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item armor attributes changed?

Downloaded all /v2/items today and noticed that item['details']['infix_upgrade']['attributes'] for ascended, light armor had the attribute of CritDamage instead of Ferocity. I created a Python set and iterated through the complete list of light, ascended armor and got the following attributes: {'Vitality', 'CritDamage', 'BoonDuration', 'Toughness', 'ConditionDamage', 'Power', 'ConditionDuration', 'Precision', 'Healing'}. Seems as though BoonDuration replaced Concentration. My character however still displays Ferocity on the hero equipment tab. Has something changed?


  • CritDamage is the internal name for Ferocity. Same with the other attributes.

  • BoonDuration, CritDamage and ConditionDuration are supposedly the internal names of Concentration, Ferocity and Expertise respectively. The API always showed those, that has never changed. However, previously when there was still the Boon Duration % and the Concentration in the game (before the Giver's stats was changed), the API didn't account for that, and as far as I remember, placed them both under BoonDuration.

  • cawtx.2016cawtx.2016 Member ✭✭

    In the past I would get Concentration, Ferocity, and Expertise from the endpoint. To calculate critical damage (a percentage) I would convert Ferocity to a percent change of critical damage which is added to the base percentage. The modifiers have not changed in the endpoint, only the attribute name. I know need to pretend the attribute CritDamage (a number) from the endpoint is really Ferocity in order to calculate the real CritDamage which is a percentage.

  • /v2/items never returned Concentration, Ferocity, and Expertise as attributes. But some string descriptions (for example infix_upgrade.buff.description) can contain those names.

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    Actually they did because I used them. A couple months ago i noticed a change in another attribute, but it was one I did not care about. If I can find some old listings I will post them

  • cawtx.2016cawtx.2016 Member ✭✭

    I stand corrected.
    I had an old print of some /v2/item and the attributes were not as I remembered, but as you (darthmaim) noted. The attributes I remembered were in the description.

    Sorry all for my haste.

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