pngEdit: Some more:https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2018-02-06-subnautica-developer-fired-over-many-hateful-statementsGame Sound Designer firedhttps://archive.li/UuEJwAnother developer that was recently fired https://careers.workopolis.com/advice/14-canadians-who-were-fired-for-social-media-posts/More people fired for social media posts Yes keep saying that this is in any way new.Oh you and your facts, strutting around causing a ruckus!
  10. If the Charr motorcycle is basically a wheel, that rolled up like the beetle then.. I can see it working. However, as we've seen with.. practically every other skin ever made (all of them?), a skin follows the boning in the original mount. In other words, its skeleton must correspond to the original mount. Heck, I could be wrong - are there any skins that deviate from the original mount's skeletal setup?
  11. Yep. She sure did. (Emphasis is mine) Classic. I think its fair to say she enjoys the attention, uses / used the company name to leverage herself into the public eye, and decided to preach her chosen gospel. Which.. honestly - is ok. But obviously, there are consequences. When you preach to the peanut gallery, you have to expect responses across the spectrum. And fact that she attempted to preach, while censoring those that disagreed/she deemed unworthy, makes it clear that she could give it - but not take it. Also, playing gender card. Also, playing the victim card. Also, hypocrisy. Eh.. class act. All of this.. could be written off as human. We all make mistakes. But her inability to recant, to recognize her part in this drama and at least offer an apology to D, speaks volume of her true character, versus the persona she's attempted to craft for her fan base. And woe to those suckered in by her duplicity.
  12. And we already have two lies. Deroir didn't chime in to disagree. He chimed in to say that he mostly agreed, but wanted to open up the discussion of branching dialogue. Jessica didn't "Call Deroir Out," she insulted him and broadcast him as a sexist villain to her entire twitter feed, wholly unprovoked. That wasn't an act of justice, it was an act of malice. Reddit didn't ignore her point about women professionals constantly being questioned by men. They discussed and argued against it vehemently. Largely because there was no point. This wasn't an argument or a statistic, JP did this solely to put Deroir on blast and feel self-righteous to her own fans about how the most innocuous comment is evil somehow. Yay Price. Of course, I call the claim about manquestioning into question, since all I've ever seen is women get special treatment and twist regular slights we all face into a patriarchal conspiracy. That and all of the sources polygon cites are polygon but in a different header. So much for speaking truth to power. Did she actually try to speak up? Usually when I want to say something I just interject or raise my hand, or something like that. Then again, I've never been chewed out by my boss for making a colossal mistake. Maybe the situation is different if you set the boss's car on fire. I mean, I'm not going to lie: the evidence was pretty damning. If polygon bothered to do more research then "ugh, reddit is whining again", they'd see the collection of nasty behavior and history of burned bridges. There's only so far you can go before "arguing the case" gets defenestrated. Besides, what was her case going to be? "It wasn't me"? "They all deserve it for being alt-directional icist isms of every degree"? "People don't see me as a representative for Anet when I respond to feedback about my job"? She already said that she's not sorry for any of this, but if you can't at least be sorry for Deroir then it is clear that an apology is off the table. YOU'RE HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL! YOU'RE THE REASON HE HAD TO BE THERE! O.K. enough exaggerated caps for now. There's another deliberate manipulation here: He had the power to command a woman. Yeah, no, this isn't a sexism thing. Back when I worked at the community college, the three heads of the department were all women of different nationalities, and if you messed up royally then you'd expect at least one of them get on your case. There were entire meetings held about bureaucracy and conduct that would last several hours. By meeting, I really mean that we'd sit there for two hours while an eastern-European woman would lecture us on how to fill out convoluted time cards. The point of all that is this: Michel O'Brien can crack the whip just as hard as Mike O'Brien. Price is just playing the sexism card because its the card she always plays. Aside form all that, nobody enjoys a lecture. Not the person giving, or the person receiving. After learning how badly Price has messed up in the past, a venting lecture is for her benefit more than anyone elses. But of course, she is the type of person who doesn't learn. That is meaningless. She didn't bring a problem onto Anets doorstep via social media until now, so obviously they didn't have a problem