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  1. On one hand, roller beetle racing began in Cantha back in Guild Wars 1. On the other hand, you can't get a roller beetle in Cantha, though I suppose they could rent them for races like they do everywhere else. I find the best thing about roller beetles is getting around the world not fixed races anyway. I'd be happy either way.
  2. I'll buy that. But it probably feels that way literally to a lot of new players who end up there, even though it seems on the surface like they're exaagerating.
  3. I don't necessarily think it's hyperbole. If you don't know how to play the game well, because you've jumped from the core game to expansion content, of course you're going to feel like there's too many enemies. When I started playing PoF, I had five years experience playing the game. I'd already not only played the core game, but I'd played dungeons and fractals and WvW and PvP. By the time I got to PoF, I was used to being surrounded and using terrain and dodging and using condi removal, and using stun breaks, and all the tricks of whatever trade I was using at the time.
  4. You should have been here before unided gear. lol
  5. I should point out, even the Patriarch POI I can get during the day. You don't need to get to the top of the platform to get that POI. There's a tunnel that leads through the rock, and there's a log next to it. The updrafts during the day let you get high enough to get onto that log, and you can jump into the tunnel, which gets you the Patriarch POI from beneath it. I've completed VB on over 40 characters and I almost always do it during the day because it's faster/easier.
  6. There are at least 4 ways to get to the canopy without choppers, scattered around the zone. 1. Climbing up from the dust mite plateau. 2. From the Mellagan's Valor waypoint and climbing up the wing. 3. From the Lost Precipe Guild Hall, out the exit into VB and using updrafts 4. From Faren Flyer's Waypoint and climbing to the top, out on a vine and using updrafts. Edit: I'll show anyone who wants to see them.
  7. I can show you in game. You don't need a chooper to get to the frogs. You do need long gliding and updrafts though. And bouncing mushrooms. But I can get to the Frogs without using a chopper, during the day if you like (not that the frogs are there during the day but I can get to their platform.
  8. Did you both check the box in the WvW World Restructing Tab though?
  9. The servers WERE the problem. I say to kitten with the server communities if the balances are crap. I play on TC. When we were in Tier 1 a long time ago, we had the problem of always being up against 2 servers we really couldn't compete against. So we'd be in 3rd place all the time. Every time. Beaten no matter what we did. Hard to get around for anyone, nevermind more casual players who want to get stuff done. If you didn't like dying a lot you just stopped coming in which compounded the problem. Then we'd drop to tier 2, which we were two good for and always came in firs
  10. It's not a problem. There aren't enough people raiding to make more raids. Anet said so themselves, or a dev did anyway. If not enough people by percentage are raiding, why is it a problem not to invest more in that. Every game has things they do well and things they do less well. FF XIV is one of the top MMOs right now, but no one talks about their PvP. That's how it works. No single game has a budget to do everything well, so in many cases it's better to focus on your strengths.
  11. Only 10% of the playerbase predominantly PvPs. That means 90% of the playerbase doesn't predominantly PvP. This was true for me in Guild Wars 1. I didn't PvP there either, at least not more than causally. 90% of my time in Guild Wars 1 was spent in PvE. Since you don't represent the playerbase, I'm not sure why you think your suggestions would make a better game. It would make a better game for you, and maybe 10% of the playerbase. But I seriously doubt it would make for a successful game. You're just not representative of the playerbase as a whole. You might get some new people, but at
  12. 1. It's highly unlikely there will ever be a Guild Wars 3. 2. If there is a Guild Wars 3 it's highly unlikely that it would be anything like you suggestion. 3. If there is a Guild Wars 3, and it is like you suggest, I won't be playing it so there's not much purpose to discuss it. 4. You don't completely change a popular game to make it like other games, because it loses what's special about it. Many of us are here because we don't WANT vertical progression. What makes you think changing it will keep the players that now play? Sounds like you would prefer an
  13. I agree with you. It's better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness. Of course, some people, would just rather scream into the night than do something to make the game better for them.
  14. I got bored with WoW just while leveling through their quest hub system. WoW quests aren't better. They're linear and mindless for the most part. You follow an arrow to a star, pick stuff up or kill something and go back to another star. Whee! Most WOW quests, the vast majority are boring walls of text that most people skip altogether. They're fast for the most part. They're easy for the most part. But killing 20 wolves to get 5 pelts. Yeah, no thanks.
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