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Best pvp ranger builds

Which builds are the best for ranger to play in pvp this season?


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    Although Boonbeast will be your best bet overall, there are two other builds not listed in metabattle that are strong in certain counter situations.

    Berserker Soulbeast:
    * Wilderness - bottom bottom middle
    * Beastmaster - bottom middle top
    * Soulbeast - (mid or bot) top bottom
    * LB Energy & Separation, GS Energy & Intelligence
    * Berserker & Scholar
    * 6 Bear Stance, 7 Moa Stance, 8 Quick Zephyr, 9 Sic Em, 0 Strength of Pack
    * Pet 1 Demands use of Rock Gazelle for F2 mobility with CC and WI on the same pet. Pet 2 can be whatever you want, suggest Smokescale for F2 stealthing.
    * Metabattle has something like this listed called "The Sic'Em Sniper" which is a bad version of the above listed build, for various reasons. The biggest reason is the idea that you don't play a DPS build like this or Sic'Em Sniper in a normal match, you only want to run it in a counter situation such as: "Lots of necros In the match and other things that are easy pot shots that can't chase you so well", you shouldn't be playing a build like this in any match that has multiple things teleporting on top of your head like Heralds, Core Guards, Thieves, Mesmers, because it doesn't have enough access to frequent small stealths to adequately disengage such an onslaught. So the idea that Sic'Em Sniper suggests Signet of Stone as a defensive mechanism is pointless because a glass cannon DPS spec like this cannot burst heal itself to full during that 3s invuln, so all it is doing is buying the Ranger 3s before something inevitably downs it anyway. The better thing to do is to enhance the kill power and mobility to the furthest extent possible and play this build as a decap + build, similar to a traditional thief role, and only play it in matches where it is advantageous. But if you do catch a match where this spec is advantageous to play, it greatly outshines Boonbeast in terms of ability to 1v1 kill its counters on a node and/or gut FBs and other tanky slow things right out of a team fight in a hurry. It also wins cleave vs. revive battles due to the god awful enormous AoE DPS output from Maul > Hilt Bash > Maul > Worldy Impact, with high quickness uptime and unblockable attacks.

    Bunker Druid:

    • Wilderness - top middle middle
    • Beastmaster - bottom top bottom
    • Druid - top top middle
    • Staff Energy & Escape, Axe Axe Energy & Courage
    • Mender & Dolyak
    • 6 Troll Unguent, 7 Protect Me, 8 Sig of Stone, 9 Lightning Reflex, 9 Strength of Pack
    • Pet 1 Anything with good attrition and CC, Pet 2 Anything with good burst. I suggest use Electric Wyvern for its hard hitting autos, automated AoE CC and its F2 CC which also lays Electric Field. This in conjunction with Axe 5 creates much vulnerability. I suggest use of Bristleback for its direct burst, ability to follow stealthed targets like Rapid Fire, and ability to be positioned outside of a team fight cleave fest, so it doesn't die so easily.
    • Boonbeast will be the better 1v1 side noder in terms of kill power through more direct damage to send an opponent on respawn or make it run, but Bunker Druid is still by far the better Bunker in 1v2 situations due to its superior disengage and ability to completely mitigate or avoid bursting from multi focus. For those who understand how to well play an actual Bunker Role, Druid is still very viable and fresh in new aspects that the large majority of players have not noticed in the past few larger patches. Troll Unguent is now situated to clear 4 condis on use and cast Muddy Terrain, which is a lot of damage mitigation. Axe 3 weakness in conjunction with Pet F2 weakness on use, is a lot of weakness spam, which is A LOT of power damage mitigation, which is very strong in this power meta. Troll Unguent now allows the Druid to drop use of Signet of Renewal and use something Lightning Reflexes, which is still yet a 2 condi clear and a Fury Buff, instant removal off Immob "Ranger's worst enemy" and a powerful disengage from bursts. The change to Signet of Stone was indirectly a buff for good Druids, having 3s invuln on only a 40s CD is actually better than the old version, allowing more frequent and guaranteed burst healing to full through CA. The recent changes to Dolyak Rune adds +300 toughness, in addition to the small heal tick which works to fill CA. The +300 toughness in conjunction with the passive +180 toughness of Sig of Stone is +480 toughness while wearing Mender. This in conjunction with general protection spam and weakness spam, is really powerful damage mitigation vs. this power meta. An example is vs Reaper. When it goes into shroud it cannot condi cleanse, so you weakness spam and it can't deal damage 1v1 or it is negated in a 2v2 so long as there isn't something like a FB routinely cleansing it. Oh and, Lingering Light does +50% outgoing healing, which makes Druid very strong in 2v2s on node. The Druid is now also capable of landing large counter offensive bursting due to Axe Axe upgrades. When something like a Herald or Holosmith tries to burst, Axe 5 for the generally high base damage, paired with its retaliation the high DPS classes deal significant damage to themselves while bursting into an Axe 5, this is followed while having a pet like the Bristleback burst the player at the same time. It can surprisingly down a player from full health in a few seconds when done at just the right time.
  • Boonbeast is the most popular. I have gone against trappers and conditions, but they typically get killed really quickly. I run a Power/Cleanse build using jacaranda as a buff and that works well because it cleanses conditions and heals both you and your team. LB/GS and Eternal Bond as a safety backup in case someone like a mesmer burns through your abilities. Works for me and I am able to take down these boonbeasts pretty easily.

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