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Roller Beetle - Unbelievable!

I was bored last night so I took my Roller Beetle to Queensdale and circled around it at full speed for over 2 hours. Made jumps and big air tricks. Yes, it was a very fun ride.

The unbelievable part of the experience is it never lagged. At full speed, with events popping up around me, I was expecting a lag spike but I was moving at max speed (red light) while still maintaining full control.

This went on for a couple of hours...or until my shoulder started aching past two hours.

I was really expecting it to lag or at least for me to lose control, but it never happened. I even opt-in to be transferred on a more populated instance and still no lag.

The implementation of the mounts in GW2 are genius and I've never experienced anything quite like this in any MMO.

So thank you. =) <3

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