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Returning veteran player NA looking for Casual Mature guild

I took time away and all my friends haven't been playing anymore. Looking for Mature casual guild to join to have new friends and to hang out with.


  • Hello. I am part of an active guild on NA. We do fractals, guild missions raids and raid training, and guild events. 40+ people are online regularly. Feel free to join our discord to talk more.

  • We are a casual guild with a constant active 10 players. Whenever we do guild missions or events, we have around 16 players online so if you're looking for a smaller more tight knit community, you're welcome to join us. Just a side note, we have mature active members. Also the majority of us are online towards the end of the day. We are Mucklucks [Luck] and my in-game username is TNRSparkster.9354. Feel free to shoot me a message if you're interested!

  • Vayne.8563Vayne.8563 Member ✭✭✭✭

    We're a casual guild. We have about 400 players but about 30-50 regulars. A handful of us are in discord every single day at least, during US evening hours, but we always have people online. We're casual, fun, mature players who enjoy each other's company...more like a family than a guild in a lot of ways. The guild is under the same leadership for 7 years...yep, we're a prelaunch guild.

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