with it. I'm assuming the vetting process for hiring a developer doesn't involve crawling up their e-butt with a microscope. Otherwise they would've seen what happened with her last job. But here's the thing: If you say that you're a feminist or a strong women, people give the benefit of the doubt and assume the best of those titles. The average person assumes that claims to virtues are virtuous, and not malice in disguise. But once she started biting customers, Anet learned that her feisty behavior is really wanton animosity wearing a mask. This is one of the things she is half-right about. As a pretty solid-right traditional U.S. conservative, I learned a long time ago that the notion of tolerance and open-mindedness were really arbitrarily attributed to the stances they've taken. It is one of the paradoxical outcomes of multiculturalism, where you really become a moral dictator that judges other perspectives based solely on how multicultural they are (as defined by you yourself). Everything is relative, except for relativity which is not relative. Nothing is better than anything else except for saying that nothing is better than anything else, which is clearly better than everything else. However, allow me to disagree by equal measure. JP has clearly missed what it means to be nontoxic. The whole point is to not breed hostility. But, she has misinterpreted this to mean "Because there is no hostility, I can be as hostile as I want!" Whether she can see the contradiction in this thinking and doesn't care, or she cannot see it is up for debate. YOU ARE THE UGLY, HARMFUL THING! The self-righteousness is so thick in this statement that you can cut it with a butter knife. Yet, so sour that it has turned to cheese. I briefly mentioned Deroir before, but lets talk a bit more. For all intents and purposes, Deroir is collateral damage. A harmless youtuber caught in a conflict he didn't want, in spite of his best efforts to avoid any sort of contention. Spurred by the developer he admired, and brought under the assault of JP's ragtag taggers on the rag. (It's a joke, don't take it too seriously). For all of the supposed wrongdoings of reddit, Arenanet, twitter followers, Mike, or whatever, the one person who deserves and apology is Deroir. The dude's world caught fire last Fourth of July, and it wasn't fireworks that set it ablaze. But righteous indignation knows no bounds. Apparently, all of this ire is not only deserved, but it is "the right thing". So right, that it required some moral obligation in spite of all the adversity she'd face in doing so. Give thanks to Jessica Price, the martyr for the cause of developers receiving feedback on their twitter feed when talking about the game. If you're playing kitten bingo, you can mark the current year square. Otherwise, I already wrote about the self-righteous martyrdom of JP in the paragraph previous to this one. Quite frankly, I think that Mike did the right thing. Personally, I'm so tired of seeing all of my hobbies waylaid by the extreme Left and start floundering because Get Woke, Go Broke. An industry is ultimately a business, and if you can't conduct business then there is no more industry. For the 80-90% of the population that isn't the extreme left, this is an excellent sign. The term I used before is myopic. A great deal of time was spent speculating on why Chris Ryall of IDW comics would throw away millions of dollars on an open socialist that insulted the entire nation over 9/11. The conclusion that was drawn was that IDW was such an ideological echo chamber that Ryall had no scope of how bad the outrage over Aubrey Sitterson's comics and comments were. So, when Ryall doubled down and said "come at me, bro," Hasbro trounced him into the ground. The moral of the story is this: never believe the speculations on scope from somebody who uses block bots and lives in an ideological echo-chamber. Clearly, "every female developer I know" really means "all the ones who I didn't block because I didn't like". The only recruiter agencies that are going to ping JP about their policies are the ones that share her radical feminist positions. All of the normal recruiters are steering clear of JP precisely because she throws ideological crises tantrums like this. She can't even understand that this outrage isn't coming from bots and sock puppets, it is coming from the hordes of normal people that outnumber her 10:1. If this has made Anet workers afraid, then good. Being afraid of messing up at your job is the number one way to avoid messing up at your job. A lack of concern breeds carelessness. Whether you're holding a welding torch or dealing with customer service, there should always be a voice in the back of your mind that says "there will be repercussions for screwing up, so don't." You know, I just can't find that post that went over her history at the tabletop company, but unless my memory is fooling me, that ain't how it happened. A good way to test if sexism is present is to take the events that occurred, and switch the genders around. As it