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  1. I agree with your post in general, but can we please exclude raids from your non-story features? 🙂 Raids actually tell rather good stories themselves and add a lot of depth and interesting details to the lore. I originally started being interested in raids because of their stories that we don't get to play otherwise.
  2. So at some point in the future, all our PCs are becoming male humans? How? 😆 Time travel is the least crazy thing about this theory. Speaking about time travel, I've always liked the idea of Doern Velasquez being a time traveler with possible connections to the Utopia lore.
  3. Is it? That's the goal of the Pact and was the goal of DE, but it was never stated that way for DW. I understood DW to be a more flexible group than those. They can adjust their goal to whatever is needed at a time, be it dealing with the White Mantle, or protecting Elder Dragons. Ironically, they worked best when they were not an official guild. I really buy their friendship in LS2 and HoT, but after the guild was official, it went downhill.
  4. If this was a real ingame guild, I'd have kicked most of them long ago for inactivity 😅 From a story point of view it's honestly embarrassing how our very own guild manages to be even more dysfunctional than DE. I do like the characters individually, though. They just don't work as a guild.
  5. Not just two. Two per language version, so six to eight people in total (not sure how the Chinese version would be treated, but most likely they'd also want the new race)
  6. Why would Champions die with their dragon? This is not a new concept in this game. Tequatl got stronger after Zhaitan's death, the Pale Tree started recovering after Mordremoth was defeated. The lives of EDs and their champions have never been linked directly and we have several examples of that.
  7. How familiar are you with the Sims franchise? Sims 2 is too old to be run decently and everything that came after is not worth the money or time. I'm fairly neutral towards housing in MMOs, depends on the implementation, I guess. As for increasing numbers, OP: Achievements, very much available since core and some people actually put some meaning to the numbers, so for some part of the community this works fine as a way to show off. I do hope for new masteries, though, specifically some that are meaningful, like with the last expacs.
  8. I hope we never ever have to deal with split episodes again. Wtf, locking our characters in an episode for half a year where we lose ALL progress if we dare to replay old stories. DRMs are not a bad design for simple story instances every now and then, I think. I just don't like the ridiculous grind attached, but if the collections and endless replays were cut and it was just a normal instance played maybe a few times per character max, why not.
  9. @Raknar.4735 You might have misunderstood the thread. It's totally possible to make the current story lore-friendly. There are options to make everything fit, to make the balance a non-issue in LS5 without ret-conning. Actually, I think the entire LS5 actually has a great plot. It's just delivered in such a rushed manner that it's hard to appreciate it and in cases like the current chapter, the delivery seems to create really awful side-effects. Take the same story and let it play out in a real saga, like it was maybe planned originally, and we might not have to have this argument. However, th
  10. As far as I'm concerned, you can be totally right about Jormag being omniscient and everything we saw for the last 5 years being weird coincidences, that's not really my issue here. My issue is the non-existent reaction of the characters.
  11. Magic, sure, but magic with science attached.Simulations can absolutely be wrong, no doubt. The setup or input can be flawed or based on flawed assumptions, and so can the interpretation. However, it seemed to be pretty convincing so far. We did see effects that were in accordance with the simulation.We even saved three EDs because of this AND killed a god. (I wonder if Kas has an opinion on this part) In comparison, one remark of a dragon that has some personal interest in another dragon being killed... Not quite as convincing.Also, the characters did not get the memo from the dev stating som
  12. Even at that point where Jormag just off-handedly brought this up, why did nobody react to it? Jormag just told everyone "BTW, that balance thing you ran around for for the last couple years? Uhm yeah, forget it, it's BS anyway" And everyone is like "Ah, kay thanks. So, how is the war going?" And... It pretty much stayed this way up until now. Dear characters, are you guys okay? Did you get hit one time too many?
  13. But there's the risk of getting a "oops, we forgot" afterwards, like with Laranthir for example. (And I still want to know where he is and what he's doing there.) Although, forgetting the entire plot of two LS seasons and an entire expac would be on a completely new level. I don't think they forgot. I think they just don't bother anymore and don't care if the characters behave logically at the present, as long as they arrive at the conclusion that is planned. @"Raknar.4735" said:According to Jormag, the "balance" is a fantasy—another mortal superstition. So who knows what will happen once anot
  14. Idk. I agree that this should be talked about in game.
  15. The absence of volatile magic since Aurene replaced Kralkatorrik is one of the hints I meant.However, this just means that for now the balance holds. This does in no way prove killing two dragons won't be a problem.We as players can be fairly certain the world will be fine long-term, but the characters don't know about a Cantha expac... It's important to not confuse our knowledge with what characters in universe know. Wouldn't have hurt if Taimi and Gorrik had spent some time offscreen rebuilding a certain machine, running a few simulations and updating DW, no? Instead of taking drastic measu
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