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  1. Needs to be overhauled so all tiers are combined into one super server map, and there are always like 200 vs. 200 vs. 200 on a map. Time for beta test. Let's do it.
  2. You know I never thought about it that way but you're right. The zone is actually unnecessarily depressing. I mean if you compared the mists to doing a ffa in the middle of queen's courtyard in divinity's reach yeah, way less depressing. Or imagine if the entire city of divinity's reach received a graphical overhaul and was copy/pasted into a new mist lobby, where the entire city is the lobby, queens courtyard and even the halls around it are the ffa area. That'd be baller.
  3. I actually agree with you here on this point. But the reason why the tells on smokescale KD seem small is because of all the other pixel explosion going on in the game. There is a dull sound queue that happens with the smokescale CC as well as a sort of dull white pulse around him. If you were out PvEing in Queensdale and attacking deer, it would be really easy to hear and notice those tells. But on node in pvp with all the other very loud noises going on and all the pixel spam, that dull sound queue and dull white pulse around the smokescale gets seriously muffled out, even in 1v1
  4. It's not RNG at all dude. I could literally live stream myself using the smokescale right now for you, and I will if you want me to, and I will call out exactly when the smokescale is going to smoke assault and knockdown, and I guarantee you I will be right 99% of the time. It does the same skill rotation in the same order every time you swap to him. As Leonidrex and myself have already pointed out, the only time this pattern gets staggered, is if a ranger is camping smokescale for waaaay too long and something unusual happens like the CC knockdown gets interrupted duri
  5. Yeah but usually it's over something that is actually kind of confusing. The things being said in this thread are just an abstraction of the game's physics entirely.
  6. Oh please. Unless they've figured out some strange bug to exploit or some otherwise incredibly inobvious way to wield a Drake, the Drake sucks dude. I don't know what else to tell you. I don't care how good or bad a player is, Drakes suck and there are better options.
  7. Well I've got news for these kids who are on the drake train. It sucks. Electric Wyvern is in every way better. It has faster autos, he hits like twice per 1 strike of the drake, just as tanky or tankier than drake, and it has 2x CCs that setup for LB4 decaps. The more CC you stack between both pets, the less damage the ranger takes and the easier it is to land LB4 GS4 knocbacks and to setup for Maul into Hilt into Maul finishing strikes. I don't know who these people are who are getting hit by slow drake strikes but they deserve it and I don't feel bad for them.
  8. Smokescale knockdown is by far the most telegraphed pet CC for the reason I just explained in my previous post. There is nothing RNG about it. Futhermore, due to how predictable it is, Rangers do wield a great deal of control over when they swap to Smokescale knowing that he will immediately pop smoke assault to chase something and then go into the knockdown directly after. This is largely how non-immob power based rangers/soulbeasts are able to secure kills when players are trying to run. Absolutely nothing RNG about it at all.
  9. Yeah, maybe in the world of core/HoT only. It sucks in PoF patching. Despite what people are saying in this thread, I have still yet to see anyone running Core Ranger Valk Drake in any ranked or AT games. This thread is full of nonsense honestly.
  10. Weavers also counter all ranger builds on node, all of them. That's why I don't understand this thread. There is so much gun jumping misinformation going on in here it's crazy.
  11. The smokescale's knockdown almost always comes directly after it leaves smoke assault animation. Just dodge roll after smoke assault ends and you dodge the knockdown. The only time this pattern gets staggered, is if they camp smokescale for way too long and its CDs starting getting all wonky and out of order. If they are actually pet swapping every 15s like all good rangers do, the knockdown will always come after the smoke assault, directly after, as in the next strike directly after smoke assault ends.
  12. Every single bit of time that they have invested into Ranger within the past 3 or 4 years as been repeat machine gun nerfing Druid over and over and over and over. That's what happened.
  13. LOLOLOLOL guy has a necro icon for his name. kitten I wish I could thumbs up Anet right now for programming in that it would say "8 months later...." if someone necros a thread after this long.
  14. @snoow.1694 I just looked up that teapot tourney you were talking about. Dude that was a Core & HoT only tournament. The only reason people were playing Core Ranger with a Drake is because they had no access to anything else, Spellbreakers weren't in play, Renegades weren't in play, Holo no in play, Soulbeast not in play, no Weavers, no Scourges, no Mirages. Guarantee you Core Ranger Valk Drake is bad in normal game patching when everything PoF is incorporated. Without PoF though, I can see how Core Ranger would definitely be the strongest side node REGARDLESS of the pet that i
  15. It needs to happen though. If everything played & felt like the warrior class, no one would complain about braindead spam play, as one example of good mechanical design on its part.
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