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  1. Yeah something is not right with it. My Ranger doesn't show finisher text suddenly.
  2. ^ Thread title As in: I blast and then leap in a smoke field, it still stealths me, but it doesn't show any text indication that the finishers have connected.
  3. 5 seconds is too short. Fully agree with lowering it to about 15 seconds though. 30 seconds is too long, especially with spawn timer.
  4. Aint no way: "The easy class" should never be the most rewarding class in any game. It's ok to have something with an easy entry level, but it is not ok if the easy entry level class is performing at higher levels than veteran players wielding what are supposed to be high risk high reward classes. The Minionmancer could accurately be described as "the easiest entry level class that is also a top meta in higher tiers, that is a low risk high reward build to play". <- Everything is wrong with that, especially when I'm seeing 2 of them on average in most games that I am in lately, unrank
  5. Yes but in ATs during all plat 2+ final rounds, you don't simply rotate around a team that has two Minionmancers. You have to take nodes or you lose. So this brings us back to the problem where this build is just mechanically attribute-tied too strong, in terms of 1v1 kill potential defensively or even offensively and also its ability to hold nodes for an inordinate amount of time even if the player is ultimately losing the combat. Minionmancer is too stacked. It's stacked to the point that even a mediocre player behind it, is actually useful and moderately dangerous. It has too many mech
  6. How is no one else commenting on this? This build is grossly overperforming and it is stinking up even ATs. Almost every reason why it overperforms is tied to the detonation damage from Death Nova. It offers way too much offensive as well as defensive stature. Having it be unblockable is too much. The nerfs to lower minion health did absolutely nothing to tend to the actual strengths that make this build so strong. If anything, I've actually noticed that the lower minion health expedites its detonation cycling. Can we get this build put into line please? Like seriously. I'm
  7. ^ Title of thread. I don't feel like I should have to explain too deeply into why this is a problem when a single Minionmancer is capable of constantly recycling 7 to potentially 14 minions if using Lich. And this isn't to mention how people like to stack them on teams lately, making it not uncommon to see two Minionmancers on the same node, creating a 14 to potentially 24 minion stack of constant cycling unblockable AoE damage that is also applying poison. It's fine that Minionmancer is tanky, but it having this much consistent unblockable damage output in conjunction
  8. I didn't think that it worked that way though. Judging from all seasons before this one, it has always seemed that you gain or lose rating based on you or your duo's average rating vs. the highest rating on the opponents team whether it is solo or duo averaged.
  9. I'm noticing this problem happening a lot lately. Watch this 60 second video. Anyone who knows the game knows that this isn't right. Something is wrong with this. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1142622522
  10. I mean, after you get out of the box and look back in, it REALLY looks like someone at the Arenanet office, if not all of them, are making troll decisions on purpose to mess with the fan base.
  11. I've been gone for a few months now. I come back to check in on this game and this is the first thread I click. It made me realize how strong of a choice it was to leave this game.
  12. Maybe Rune Of The Stealth God is just the best rune.
  13. I'm not talking about smoke screen. Just black powder shot with combo finishers is all the blind you need.
  14. Eeeeeh I dunno about all that. I'm not a Thief player by any means but I've been going out of my way to play DP Daredevil in ranked for the sake of brushing back up on things. I seriously win like 9/10 1v1s I enter and most of those I am able to actually hold nodes while doing it. Then of course if the 1v1 goes poorly, you just leave and don't die. Thief can 1v1 everything in the game fine, it just requires time to do. I'm not saying it is necessarily a GOOD idea to stay and 1v1 something that will decap you and hold while you are trying to win an elongated 1v1, but I am saying tha
  15. See this is just not true. Everyone thinks mm necros are "brain dead" and that the build somehow plays itself, which it doesn't. To a certain extent sure, the AI and passive effects do their thing for free. But where the build is very dangerous is that actual good players can wield a high skill cap on that build. There is a lot more technique involved in cycling the minions and their skills than people realize. What we're looking at here is a build providing a "low risk high reward" type of experience. This build deserves serious nerfing just the same as any other spec
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