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  1. that is just how projectiles work in the game. if you spawn a bunch of projectiles inside the hitbox of a target, the target will bodyblock them for potential other targets. also if a target would be in the path of the projectile to the other target. the ingame tooltip shows a 0.5 coef , for example on a mirage with jaunt that also has 0.5 coef the tooltip numbers are equal while in WvW. the PvE tooltip is of a 1.0 coef. on the 19th someone changed the wiki that the skill should be split as 1.0 in PvE and 0.5 in WvW + PvP, before that it stated 1.0 in PvE + WvW while 0.5 in PvP. now if you use jaunt to activate the relic in WvW, the relic will deal about twice the damage of jaunt thus using the 1.0 coef despite a 0.5 coef tooltip. either the tooltip is off or the damage in WvW. the damage is not instant but 3 pulses so it take some time for all projectiles to hit and you need 5 eligible targets within 900 radius of you to shoot all the projectiles, against a single target on an open field it hits just up to 3 times. a thing not yet mentioned but might be regular projectile behavior too is that you can bypass a lot of reflects/absorbs with it. as you ideally want to stand in your targets hitbox, area projectile denial will not affect it (e.g Feedback, Wall of Reflect) even if you are standing inside those fields only personal reflects work ( Mirror, Magnet Aura etc.). while i am not a huge fan of the abundance of projectile hate in the game, i do feel like this is a bit inconsistent and probably should be changed.
  2. "boonballs" have always been the meta. before 2020 we had damage in WvW, it doesnt matter if you have all the boons if you still die for eating too much damage. the main reason boonballs were not melting right away against clouds back then was retaliation, which was removed only in 2021 after all the damage was gone. when we had damage it was easier for a cloud to punish bad movement of individuals in a ball because it didnt require a coordinated spike of multiple people to get one person down. damage dealers were usually ranged because one could deal enough from range, now its mostly melee so it will be difficult for a less coordinated group to punish bad positioning as you just wont get your damage dealer within range. due to the overall low damage numbers on range, supports are valued more as you wont be able to kill a cloud but you have to tank it.if you look into arc logs in many of the more public balls on EU you will see that they are carried by a handful of people, but the numbers matter and with most being on minstrel even at 10% performance they are a good meatshield. no a mount of boons vs strips will change the current situation as long as damage remains low. however increasing damage again has the side effect that 1 vs X also becomes easier and more complains about oneshots. personally i did prefer times of more damage.
  3. you could set your wizard vault to spvp or WvW. not sure about spvp but WvW is usually pretty fast and sometimes doesnt even require fighting other players.
  4. given that food is for PvE + WvW, i think it is much more likely that a new future ascended seed will let us craft the feasts with 40% endurance gain instead of damage reduction, life leech etc. personally i rather eat food for more damage, no need for more dodges when people are doing pitiful damage since 2020. edit: the only food i think could be disabled on leaving the instance or entering WvW is https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Nourishment_(Weight_of_the_World). if you use a primer before eating it, it will last more than the 5 minutes and you can use it elsewhere. it has 1 stat too much by having 45 all stat + damage reduction like ascended feast + also life leech.
  5. I like this change, not neccesarily for PvE where Phantasmal Fury will often remain better and vigor can be provided by others, but it will have its uses for WvW roaming/clouding. this basically kills the trait in my eyes as the line has enough cleanse, only for a support build i would consider slotting it and it already competes with mantra heal so i don't see a need for a nerf here. reducing core mesmer stab just to give it back on chrono which also locks chrono more into using this aegis spamming skills, not a fan of this change. especially as it increases stab frequency. generally i would prefer longer boons with less frequency so that strips gain a bit more value and the gameplay becomes less spammy. i would prefer to give up Elusive Mind for such a new trait. Dune Cloak could however use a radius increase so it can be used more reliably in competitive modes. in WvW large scale power mirage is not a meta damage dealer mainly because holo overheat is able to oneshot players, but any other classes burst usually wont down a target in a single hit so you will need multiple damage dealers to hit the target anyway. with maybe a bit of that split surge increase from PvE and a more reliable Dune Cloak power mirage could be a more viable pick once holo will be nerfed. In the more Pug blobs we have on EU mirage has the advantage that it can better pressure clouds and has its damage on a longer range than berserkers, for less focused burst. while not part of the current changes: mantra of pain and distraction that now can be cast without a target (completely wasting the skill except for mantra heal trait) would be nice if they applied their effect around the mesmer when nothing is targeted.