happens, we have just that: both a man and a woman were fired for these events. The claim of sexism and the kitten are nebulous at best and outright lies at worse, due to this contrary evidence. She myopically believes that all women not only hold her views, but are valued because of those views. Then again, it could be possible on the local level: As mah boi Zack AKA Richard C. Meyers says: "A+ people are looking to hire other A+ people. B people are looking to hire B and lower." So, it could be that all of the women she tried to bring into Anet are just like her. The problem with seeking out marginalized talent is the same problem that Marvel comics faced. It isn't that there's any feature inherent to race or sex that makes somebody less capable of making a game. The problem is that the people who scream their marginalized status the strongest are professional victims. When Heather Antos was brought on to Marvel as work girlfriend and to diversify the place, she went for every YA author that made a name for themselves by complaining about the evil white he-devil capitalists. This stocked the roster of writers full with people who had no real talent, which then proceeded to write terrible comics. Except for Saladim Ahmed. That guy is a poet. Anyway, when people complained "Hey, you replaced all the famous characters everybody loved in the movies with blandly capable Mary Sues that have no personality and terrible writing/dialogue/plot", the response from writers was "you're all racist/sexist/whatever." To the uninformed observer, this can make things seem that all of the whatevergates are about targeting women and minorities for criticism. But in reality, that isn't what is happening. The targets are the toxic elements with toxic ideologies. It just so happens that these toxic people with toxic ideologies failed upward to their current position precisely because they have some kind of minority status. The moral of this story is that correlation doesn't equal causation. Yeah, no. Condescending jerk would've gotten Price fired equally as fast. Hell, it's meaner than "kittenhat" because "kittenhat" is at least funny sounding. The sad part is the lack of shame here. I already talked about how Deroir deserves and apology above. Price has clearly learned nothing, not in professionalism or introspection. What makes this sadder is that I shouldn't be the smarter person, here. I have aspergers, so I sort of just kitten the kitten over people and hope they have the emotional fortitude to handle my weirdness. Learning expectations for me is really slow, because everyone is mannequin faced. Even then, it still feels terrible whenever social interaction goes bad, even if it isn't my fault. When it comes to social graces and good business practices, I'm a paraplegic who has to tell the able-bodied how to walk properly. I'm going to call shenanigans on this. The issue of trust in expertise is predicated on previous performance. GW2 has a rocky start, both in narrative and mechanically. It stems to reason that feedback is what brought these issues to light, let alone resolved them. Likewise, the simple fact is that diffused knowledge is superior to centralized knowledge. To completely dismiss customer feedback is to assert that you're smarter than not just one customer, but every single customer. Listening to and understanding feedback is important for any industry, let alone one based on subjective praise. To end, I'm going to repeat the amended rules for kitten, as you have all born witness to above: "They always lie""They always project""They always double down""They always turn on you" Of which we have seen all 4. Mike's decision to fire JP was the right one, because I doubt she would've left the company on good terms. With such a hostile and indignant mind, it as only a matter of time before she caterwauled oppression in Arenanets direction over some other perceived slight. And that is why nobody respects Kotaku... err... Polygon. Holy mother and father of everything Holy.. this is by far the best written, best thought out response to anything on these forums I have read.Your skill and expertise knows no bounds.. it was poignant, insightful, factual and pretty well nailed down as far as I am concerned. This person gets it, this person not only understands that all this could of been so easily avoided had that one person just decided to induce just a modicum of professionalism and a whole lotta restraint... but for someone like JP, those two things leave a bad taste.. toxic tastes better and easier on the stomach.To me JP only hurt, what is a very real issue in the world, by saying, doing and acting like she did and continues to do.Agreed. Rather awesome to read over a morning coffee!
  13. Sweet bjesus, is there a template going around? =)
  14. Do you have any idea how fragile that makes women sound? It basically equates them to children. Do me a favor stop helping the cause right now. I made a mistake.As have a lot of other interesting people!
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