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Getting the Black Moa.

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Hey, guys...I really want to get a Black Moa pet, but I see that it can be gotten "only with a linked Guild Wars account and at least 15 reward points." How much effort would it be to accumulate the 15 reward points?


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    Your best bet to get 15 points would probably be making a Ranger (or X/Ranger) and playing through Nightfall. Then play through EotN to unlock and set up the HoM.

    Get one regular pet statue, one 'exotic' pet statue. (play a half-Beastmaster build and level a pet to 20.)
    I think you might get one HoM-able weapon free from the EoTN story and one from doing War In Kryta. Add those if needed. (2 points)
    Hero, Vanquisher, Cartographer, Skill Hunter of Elona. Spearmarshal titles. Survivor as a bonus if you play safe. (5 statues in Honor is 8 points)
    Collect the Nightfall heroes and do the minigames for their respective armor upgrades. Add their Hero statues. (3 + the pet statues is 5 points, 10 total is 6)

    You can spend the plat and mats you get from playing to buy minipets (from players), elite armor, and elite weapons to get a few points if the titles are taking too long. War in Kryta weapons aren't too bad iirc.

    Not going to sugarcoat it; it'll take 60-100 hours minimum.

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  • GW Noob.6038GW Noob.6038 Member ✭✭✭

    @Chrury.4627 Very valuable info there...thanks for posting it! Needless to say, I won't be getting the Black Moa. : (

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