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Question for Players who have finished HoT story.

I really like Trahearne so I wanted to know if after you finish the HoT story, will he still be in Caer Aval?

Caer Aval is an instance and it changes depending on where you are in Main/Personal story so I wanted to know if HoT story would affect whether or not Trahearne is there if you complete it. I'd like to keep my Main chara at a point where Trahearne remains in Caer Aval if HoT story does take him away from this instance.

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  • Fenella.2634Fenella.2634 Member ✭✭✭
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    You also get to play the Knight of the Thorns story after HoT, which is definitely a better ending. And you can replay Season 2.
    Good luck. >.<


  • Aru.4156Aru.4156 Member ✭✭

    @Fenella.2634 said:
    I checked just now, he's still there. :)

    Thank you!!! I've been putting off the HoT story but this assures me that I can play it (and suffer) without fear that he'll be gone from my world forever!!

  • Aru.4156Aru.4156 Member ✭✭


  • Fenella.2634Fenella.2634 Member ✭✭✭

    Btw, thanks for the question. Somehow I've never entered that instance with any character after finishing the core story, let alone HoT, before. It's a really nice little instance and not only Trahearne there, but also other named NPCs who have gone missing or have died in HoT.

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