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Need help for "Coherent UI Host Crash" on Mac

This crash has been happening to me so often for the last 6 months. And to this point I can not take it anymore.
Like today, I was doing T4 95 fractal, about to 5% to complete the frac, bang, disconnected, and it took awhile to log back in, My party could not wait and I lost my 3 reward chests. Then I tried log in again, got in party, doing next T4 daily and bang, Kitten Dc again of this "Coherent UI Host". So kitten many times.
Please help me how to fix this crash. I kitten hate it so much.

I looked up my Crash report and Diagnostic folders, There are a big of list report "Coherent UI Host" crash

I am using MBP, 16gb of ram, lasted Mac OS update, average ping is 280.

Thanks in advance


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