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Kittymarks (Returns) - Raid build guides

It's been a while since Kitty took down her benchmark site but she's now creating a new one to share her non-metabuild guides for raiding. Though a bit grim in appearance, Kitty's including basic description of what the builds do, link to GW2skills-build, how to play and boss-specific tips on her new guides. And though the sigil/rune revamp hasn't landed yet, she's already taken that into account in her builds. Kitty will also update them as needed.


Kitty's also created a Kittymarks-discord for further discussing raid builds:

This time Kitty won't be benchmarking, though. Too time-consuming, too energy-consuming and due to 1-month balance cycle, Kitty simply can't bench stuff in time anymore.

It's Kitty. The young lady who streams and records videos playing various (non-)metabuilds. Raid/fractal videos at, Kittymarks test results at and and streams at .