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  1. It's not something I would use but I suppose some players might find it useful. I mean we have bags to sort different types of equipment, plus ones for crafting materials and junk items, so ones for tools could be useful. The bag wouldn't have to be just for that. All the specialised bags can hold other items too and when all the bags above them are full they'll be used to collect drops just like a normal bag. It just narrows down where to look for that type of item.
  2. I sometimes pre-order or pre-purchase games I'm certain I want to buy because it's more convenient for me. I buy it when I have the money available and then it shows up when it's released. Of course I have to be sure I want it ASAP, if I'm undecided or I want to see reviews first then I'll wait, and obviously I'll only do it with games I'm sure will actually come out (or via a method where I don't pay until it does). But if there's no unanswered questions it can be useful to have that option to pay for it when it's convenient and then not have to worry about it.
  3. Probably not before the big announcement on the 27th July. It would be pretty unreasonable to expect anyone to buy it before then because we know almost nothing about it. We know it's set in Cantha and the story will involve the Deep Sea Dragon but other than that it's just whatever we can guess from the teaser trailer. Either they'd have to offer it for pre-purchase with no info and hope some people are willing to take a chance on it or they'd have to give away info which should really be in the first announcement. Of course it's possible that it won't be available unt
  4. Almost certainly not. If I remember correctly they did look at console development early on but it got dropped for unspecified reasons. (Anet never announced that they were even considering a console version, it was inferred from the jobs they were hiring from and other things, so there was no need for them to say why it was abandoned.) Last I heard even proper controller support for PC was being developed only as one person's pet project because they wanted to see it happen. Also I suspect the console certification process is likely to be a problem for Anet. All update
  5. I don't think you need to worry too much about the XP being wasted, there's an infinite amount of XP available and a lot of the best sources, like events, are repeatable so you'll never end up in a situation where you can't get the XP you need to train a mastery or whatever. Just focus on getting the 3rd mastery point you need. You can get some from points on the map, either just by reaching it or by doing some sort of challenge at the place shown and you can also get them from achievements. Any PoF mastery will work, so it's just a matter of choosing the one you want to do.
  6. Building on what's been said already: some items will automatically unlock their skin in the wardrobe when you obtain them, but others (usually ones which are not account bound by default) won't unlock until you use them, or you can right-click them and select the option to unlock the skin in the wardrobe. It will bind it to your account (if it isn't already bound) but it's a way of unlocking the skin without having to bind it to a character, select stats or whatever else. (Also in case it's unclear once a skin is in your wardrobe it's there forever, you can use it as many times as
  7. Items bought on the gem store are account bound, you can't sell them on the Trading Post or gift them to another player. Gifting gem store items has to be done through the store so it's only possible while the items are on sale. If it's something that was only recently removed and was up for a short time maybe you could contact Customer Support, explain that you weren't able to get it while it was available and ask if they could remove the gems from your account and send it to you. I know they've done that occasionally for other people. Just bear in mind they're under no obligation
  8. There isn't a specific day, and I think when it says 'this week' it can literally mean any of the 7 days after the announcement. Although I think they're less likely to put new items up at the weekend or on a Monday unless they're doing one of those sales/events where new stuff appears every day. Since there's several items on a timer ending today I suspect they'll add the new things in today as well. (Anet is based on the west coast of America and updates tend to happen during their work day, which is behind a lot of the world. It's currently 7:30am there, so we'll probably see an
  9. The main thing which puts me off buying more outfits is that the same dye slots affect all of them, so I either have to try to find a dye scheme which fits all of them (and then never change it) or change the dyes each time which ruins the convenience of switching outfits. As a result I don't use them as often as I might and so it seems pointless to buy more of them. I have a few and I do use them for times when my armour looks out of place. The ones I use most are probably the arctic explorers outfit when it's cold, the common clothing or chef's outfit for down time in towns and t
  10. I don't think waiting for 3rd generation legendaries will help you. When they're first available a lot of people are going to be rushing to make them so the prices for all the materials are likely to go up (we've actually seen some prices rise already as a result of speculation) and a lot of those are likely to be the same materials used to make 1st and 2nd generation legendaries so they will get more expensive too. Even selling the most expensive precursors (like Dusk or Zap) will get you less than 1/2 the gold needed for a legendary. (Ignore this bit, I got mixed up between Incin
  11. They're items, so they're used and shared like any other item. They can only be in one character's inventory at a time but you can use the bank to transfer them from one character to another, or if you have shared inventory slots you can put them in there and then they'll be available to all your characters at once. Also the permanent self-style hair kit is specifically for hair, it won't let you change your character's face. You will have access to the kit exclusive hair styles and colours, but not the exclusive faces. For those you'll need a Total Makeover Kit.
  12. Why do you assume that people who don't like this specific method of selling certain items are entirely unwilling to spend money on the game? It's not one or the other. There's already a wide variety of stuff offered in the gem store to buy, not to mention the ability to convert gems into gold to get stuff in the game itself. When Anet recently arranged a 20% discount on gem cards in Europe they sold out in under a day and Anet had to arrange for more to be created, so clearly players are willing to spend money on the game. Just because we don't want to jump through hoops to buy un
  13. By that logic none of the Elder Scrolls Online chapters count as expansions either. That's also 'just' a bunch of story, a new map and some random extra like a new skill line or the new companion side quests.
  14. I think skills might be locked in place because of weapon swapping and other things which replace the skills. This game is built on a modified version of the GW1 engine and I know in that game if you moved the skills for something like the Junundu wurms or the snowball arena it would also move your normal weapon skills. I've noticed the same thing occasionally in GW2, for example if you have the same utility skill on your main and aquatic bars it has to be in the same place or it will keep moving. So it's possible the same would happen with weapon skills: if you have a character us
  15. The Elder Scrolls one was discontinued about a year ago. I'm not sure if it was due to a lack of interest or something else, but there never seemed to be much cross-over between people who played it and people who played Elder Scrolls Online. I remember once they tried doing a cross-promotion where you could get a mount in ESO by buying something for Legends and there were several people asking how to get it without buying the cards or DLC or whatever it was, and being linked to people giving away the code because they played Legends but had no interest in ESO. Of course that may n
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