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[NA][PVX][GOAT][Casual]: Come along and get your WvW mount with us! Plus fractals and shenanigans

Fatherbliss.4701Fatherbliss.4701 Member ✭✭✭

How you fit in
We need the strange, the weary, those who are brand new and willing to learn, folks who are looking for a long term home and once in awhile make sense. Generally that happens on Tuesdays when I climb forth from my bed using a strange apparatus developed by these incredibly intelligent beings in a place that rhymes with “status”. We are the outcasts from society, those on the edge of the village that others look to for wisdom and guidance. My GOATs are more than just guild members. I consider them part of my family. That strange extended family who you invite over for tea and then they raid the fridge making amazing CUPCAKES IN THE SHAPE OF TERRY CREWS. Plus I help people refine their sins into a weapon capable of great deeds and even more loosely acceptable social mores like leather chaps.

The Communal of Tribbles
The mighty GOATS are here to form a community that sticks together over long periods of time with very low morale values and wishes to extend our love of games with you. Now I know what you are saying...isn't this the same guild who has had a love of WvW for so long its not true? When did a Charr ever rub their furrrrr on you. You are correct. However we are expanding our ever inquisitive nature into the realm of the beloved PVE. Now featuring Raids! Open World content! Searching for love in the strange desert lands and even tagging up for meta events. Yes my friends this is guild that everyone warned you about and yet still secretes a substance that will lure you back after midnight. This will benefit you the player since many of us (like me) haven't completed many forms of content in the game. Details listed below of course!

Requirements and Information
* We use Discord as our main communication tool (Voice and Text)
* All players welcome regardless of background, class or experience
* All members should be 18+ or understand that this is a mature environment
* We have a Dad Joke channel. Righteous.
* Enjoy our musical tastes that include Lady Gaga, Slayer and James Taylor
* Our age range skews towards slightly human

We offer to you
* Free love once you pass the inspection phase
* Folks who are boldly willing to ensure that you succeed
* You've got achievements? You have goals? Let us help you!
* Spandex
* Unique ability to sing while playing the Glockenspiel
* People with crappy sleep schedules that are still playing at midnight
* Established guild with over 100+ members many of whom are on a multitude of servers
* We are on Yak's Bend for WvW purposes (don't worry about that for PVE)

What you bring to the table
* Your axe and a sweet beard. Or bread. Not the body spray though.
* Hilarity and awful jokes
* Whatever class you wish!
* Goals in life or a dream of NO CAPES
* Understanding that PVE is new for us!
* Some amazing fashion choices

1. Harassment of other members will not be tolerated.
2. This is an inclusive guild (I'm a family man myself and I identify as part of the LGBTQIA community.)
3. Please be active! This includes either text based chat or voice.
4. If you want something specific done in game be willing to lead it yourself.
5. Enjoy yourself.

This dear reader is entirely up to you. Join us in weekly goal setting sessions where we expand our minds to include such activities as:
Sprint about the country side singing to Duran Duran x2
Engage in hilarious banter while enjoying open world content
Achievement runs
Help attaining the elusive Griffon
Roving in packs trying to chase our leader on one of his infamous “streak for Balthazar” escapades (which is definitely not like an escalade but very similar)
Grinding out gold in the Blissful Dungeon of Sturgeon Delights

In game: Fatherbliss.4701 (Guild Master), jedimhuman.6278 (Admin and main Officer), Alec.1430 (Officer and PVE lead)
In Discord: Fatherbliss#2680, WarlordFluxx#6882, Alec#3691

Join our Discord to listen in to our prophetic whispers, check us out or at least give us a strongly worded warning about the return of John Wick: https://discord.gg/y7vbNSr.


  • If you're hearing a whole bunch of "Baaaa" in the /say chat. You're in the right place, THE GOAT PLACE!

  • Really the best way I've found to get to know people is to slowly move up against them and whisper "precursor" in a low sultry voice.

    This guild gets precisely 0.000000009% more loot than any other in the game still playing. Its amazing!

  • Alice Cooper is the greatest commander on the field of all time.

    I’m not sure which field. But I know this to be true.

  • We have a community that showers together. Its only weird when someone starts singing that Rebecca Black song. Those folks have to bring beverages back for the rest of us.

  • The best way to find us is look for the people screaming across the maps, telling incredibly bad puns and then we have that one guy who always does dad jokes. They are temporarily funny until you realize it took a chunk of your soul. I'm so sorry.

  • Fatherbliss.4701Fatherbliss.4701 Member ✭✭✭

    You do know that a Yak when viewed from afar looks suspiciously like a Pink Panther right?

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