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Any way to disable exits in story instances?

Title says it all. Is there any way to disable those annoying green exits in the middle of story instances? I was playing through Path of Fire again and the exit in the first part of The Departing is INSIDE the fight arena. On one of the times I was using a ground target skill, the "Yes" option of the exit popped up right where and when I clicked for my skill, causing me to exit the instance instead.


  • As far as I know, there is not. My best advice would be to double tap your skills instead of clicking on the ground to activate them. That would avoid accidentally clicking an exit prompt.


  • I've also run off the edge of the zone and gotten kicked from it well into an important fight. I saw the error message, and thinking I'd run off in the frontal direction, turned hard right intending to continue to a full turn (mob chasing me) but would up getting kicked being too far into the edge.

    The zone should have been much bigger or the fight not so near the edge. I know I was the stupid one, but I felt tricked by the layout, and the penalty, instead of just getting killed, was losing all the effort to get there.

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