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  1. Celsith (NA) is #4 I believe. Last I asked she was at 970k? Her stats aren't public but I don't think she'd mind me sharing this. can't know if that's the case, gotta go by the public leaderboard https://imgur.com/3hJPbvt Public leaderboards also say Strike Force is the best guild ever to play.Take from it what you will no idea who that is and don't really care Typical EU pleb. at least it's not dead :)Deso/BT doing their best to make it that way. :p Oh, @Letoll, Cel would be well over 1M if she would move out of the sticks and stop playing on potatonet 4G. :D
  2. It needs to happen so it won't happen.
  3. It's better than a case of the flu but significantly worse than a ham sandwich. With the exception of every other patch breaking it, Arc DPS was FAR superior in functionality and it was free.
  4. It's kinda garbage right now. The damage would be okay if it ever could hit anything that's not on perfectly flat ground, but in any sort of a real fight that isn't the gate of a tower/keep, you're hitting nothing. Utility is okay, I guess. I find myself killing myself with retal playing burn DH more lately.
  5. If this is from Monday: t3 match, green (TC) did have a blob. They just abandoned the map after wiping a few times trying to ninja smc... Leaving not a soul to use all those t3 walls lined with arrowcarts. Off to ktrains red bl and forum warrior lol lmao...TC should know by now that trying to ninja T3 middle fort from Mag is usually not going to end well.
  6. Hooray for having absolutely nothing to fight, right?
  7. You could go play with Packit. VOID cares and fields lots of rangers. Not sure what server he's on now.
  8. Does getting banned from a dead game really matter all that much? But yeah, Expandas, Roy, Gregor, and co have just got their latest flavor of the month. Stack all the GvGers on one server and then complain that it's hard to find quality fights. lul
  9. @ OP, yes we see them every so often. There's an achievement for killing a dev, too. There aren't enough devs playing WvW regularly enough to really have a solid grasp on the mode, though.
  10. One must regularly test tactivators in order to make sure they work.
  11. I don't know that I trust Anet's visible metrics at all. Dead empty worlds are listed at medium, and so are worlds like FC, which is definitely not empty. Obviously activity varies a great deal between timezones but still...different servers with the same listed populations are dramatically different with actual populations. It would be far more honest if they ever actually listed servers as low population. As for BG, they're just hibergating trying to open again. The usual manipulation. Anet will cave, open BG, and suddenly they'll be at the top of T1 again.
  12. Apparently not long enough for you to stop complaining about it.
  13. The servers are barely functional in blob v blob fights as it is. And you want to add collision detection to the workload? At no level is this game built to discourage stacking. Boons, heals, target caps, you name it, the mechanic lends itself to stacking.
  14. FC and BP stacked So adorable The activity and KDR numbers over the past week or so support my statement. Granted, stacked by today's standards is a far cry from what stacked meant a couple of years ago.
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