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  1. Some games do this, all their races are basically humans with a small number of minor changes so you can't really tell them apart when they're wearing armour, so maybe if the OP is used to those it doesn't seem unlikely they'd add a new race that's basically charr with different fur colours? (Although as already noted it's already possible to make a charr look like a tiger, so this wouldn't even be new colours.)
  2. That would also be a good solution, that's how it used to work with previous versions of the forum and very briefly when it switched over to Invision, but that was also disabled for some reason. It's possible to link to an image but you can't embed it in the post, which is not ideal because it means people have to open it in a seperate tab and can't see it alongside the text, and a lot of people aren't willing to click links to sites they're not familiar with. (Also some of them will dump a bunch of pop-ups in front of the actual image, or display it below larger adverts.) I just don't understand the point of paying for a software package with features users would find useful and which could increase engagement with the forum (there used to be entire topics for sharing screenshots of your characters, in-game scenery etc.) and then keeping them all switched off.
  3. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Unsuspicious_Rabbit There's a lot of rabbits in GW2 and most of them are not suspicious, so the fact that this one feels the need to go out of it's way to tell the player it's not suspicious makes me very suspicious.
  4. Agree. I'm not on my PC to get a screenshot but I've got a charr designed to look as much like a tiger as possible, except for the bright orange mohawk (and the horns of course). I've also got one based on a snow leopard. Yeah because the one problem with charr is they're not big enough.
  5. For several months now it's been possible to upload images to this forum and embed them in posts, but they have to be uploaded as files. I first noticed this in October last year, but I'm not sure when the option was actually added. The forum software has always had the option to support images, you can see this if you go to your own profile and click 'See my activity'. In addition to topics and posts there's categories for blogs, events, articles, files, images and product reviews. As shown in this screenshot: Uploading images as files is not ideal, most importantly I can't see any way to delete them (if anyone's found it please let me know) and there's no way to resize them so if one starts off too big (as above) or too small the only options are to put up with it or use other software to resize it and then upload a duplicate and hope that's ok. My question (for Anet, since I assume no one else knows) is why were files enabled instead of images? They do have slightly more functionality in that it allows other types of files to be uploaded as well, and other users can download them if they wanted to, but I've mainly seen it used for images (and only used it for images myself) so I don't understand why we can't have both? (If you want to see everything Invision forums can do scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the grey text which says 'Powered by Invision Community' then click on 'Our Community' in the banner at the top. I wouldn't want all those features (user ranks for example don't typically add anything good or useful to a community) but it's frustrating to know the forum software could do so much more, including things that would be useful, but it's disabled currently.)
  6. Version 1.0.0


    A screenshot of the files section of my profile, showing that images are also available on this forum.
  7. Doesn't GW2 achieve the same end result by keeping the rewards permanently available, and allowing players to earn more AA in a season than they need to unlock everything? It's a different method but it comes to the same thing - no one will miss out on the rewards if they can't log in every day, or even every week or month. I don't know exactly how many daily and weekly achievements I've missed but I know it's been a lot, but in both the previous season and the current one I've gotten down to choosing between the infinitely available gold and the few items I don't want, and I think I could have gotten all the limited items if I wanted to.
  8. You're not stuck, because it's possible to unlock all 3 weights of Mistshard armour, there's just extra steps for the second and third. When you select light, medium or heavy armour from the achievement box that only determines the weight of the one you get for free, you still get a recipe box with recipes for all 3 armour weights which enables you to craft the other two (and additional copies of the one you got from the achievement if you want to). You'll need a level 400 armoursmith to craft the heavy armour and the materials of course but it's not expensive.
  9. I might be wrong but I suspect this is about objectives like killing specific world bosses or doing meta events. They're either going to add more options (maybe make it something like 'a HoT meta' instead of 'Dragon's Stand meta' or reduce how often they come up. (I hope it's the first one.) I'm one of the people who has limited time to play - not only that I can only be in-game for an hour or two at a time but I don't get to choose when that is, I have to fit it in between other things going on. More than once I've had to skip a WV objective or even miss completing the daily or weekly because it's not going to be available during the times I can be online. Today for example it's going to be 9pm - 11pm, I probably won't be online that entire time but I can't be on before or after that, so if there's a WV objective which isn't coming up during that time I can't do it. I know you only need to do 3 of the 4, but it means I have no choice, and if I can't find 3 which are worth the hassle in the limited time I have I'm more likely to just skip it, which obviously isn't what Anet wants.
  10. I think the way GW2 does it is fairly unique. Most games I've played have an option in a menu somewhere to lock either individual items or inventory bags, rather than having special types of bags, or they don't have that function at all and just expect you to keep track of what you want to keep (which isn't as much of a problem when you can reload a saved game if you realise you messed up). So I can imagine some people try right-clicking the item or bag looking for a lock option, or look for something in the inventory settings and when they don't see it there just assume this is one of the games where it's not an option. You get an invisible bag from the first level 30 storyline, which will introduce the concept to players but I suspect some people want to lock/hide items before then and others won't realise how it works at first, especially if they only put account bound items in there.
  11. I have no idea how it works in the games industry but in my field that's exactly how it's supposed to work. A specialist comes in to research what's needed, trial and develop a workable system, train up other people to run it then once it's all working they move on to develop new ways of working somewhere else and the other staff take over the long-term management. I could definitely see this being something that's easier to do when it's an embedded process rather than a seperate job - for example if the people designing a new legendary collection or whatever can work out for themselves what are reasonable costs and what the impact on the economy will be, instead of them designing something which sounds good to them and then having to re-design it all when an economist gets time to review it and tell them all the reasons it won't work.
  12. The point is this functionality is not unique to GW2, it's used by many, many programs (including Windows) so someone who is capable of installing and running the game will likely know that's one way to get additional information on something in a computer program. More importantly the text comes up immediately so the only way to open the wallet and not see it is to avoid moving your cursor over any part of the window, except the scroll bar. Even if you do it by accident the first time you'll find out it gives you more info on each currency.
  13. A lot of sports are combat with more formal rules. Things like martial arts, fencing, boxing etc. are obvious but also all types of shooting, archery, javelin, even some equestrian events are dervived from military techniques. I suppose the question in GW2 is whether Player vs Player means all types of competing against other players, or only fighting them with your normal skills and weapons.
  14. Atholma is the charr village you visited during the A Bug in the System storyline. It has it's own waypoint (the chat code is [&BEMLAAA=]), which you'll probably have unlocked during the story, but if you haven't got that one you can go to any other waypoint on Sandswept Isle and then head to the north west part of the map and you'll find it. It's not locked or restricted, if you're on Sandswept isles you can just walk there. If you want to go there on a character which hasn't done the story you'll need to do one of these: * Complete the story step A Kindness Repaid. * Use a teleport to friend (with someone in your party on that map). * Use the Sandswept Isles portal scroll if you've already got it. (If you haven't got it you need to get to Atholma to buy it.)
  15. The activity achievements are classed as PvP and they all include some form of attacking other players: Southsun Survival - literally a battle royale death match Keg Brawl - you fight other players for the kegs (or to stop them getting the kegs). Crab Toss - you fight other players for the crab. Sanctum Sprint - the nearest to PvE but you can still use skills to delay other players or knock them off the track. Not that any of that typically happens on days when there's an activity daily, most people are trying to get in and out as fast as possible and with a minimum of effort so if they can they'll just stand there and if it ends it faster they'll deliberately throw the match (mainly with keg brawl, but it happens with Southsun as well).
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