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[BoB] Brotherhood of Bogans, 18+ Australian/Oceanic Social PVX guild [NA] are RECRUITING

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Welcome and thank you for taking the time to Read our post,
We are a bunch of Aussies and Kiwis (an people that play in our time zone), [BoB] is a relatively new guild but is quickly growing and we would love to extend an invitation to join our family. We are open to all, vet, returning or new it does not matter as ALL are welcome within the family friendly [BoB].

So if you are finding it hard to find a group or have a chat with someone in these time, why not give us a go?

As a guild we do a range of activities around the gmt+10/AEST timezone, events ranging from

  • PvP
  • WvW (based in Maguuma)
  • Guild missions
  • t1 and 2 fracturals (with 3 and 4 optional)
  • metas
  • raids
  • Guild Hall upgrading, but available

All events are organized prior and via discord.

As communication is key, we have a active discord for all our voice coms, but this is not its only propose. Its full of text channels so you have access to everyone on a range of topics even if they are not in game. Keeping the community connected. This app is highly encouraged and will enrich your experience with us.

So please feel free to contact myself, grouchybhaal.4275 or systemcheck.4396 for a invite, come and join our family.


  • Thank you for all the ingame messages so far. :)

    Again we are open for all, so if you are new old veteran beginner casual or even hardcore and are looking for a new home. Give us a shout an come in for a chat.

  • Can you guys link me a discord?

  • Again, thank you for all the ingame messages. Keep them coming, as the doors are still wide open.

    Love to see you guys and gals soon.

  • Happy Australia Day to all you aussies out there.
    Doors are still open ladies and gents, meta groups, t1/2 fractuals, and casual pvp/wvw (maguuma) already happening on the daily and raids starting in a few weeks. Along with active voice coms in the aussie prime time (AEST, via discord).

    Hear from you soon

  • Still looking for that place to call home?
    Looking for a place to chat?
    A discord thats active an social?

    We dont claim to be the best, but will love to help you enjoy guild wars as a whole, appreciate all it has to offer

    Come join [BoB], we'd love to have you along for the ride

  • Come get involved in this growing community, we want you.

    So contact us today :)
    hear from yous soon.

  • Lets continue to make gw2 social again
    Contact us today, get the [BoB] experience

  • For all your australian needs, [BoB] has you covered

  • Love hearing from everyone so far, and there is plently of room for any active oceanic based players. Well anyone that playes near the gmt +10 timezone is welcome.

    We come from all walks of life, uni student, stay at home dads, business owners, proud mums, we proudly accept everyone for who they are..... As we all are gamers. Let us show you the aussie hospitality today, message me here or ingame for a chat.

    See you soon

  • Lets not be shy, keep those messages coming in

  • Looking for that close knit, family friendly guild?
    Let [BoB] show you the Aussie hospitality, flick us a message in here or in game.

    Hear from you soon

  • Keep those messages flowing in :)

  • Enjoying those friday drinks yet? Come join us and be apart of this ever expanding oceanic community

  • Keep sending the love, see yous ingame real soon

  • Join our close large knit family and get content actually done. :)

    Everyone deserves to have fun

  • If your play in our oceanic times... The wait is over, we're a guild that helps, get content done and helps everyone. There are many guilds that claim this, but very little do. Find out for yourself and message me today.

    See you ingame soon

  • Enjoy your long weekend you lovely aussies/kiwis.

    For anyone still lost and sick if those "oceanic guilds" that only have 2 or 3 people online that help no one or just needs a home with someone to play with. [BoB] is that place for you, join our large close knit family today.

    Hear from you soon

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