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  1. I feel like this is patently false. Every video game, or at least every MMO I've played, has stuff that's difficult or expensive to acquire. This is because different people play differently and what's difficult to acquire FOR YOU, might not be difficult to acquire FOR ME. I have winter's presence. There are, to my knowledge, only know shoulder skins in the entire game with this function. They're different from any other shoulder skin, more like an infusion, and so they're worth it to me. Having a snow effect or a bat effect follow me around is worth the price, because it is different.
  2. Didn't matter how many builds there were in Guild Wars 1, because I still couldn't get a group for the underworld unless I was running the required build of the month. Sabway, Iway, whatever it was at the time. I never ran meta builds and often found myself excluded from end game PvE in Guild Wars 1. This phenomenom you're talking about happens in every game when the community decides it's the most efficient way to get stuff done. But it's more than just getting it done efficiently. It's about having a group that has the right balance in it. If you're looking for a group that's getti
  3. Read what I said again. It's buying power in the cash shop and expansions NEVER counted. Not for any game. Do you think WoW is pay to win? In WoW, every expansion raises the level cap. WoW actually has open world PvP. A guy that's 10 levels above you is always going to beat you in open world PvP. Therefore, if you buy an expansion in WoW, you always end up more powerful. When have you ever heard WoW called pay to win. No one calls it that, even though expansions objectively make you more powerful. They give you new options. You will win in PvP contests in WoW if you buy the expansion
  4. No it's not. If it was every MMO that charges for expansions would be pay to win, since in virtually every MMO your level goes up. Pay to win wasn't a term that literally mean you pay to win. It was a term that meant that you had to spend money in the cash shop to get power. You were paying to have an advantage over other people on a regular basis. Expansions never counted in this, since every expansion would give you an advantage. By your definition WoW would be pay to win and no one says that. It is, however pay to play. Guild Wars 2 allows you to use the gem store to get sh
  5. What in interesting question. Do you suppose that I've never told my friends, who are part of the general public, about Guild Wars 2 before? Do you think my gaming friends don't know I play Guild Wars 2? I assure you I have exactly zero friends who game that I haven't told about this game. I've invited many of them to the game and to the guild. At the end of the day the percentage of my real life friends who play this game is pretty small. Of course the percentage of my real life friends who game is pretty small too. But you know, over the nine years this game has been
  6. First of all, there is no general public anymore as far as a 9 year old MMO is concerned. The vast majority of people who wanted to try this game have already tried it and pretty much nothing besides maybe housing would get anyone here who hasn't already tried it. More importantly there are people in guilds who talk about Cantha and their friends and Guildies have heard them talk about Cantha for a long time. The excitement for Cantha gets communiticated through the player base. Last week at guild missions someone was talking about Shiro and the Jade Sea and also the Am Fah and the Jade B
  7. Pretty sure they're selling the MMO based on it being Cantha. The fishing is something that has been asked for for a long time by lots of people. It's not my thing either, and I have no idea why it's popular in MMOs, but let's not ignore the popularity of Cantha itself. The only "big" addition left to add since we have mounts and gliding would be housing. But the longest running thread in this forums history (before the new forum anyway), was the Cantha thread.
  8. A new player doesn't have to buy the base game , but is starting from scratch. If you played the game at launch you have mats and progress and new players have far more catching up to do. I don't know about you but I paid full price for every expansion (even though HoT is free now) and feel like I got my money's worth from every expansion. On top of that, one of the hardest things for an MMO to do is to get new players late in it's life cycle, because it's often hard for people to catch up. Removing barriers to entry for people just starting is one of the best things a company can
  9. For open world, or at least festivals, my money is on the Liadri mini and the two infusions from doing SAB tribulation mode multiple times each.
  10. Alternate hypothesis. Standard features in MMOs because standard features in MMOs not because they work but because everyone copies the industry leader. You see this in every entertainment industry...mine was publishing. At a Scifi Convention an editor from Ace books was asked what a new author could do to get published. She answered, "Find something that sells and write something just like it." It's not the answer people want to hear but if you want to sell to investors and publishers, you need to put out something that they can get behind. Saying we can get behind that WoW money, bec
  11. I have alt accounts. Some of them are very low level. A guy not long ago sent me a gold for just being new. Nice of him, but obviously I don't need it, so I sent it back with an explanation. Lots of people have alt accounts and having a newbie tag would probably be abused by some, even if it was optional.
  12. Do you think, really think that a year before it went free to play Anet didn't KNOW it was going to go free to play? Seriously? That was in the work for years. Anet themselves told us about the focus group they did with new players that led to the NPE. I didn't say the NPE wasn't in the Chinese version. I said the NPE wasn't made because of or for the Chinese version of Guild Wars 2. And there's no evidence to support it was. Anet did the research, the focus group. They made a decision based on that KNOWING they were going free to play. It's pretty simple. Even if you're righ
  13. This I agree with, and I've said so for a long time. Anet needs to have a package that includes everything, clearly labeled and let consumers make an educated decision.
  14. I do have fun with dungeons occasionally but I've liked fractals better since they came out.
  15. We have dungeons and Fractals in Guild Wars 2. I could care less about Mythic raids. I came here to get away from raiding. A lot of people feel like me. I am getting what I pay for. A game I like more. 🙂
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