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i know there have been posts/threads in the past about nameplates, but i dont feel like necro today.

i would love to collect some ideas to improve nameplates for WvW.

one thing that has been brought up several times is a different color for your subgroup in a squad to see them better. another option to make the own subgroup stand out more would be an option to exclude them from simple nameplates applied to allies.

playing more in zergs and support specs as of late i noticed that there is no option to apply simple nameplates only to allies. it does help to see the thicker health bars of your subgroup while you still see enemy ranks wich can help to spot certain professions/players faster as any information can help there.

simple nameplates is less clutter than seeing the long ranks but as said above the long rank names can help to spot specific more dangerous players within a group or help in roaming to easier identify an approaching person that will add your fight, if you know that one from previous fights. to reduce clutter but have a better idea on who you are dealing with, i would love simple nameplates to have the shape of their profession icon in the teamcolor instead of triangle/dot. this would also help to get a better idea of enemy teamcompositons.

an option to get an idea of an allies WvW experience outside of being in a group/subgroup with them would be nice too, maybe like the mastery levels are shown in PvE. right now an opponent can see the ranks and this information will affect the way he will approach your team, yet you can then only react to what he will do instead of already foresee it. if i see an ally to be new id much more keep an eye on them or offer them my help.

if you have more ideas to improve nameplates please share them!

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