  6. indeed guardian is the only one that is allowed to be meta without the threat of getting nuked out of it, it seems. even as now chronos are pretty strong, guards are still welcome and did not reach this point by getting nuked themselves.
  7. + resistance. i think it is partially nerfed specifically because it is also an ethereal combo field and they are reducing chaos aura spamm. chaos aura will give you a boon when you are hit, yet aside from null field other AoE strips do come with a hit, thus they remove the boon they just applied unless you stack more strips than the ICD of chaos aura can handle. it is a bit odd to nerf mesmer in so many different aspects at once. as long as damage is not buffed again across the board we will be stuck in this fun meta and its just a question of whether mesmer will have a place in it or not. cant stack 5 supports in every group if the opponents also have supports.
  8. this is not correct. the poison damage depends on your condition damage at the tick. 409 would be ~ the value for 3 stacks of poison according to your tooltip. you do run panic strike and i see an immobilize on the golem so you might have applied a 3rd stack there. not sure where the other 2 poison stacks are from as most of the screen is covered i can not see if there is someone else or if you applied 2 more stacks and still captured the old tick. but 4827 / 17.75 = 271,94... (2 stacks) x1.5 = 407.915...(3 stacks) (edit) did some testing to verify that i didnt miss a thing and all my ticks are as they should be: - at 0 condition damage and without trickery the tooltip is 670 damage over 10s and i do get 10x 67 - at 0 condition damage with trickery, bountiful theft and thrill of the crime the tooltip is is 737 damage over 11 seconds. when cast it starts ticking for 81 and the tooltip states 895 over 11 seconds, after 5 ticks the tooltip drops to 776 over 11 seconds with the posion ticks of 71 and the final tick is 67 with the initial tooltip of 737 over 11 seconds again.
  9. i think the changes from the news post are already in the game. you can apply wvw/pvp ruleset to your character at the arena npc. did some 5v5 and 6v6 in there with WvW rules. fury seems to still be 25% even with wvw rules and if someone forgets to apply the WvW rules buff you might be in for some fun, one person forgot after swapping from holo to berserker, that was a very quick round.
  10. power budget of a spec is more than damage and cc, it also has to apply to more than just raids as the same balance is used across all PvE. being locked to a single target, extremely reliant on allies #conditions/boons for its modifiers while not able to afford non crits for its resource management.. one could argue that warrants significantly more damage on that one target than other specs are doing as mostly AoE. the fact that it is not doing that i personally see as a much bigger drawback than having a DPS cost to CC.
  11. the deadeyes i run into rarely play safe enough for this to be true, as playing it safe costs too much time. since damage was reduced, one is more pressed for time to finish fights before they evolve especially as the SA rework made deadeye better in 1 vs 1 but worse for 1 vs X. however seeing when the deadeyes overextend might be easier for those of use who have been on the other side of the barrel for some time.
  12. it was not released but a beta. now compare your cweaver power budget to power deadeye the difference is much greater than to cvirt.
  13. In the Guild Hall Arena giving yourself WvW or PvP Ruleset, does not reduce fury from 25% to 20%. one also seems to still run the regular PvE armor under PvP Ruleset, not the PvP Amulet etc. only cosmetic issue: the tooltips are also still with PvE numbers. for example Grasping Darkness (necro GS5) has too high damage numbers in the tooltips while under WvW settings.
  14. are you looking only for a core build or elite specs (+weaponmaster) too? do you want to play with specific weapon combinations? one should keep in mind that overall for story / general Open World (not solo legendaries) usually power builds are better as conditions take a while to ramp up. condition builds usually use: Trickery: for expertise and up to +15% condition damage from lead attacks. optional boonrip, quick pockets, ini on steal and boons on steal are also great, especially solo. Deadly Arts: for poison on steal + stronger poison traits (defensive option) Shadow Arts: cleanse on stealth, initative on stealth and leeching venoms for some minor poison damage + tons of heals specific traits in trickery/deadly arts may depend on how you want to play it. utilities are as the name implies for utility, i would advise to explore them all and switch them around depending on situation. when no utility is needed you can however go for damage utilities: spider venom , skale venom, devourer venom (with deadly arts). these are better when in group but when running with shadow arts' leeching venom trait, these will help you with sustain too. caltrops and prepare thousand needles are awesome for damage but only on stationary targets - unlike venoms these work against groups.
  15. probably, for i rarely solo roam these days and beyond that deadeye is a non-issue. sure if you are outnumbered in still smaller scales an additional deadeye can seem annoying, but on most anything else they would provide more to their side. i also would rather not have a deadeye in any squad i join, on opposing side they are more than welcome to waste map slots.
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