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2v2 Arenas - Players Camping Inside Of Their Own Spawn

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Ok, I really felt this deserved its own thread. Arenanet, this is what's happening:

Example 1. RED Holosmith and a Support Scourge vs. BLUE DE and a Core Guard. Match starts and RED team hides in the corner just before coming out of their spawn gate, so that if BLUE team wants to damage them at all, they have to enter extremely closed quarters where things like Holosmith and Scourge have large advantage. At the best, the BLUE team sits and waits out the timer for 3 minutes to force them out, which is redundant and silly to have to do.

Example 2. RED Reaper and Spellbreaker vs BLUE Boonbeast and Druid. Match starts and RED team hides in the corner just before coming out of their spawn gate, so BLUE team has to enter closed quarters where things like Reaper and Spellbreaker have large advantage. In this situation, it isn't realistic for the Boonbeast and the Druid to wait out the 3 minute timer because their builds heavily rely upon heal effects. Even if they did choose to wait out the 3 minute time for the RED team to come out, someone might fall asleep because it is very boring to have to do.

Ect.. Ect.. Ect.. This spawn camp tactic which exploits the purpose of these 2v2 maps entirely, is quickly spreading amongst duos joining 2v2s. I'm really enjoying these 2v2 arenas and I'd like to see this game mode thrive and gain repute rather than see the player base show disdain and walk away from it. @Ben Phongluangtham.1065 If you guys could make it so the gates close when the match starts and it forces players into the arena, that would be awesome.

~ Thanks for your time.

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  • 5/6 games in the monthly for us (core guard and power shatter) were against double Necro. (Last one being Boonbeast + Holo) on the asura arena, all they did was spamming marks from inside spawn (which for some reason is no valid path) and going out after two minutes with full shroud and barrier.
    On the Hall of the mists, they insta portaled to the no-port /LoS rock close to base.

    Fun and engaging gameplay.

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