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  1. 1v1 format that works like 2v2 arenas where you can swap build template before each round.
  2. The damage is low. What you're noticing is not that damage is too high, it's that they removed all the kitten sustain options in pvp.
  3. It's just fear ring that's a problem. It's stronger than elite skills like plaguelands or breach and it just shouldn't be. Very same problematic issue as with smoke screen, it lasts too long and too many fears can be proc'd off of it.
  4. I agree with what you're saying here. I think that most people are asking for nerfs in areas that are allowing classes to be too strong in ways they just shouldn't be. Even if people don't realize they are doing this, they are definitely tending towards the idea that "classes should be more distinct in what they are good at, and less viable at everything". Examples: Asking for nerfs to necro mobility, which gives it way too good of disengage for how sustainy it is. Asking for nerfs to thief blind spam, which makes it way too good at straight up engagement without even needing
  5. CMC doesn't get to do w/e he wants. He has to dump hours into what the company is telling him to do. Clearly Arenanet is currently not focused on pvp at all.
  6. @greedywholesome.9081 Bro, what the marketing team tells CMC to do is not CMC's fault. Just saying. But always remember that Rev is a class favored by the best players and the best players tend to win.
  7. That's not really the point though. The point is that you are tossing around a strangely misinformation evaluation & opinion on this topic, which is entirely incorrect and in no way even remotely close to the truth. The bots are in no way "better than 90% of the community" and they are not healthy for the game mode either. Also, let's not forget the sound reality & principle that this mode is supposed to be pvp, not pvm.
  8. Enough with this misleading deceptive propaganda in attempts to make people complacent with the idea of other players using bot synchs to throw games. You can get right on out of here with that. These bots perform terribly and often are used to throw games for the person who is running them. There is nothing ok about it.
  9. I didn't read any further than this because this was all that needed to be said. Thank you.
  10. Yeah it is more noticeable in 2v2s and 3v3s. I generally play 1500-1600 range solo queue nowadays, maybe 1650 max if I get a duo partner and we have a good day and are actually trying, so my subsample of what I see bots doing is coming from that range of queues. So if you are against other players who want to vie for 1600ish rating, that's when bots are being used for throwing very often. Now if you were a player down in gold 1 or something, I would imagine that is where you'd see more bots that were just logged on all day trying to farm shards of glory or gold or w/e, or maybe anet
  11. Yeah you can trace it. There are certain ones that only ever show up in games with certain mains. Those bot accounts all have similar themes to their account/character names, and never show up anywhere without the main. It's kind of obvious man. Right click check everyone's account before games start and pay attention.
  12. I don't know about that. People are too hopeful with this. The people running bots are doing it in multiboxes while they actually play with those bots, so they can throw for them. It would be easy enough for those players to just enter the captcha in the different screens manually by hand, when the bots enter the synch queue. A captcha may cut out bots that someone actually leaves on to queue games all day when they're all work, but I don't think there are too many bots out there that are actually doing this. The bots being used are mainly for throwing for an actual human player
  13. Vallun is a good player he just doesn't cheat in every other game he's in.
  14. When I read this response, it made me think of a certain Christmas song that reminds me of the GW2 forum users who say things like this. Enjoy, Merry Christmas. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - Silver And Gold - YouTube
  15. This is irrelevant, as many classes/build's condi cleanses only come from skills that have animation times, which cannot be used when you are locked into a bugged taunt. They just need to fix the kitten taunt bug already. It's lazy that they haven't.
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