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Chat Input Lag

Issue: When typing in the chat box there is approximately a half second of lag time between hitting keys and the client responding.

Relevant information:
1. This problem is localized to the chat window. Inputs in other parts of the client are crisp.
2. I have a tested this on my main keyboard a FILCO as well as additional Logitech G15. The problem persists with both keyboards. Both are wired.
3. I have never experienced this issue in other applications.
4. This problem has been persistent since I installed the game a few months ago.

Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere.


  • Hey,
    I'm having the same issue for a few months now... there's huge lag in the chat window only.. no other problems anywhere else or in any other app.
    Been happening with 3 keyboards and it's kind of driving me crazy. At times it gets worse since I type fast, flooding the chat box and making the delay even higher.
    Have you found out anything?

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