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LFGuild [NA][CD][PvX][WvW] Casual

saddlebear.5027saddlebear.5027 Member
edited November 30, 2018 in Looking For Guild

Looking for a guild on Crystal Desert for myself and partner. New to the game and would like a social guild to learn the ropes. Saddlebear.5027


  • Hi Saddlebear! Please visit our website and let us know if we're what you're looking for https://solidstatecommandos.wordpress.com/

  • Looks awesome! I'm just a casual player returning to the game. I have you in my contacts and will message if I see you on. Or send me an invite, that works too. Saddlebear.5027

  • Hi Saddle, I'll get in touch with you as soon as I finish a few errands today!

  • Just going to post a little link here and you can see if you want to take a shot at joining us.

    If you do WvW then the servers may be an issue, but otherwise server isn't a problem.

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