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So I've been trying to submit a ticket about the game. I've been trying to patch it for the last half hour, but it's stuck at 0%. So I went to support to get some help, where I ran into this issue; I went to submit a ticket, but it told me to log in. I did. I then went to submit a ticket again, only for it to tell me to log in again. This turned into an endless loop, so I attempted to submit an anonymous ticket. Upon filling out the form, the "submit ticket" button didn't work. I tried this on three different browsers, and got the same thing on all three. Update: The captcha wouldn't load which resulted in being unable to submit a ticket. It seems to be working on Firefox now though. But the endless login loop for support is still present.


  • You will have to discuss the 'loop' with the CS Team. You may have an account that needs their assistance, or it may be a setting you use for browsers or with anti-virus/ad-blockers/malware programs.

    Good luck.

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