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[PVE] EU Player lf lovely Home

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Heyo Reader,

i'm looking for a new and hopefully long home for myself and want to get somewhere in this game and obviously it's dangerous to go alone so let's get a guild! o/

i've been in way too many Guilds in the past in WoW and other games but it never "clicked" with me and those people it. Sometimes i had people (officers) leaving me mid Dungeon in a Guildrun (simply because they wanted to do other tasks ingame) or other various reasons like absolutly unskilled (1 day Guilds who can't even beat normal bosses). Yes i am one of the BFA WoW Refugees :P

In the past 5-6 Years i did not had any Guild which i stayed for over 5 Months due to some reasons above and some more other reasons which i sometimes even forgot by now.

To myself i will proably main an Necro and start the game more or less fresh. So i won't come with much experience in any aspect of the game.

I am not interested in any Guild who directly says: "Hey duuudeee we have 1337 Members online all the time" and such Numbers nonesense. Those Guilds can please go to the next topic.

I would want a small/medium sized Guild (up to 40-60 people active regulary) where people can actually get to know each other and are geniunly interested in each other or the newcomers. Not just "welcome" and then never speak to that person again. I have a working Microphone and can use either Teamspeak or Discord (even tho i generally don't like the latter for voice since you can hear my loud keyboard)

What i else look for in a guild is that it has decent skilled players who do content on a regular basis. This doesn't mean 1 Fractal / evening and then logoff or just logon to raid and then offline for the rest of the Week. I had quite a few of those Guilds and they are boring because most people in there play different games and everyone scatters across again. Without skill you can't manage to tackle harder content but by no means i want an world first / speedrun / tournament type of guild.

I also play occasionally pvp but that has to be set aside for the moment due to the serverstructure and that we won't be on the same Server.

Thanks for your Time OwO


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