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  1. Assuming, of course, that you own the End of Dragons expansion.
  2. Grinds have always been here. Nothing has been replaced. A strike mission is actual content. Doing it over and over again is the same thing we did with raids and fractals. Unfortunately, you don't get to pick what actual content is. I like convergences. To me that's actual content. I do them for currency but I also find them fun. You call it grinding, I call it doing a meta event, or something very much like one anyway.
  3. Maybe it's me, but I'm not finding the stuff I'm grinding for pointless. For some I even get points. lol
  4. You can't copyright an idea. Until you set something down in a permenant format, it's just an idea. There are 9 weapons in this game. Suggesting 1 of them for a new weapon for a class, both of which are already in and owned by the game wouldn't be copyrightable. IF I write a story, and I put it down on paper, it's copyrighted, but not if I use someone else's world. Then I can't do that, because I'm probably breaking a trademark. This is Anet's game and Anet's system so if you make a suggestion they can use it, because it's already a suggestion about their game and system. But the example you gave is just you saying, I would like this and the community said they would like there, and we didn't get there, therefore Anet doesn't listen to fan's suggestions. This is a terrible bit of logic here. Fans on this forum make hundreds of suggestions. If Anet used half of them, there's no guarantee that Ele would get a greatsword or bow. I could give you times when someone asked for something and Anet put it in the game. Why ignore those examples? Anet listens to fan suggestions some of the time and doesn't the rest of the time.
  5. Because the people that play WvW and specifcally PvP are not a majority of the game's playerbase. At least the last time we heard according to the devs. SPvP in fact has been the lowest populated part of the game for as long as I can remember. Raiders haven't gotten anything new either, unless you count new metas or strategies due to changes in the skills. At the end of the day this game is focused on what it's focused on. WvW needs love for sure, because I think enough people play that to make it worth it. I'd love to hear the results of how the last beta did, but my guess is this year WvW will see the end of servers, which will fundamentally change that mode. Btw the last time WvW received a map it wasn't at all well received by the community. Ideally, one of the maps will change, so we don't have a duplicate, but that heavily depends on the restructuring being completed first.
  6. This is a bad poll. Because it's making us choose from a menu of things that is not only incomplete, but doesn't make sense. Unless I can check off all that apply. For example, I generally don't love the VB meta, but I love VB as an open world zone. The Dragon Stand meta used to be great, but now it's just walk through it due to power creep. The Drizzlewood south meta is very popular, but the drizzle wood north meta is less entertaining for a lot of people. WvW is not included, and that's very popular. I love the HOT metas, but I never play them at all these days, because I don't need anything from them. Raids are not my favorite content but they're certainly something I"ve replayed more than HOT metas. They're more replayable because If you were farming specific items from them, you have to replay them to get those items. To get all the raid legendary armor and the legendary ring, you might well replay more raids than other content, and still not like them as much as content you play less often. The truth is, I like all this stuff at different times, depending on what I'm working on. IF I had to pick stuff for pure enjoyment it would be jumping puzzles, which also means SAB which is a festival. I love SAB. But it doesn't mean I love festivals. And then, AB is one of the most rewarding metas in the game that's easy, so of course people are going to choose HoT. But if other metas gave the same rewards, let's say something like the Junundu meta, you'd have people saying that. Because people are drawn to rewards. Opening all those chests, with a chance at an aurillium infusion? Actually the thing that makes this game good for me, is that there's always something to do, and I'm always doing different things. I raid up four days a week most weeks, and that would make raiding at this time, the most replayable content in the game for me, but what does that really mean. It means I haven't got all the rewards out of it that I want yet.
  7. Sure and I picked one example. Do you really need me to pick 100 more, because it's not that hard. I could do the work, for you, or you could count the number of companies the size of Anet that only have one IP. There probably aren't that many.
  8. First, Anet is already working on the next Guild Wars 2 expansion. Secondly, they're hiring people for Guild Wars 2 and an unannounced product. It's not like companies can't have two IPs at the same time. WoW still gets support even though Blizzard has other games.
  9. You can buy precursors for Gen 1 and Gen 3 weapons, but Gen 2 weapons have always been account bound and that includes the precursors.
  10. Good call. I always end up doing everything the hard way. lol
  11. There is a way to do it. You can run up on the top of the dome, on the south side. I think it's the lip of the third planter you can drop down on. There's a very tall bush in it. You need to land on the planter not the bush. Then jump to the fence and run along it. You can just jump down to the balcony from there, and you'll still be alive.
  12. Saving up a few thousand gold won't help you, because you can't buy Nevermore, it's account bound.
  13. He's not talking about a jumping puzzle, he's talking about an adventure. It's got jumping puzzle elements but it's considerably different from a jumping puzzle. One of the biggest differences is that no one can port you through it, because it's an adventure.
  14. I'm sorry but this is factually wrong. A DPS check has nothing to do with players, and everything to do with mechanics. Some fights have DPS checks and some don't. In world bosses you have a limited time to kill them, and if you don't kill them within the time limit, you fail. That said, world bosses are not set up so that you can fail often. However, DE is a DPS check in so far as it's completely possible to run out of time if you don't do enough DPS. Not you personally, but your side. If enough people don't do enough DPS, you run out of time and the event fails. That's a DPS check. Strikes don't really have DPS checks in normal mode, but they do in challenge mode. Almost all raids have a DPS check in the form of an enrage timer, and if one guy is only doing 5k DPS it means everyone else has to pick up the slack. You don't have to play with arc DPS to do decent DPS, but if you're not doing enough DPS, you're making everyone else in the team work harder. It should be pointed out that not every enrage timer leads to an automatic wipe in raids, but most of them do. And some strikes as well. If the game didn't require people to do enough DPS is something like raiding, people would be more relaxed about it. But DPS checks are not a player invented thing. They're something the game requires to be successful at certain points and when people use that term, it's what they're referring to.
  15. I didn't make a definitive comment one way or another. I reacted to one. Follow the logic. One person says: Personally I recommend doing the HoT xpac last because the environment is so difficult to traverse without a fully upgraded skyscale. Now that advice to is to the OP, and that's fine as far as the OP goes, but other people read these threads and anyone might take that advice, based on what they've seen. I pointed out that some of us did HOT without it, and enjoyed it. I didn't say any one person should do one thing. I just pointed out that people got through HOT without the skyscale at all. Someone else says: Well, most people (without any evidence of that) probably feel like me and the OP. I don't think most people felt that way, but some people surely did. I was offering an alternate version of advice to people more generally, not the OP, because obviously the OP is unhappy. Do you know what I didn't do? Give a one size fits all advice for everyone. Sorry if it offended you, I was trying to be funny, but at the same time point out that that advice isn't a once size fits all advice. It's specifically for people who are in your camp, and that's not everyone.
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