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  1. It doesn't break my immersion because I'm immersed in the existing world, not the world I want it to be. I never walk into a store in real life, see somewhere wearing a brightly colored, mismatched outfit and think this is breaking my immersion. This is stuff that's in the world and therefore, I can immerse myself in it. What you want is a more realistic looking world, that doesn't have things you consider to be frivilous. Nothing wrong with a unicorn. After all we have centaurs. Rainbows exist in real life and in this game. This isn't something that breaks immersion. It's you wanti
  2. And quite a few of those people came back. Obviously how you spend your money is a personal decision. That's not my disagreement with what you said. This was your quote: "This game is nowhere close to the state where one could preorder an expansion blindly without hearing any info about it first" This I disagree with. I don't think the game is in a bad state at all. It's okay that you do. But the state of the game is not a fact, it's your opinion. I think the game is in a state where I could preorder an expansion blindly.
  3. I had people in my guild who preordered HoT and were disappointed. Sure that can happen. Doesn't change the fact that the shape the game is in varies on what you personally find fun. I'm having a lot of fun.
  4. Can't say I agree with this (not that this should surprise you). I'm relatively sure more than 50% of the 350 or so people in my guild will preorder, probably in the first day, because we're still having fun with the game. YMMV obviously, but for me, it's an instabuy, as soon as it goes on preorder.
  5. I have over 40 k achievement points, but I don't necessarily think I should be surveyed. I have ideas, but I'm pretty vocal about them here.
  6. I wouldn't worry too much. This game has a loyal, stable player base. It's had that for years. Most people who are playing are going to buy the expansion because the game itself doesn't have a monthly fee, so it's a no brainer. Some people may play another game for a few months until they do the new content and then buy it, but most people will buy it. People complained bitterly about HoT when it came out, but it wasn't the end of the world. People complained afterwards about how little content they felt PoF has. At the end of the day, there are a lot of MMOs but none of them give you inf
  7. Time sinks are actually the opposite of grind. A time sink prevents you from getting it faster. It doesn't add grind to the equation though. Time sinks allow more casual players to keep pace with people who can play constantly...at least that' the theory.
  8. There are tons of people that'll drop $30 on a game to play until the other comes out in a month just to try it. I bought TSW and Rift when I knew Guild Wars 2 was coming out, even though I knew I'd be playing Guild Wars 2. And I was social in Rift at least. Not so much TSW because it was a month but I don't regret buying it. Of course there are others who won't buy. The sweet spot I'm guessing is at least a month before a big expansion or at least 3 months after one.
  9. Except there's a guild that does Drytop fairly regularly called Sands. In fact, I've been in many t4 maps when Sands isn't running. I've been able to get achievements and events in Dry Top whenever I've needed them on alt accounts, so I'm not sure why you think Dry Top is a dead map. One of the reasons people go to Dry Top is for some legendary and precursor collections, you need 400 geodes. There are enough people going there that keep it going. Not busy. Not zerged, but very often if I pop a tag and call out something in chat, I'll get whatever event I want to done. I've even been
  10. There's a very big difference between WoW and Anet. The size of the company, their percentage of the playerbase. WoW is the game to compete with, Guild Wars 2 is not. At any rate, I've worked with enough companies to know that launch windows are decides for specific reasons, including marketing reasons. You don't have to believe it. But I promise you it's not random.
  11. I don't think they will. My guess is they're aiming for 30 days before that.
  12. They're not likely to change the launch date, because it's based on other factors, mostly how many sales they think they can make. They're not going to launch at the same time as other competing big expansions. They'll take their bumps by launch in the window that's most profitable. That's how businesses work. Nothing you or I will post here is going to alter the release date/time by one single hour.
  13. The Silverwastes is one of the most populated maps in the entire game, all the time, even before this event. Obvoiusly not every map will be totally populated every second of every day, but the Silverwastes as an example indicates to me that the game has done a kitten poor job of teaching people how the mega server works. This game creates maps as needed. If you're on an empty map, it doesn't mean there aren't 2 or 3 full maps also. Check looking for group. For Silverwastes this probably means Central Tyria/Squads and look for a Riba map. That's all. I did pretty much all the achievements
  14. You may not realize this but typing each word on a single line doesn't make a statement true. It just makes it take more space.
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