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Aurene's dyes/colours...

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Can we please get a dye set including Aurene's colours!


  • Ouija.1684Ouija.1684 Member ✭✭

    I’d really like to know what dyes you used for each mount, so please share the next time you’re able to get in game again. Thanks much!

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    @Ouija.1684 said:
    I’d really like to know what dyes you used for each mount, so please share the next time you’re able to get in game again. Thanks much!

    For the griffon I used: Blue Rose, Spring Tide, Iris and either Violet (for a pre-ascension look) or Blueberry (for post-ascension where she got the blue glow). And on the skyscale it's: Robin, Blue Rose, Iris and Hydrangea.

    As I said I'm not entirely happy with how the skyscale turned out and I keep tweaking it to try and improve the colours, but that's the best combination I've found so far.

    I forgot about it before but I also think that blue glow is an additional effect, rather than replacing something which was there before, which makes it harder to get the look right because there's more than 4 colours involved.

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    @Danikat.8537 said:
    I'd love this. I dyed my branded griffon and skyscale to look like Aurene and I think I got pretty close. I can't remember what dyes I used now and can't get in game to check but I remember finding the right blues was difficult.

    Part of the problem I had when doing that is that Aurene's scales are iridescent (like the aurene glass she's named after) so each one changes shade depending on how the light hits it. I found it easier to recreate it with the branded griffon than the skyscale because the griffons feathers are glossy, but it's not quite the same effect. (The branded skyscale has more matte skin and is more patchy, so the effect wasn't quite right.)

    I'd love to have iridescent dyes to use on armour. We have some which (on certain materials) have a kind of two-tone effect, like Abyssal Sea, Midnight Ice/Fire and Heirloom and some dyes create a more glossy effect, or more texture (like the enabled dyes and glossy black) and it might be possible to get close to Aurene's colours on the right armour set, but iridescent dyes would be a much easier way to do it, and not restricted to specific armour pieces.

    This!!!! ^^

    Thats why I want a skyscale that has iridescent skin too. It's BEAUTIFUL!

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