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  1. I've always had trouble recognising the elite spec icons and matching them up to core professions, but I thought it was mainly me. Since I've been doing Fractals more, and therefore spent more time around people who care and ask about other people's builds than I usually do, I've noticed a lot of other people having the same problem. For example I'm using a soulbeast and I've had a few people ask why I'm not using an elite spec - the icon in the party window shows a pawprint and surely that's the icon for core ranger? They're often surprised when I say both the core profession and the elite
  2. Maybe they had to promise to hold some things back from their livestreams in order to get the press to accept the embargo?
  3. I've just seen some of the developers on Twitter saying the press embargo on EoD ends today, so it sounds like there's going to be more coverage from now on, and that the lack of it before now was deliberate. Here's some of the articles they've linked to: https://www.pcinvasion.com/guild-wars-2-end-of-dragons-preview/ https://www.nme.com/features/gaming-features/guild-wars-2-end-of-dragons-preview-cantha-is-all-about-togetherness-3139566 https://www.mmorpg.com/editorials/guild-wars-2-end-of-dragons-preview-2000124124
  4. I would love to see actual numbers for how many people exchange gems and gold either way, and how much they exchange. I know Anet would never share those details with us, but I'd find it very interesting if they did. But I suspect those who never buy gems with real money also don't buy much from the gem store overall. I highly doubt there's many people farming thousands of gold to buy everything in the store, it's more likely they'll get the few items they really like or find most useful. So the demand for gems may not be as high as it appears based off the number of people who say they onl
  5. This will be fixed when the actual alliance part of the system comes in. Those different guilds will be able to form an alliance, so they can stay together. (If I remember correctly there will also be an option for individual players to join an alliance even if their guild isn't in it.) Of course that's only if they want to. If they choose to join a different alliance there's nothing you can do to stop them. But that's the same as now, if someone chooses to transfer to another server you can't keep them on yours because you consider them an important part of your community, your options are
  6. Update: On Tuesday evening I logged in and (for the first time since the beta started) I was still in the same team I'd selected the day before (roughly 24 hours earlier) and was able to go straight into WvW and play as normal. I'm not sure if that means the problem is fixed or it just didn't happen at that time, I'll keep checking.
  7. There's no way to duplicate hero points, once you've got the point/s from a particular challenge you can't get them again on that character. It does limit how useful the scrolls are. Their main uses are for WvW players who don't want to do a bunch of PvE just to unlock elite specs and for quickly unlocking elites on new characters.
  8. What type of end game content would you be interested in? Besides PvP and Fractals there's World vs World, normal dungeons, world bosses, the meta-events at the temples in Orr and the Silverwastes and Drytop meta-events (Silverwastes is still quite popular as a gold farm). There's probably others I'm forgetting and 'end game' content can be quite ambiguous in GW2 because there's no big change in what you do before and after level 80, you're not locked out of anything or funnelled into a new type of progression, it just means all the options are now open to you, so it really depends on wh
  9. The gold to gems exchange is swapping currencies between players, it's just facilitated by the Trading Post, like trading items. All the gems you can buy that way are ones which another player has bought with real money and exchanged for gold, so Anet get paid either way. Hypothetically if everyone bought gems with gold and no one exchanged gems for gold then eventually the Trading Post would run out of gems. That's very unlikely to happen though because first it would push the exchange rate up so high most people wouldn't be able to afford to buy gems that way, or wouldn't consider it wort
  10. I was addressing the part of your post where you said any water which is ankle-deep won't work for fishing. If the water in Windswept Haven is the real water level it won't matter that it's just above the ground and not deep enough to swim - it will still function as water for fishing. Whereas there's other places where the 'water' can be above a human character's head but it's not real water so they can't swim (just walk along the bottom) and it won't be possible to fish there either.
  11. If you genuinely want Anet to make different styles of armour it would help to say what exactly you want. Otherwise you're leaving it up to the same people who made all the (hundreds of) "lame", "wacky", "derpy" armour sets already in the game to guess at what you don't like about any of them and do something different. If you don't like any of their work so far what makes you think a new attempt will be any different?
  12. It's weird because as far as I know it's only affecting me, but I hope they do look into it. If it still happens when the final version is released and someone can figure out how to trigger it (or takes advantage of it happening randomly) it could be used for spying, or even throwing matches.
  13. I'm trying to play WvW for the first time since Friday and once again it's telling me I'm not in a team and asking me to choose one, even though I picked a guild before the beta started. This time I picked Silent Woods, which is the 3rd team I've been in this beta.
  14. I suspect whether it's actual water or the fake water effect which is higher than the fill level will be the important thing, not how deep it is. I've sometimes encountered very shallow 'real' water which still kicks off water effects, like my ranger switching to her aquatic pet even though she's only knee deep in it.
  15. Do you have a way to contact the guild leader? If not then this won't work, because the only way to gain control of the guild is for the current leader to give you the necessary permissions. If so then I recommend discussing the situation with them. If they're not playing much/at all any more they might be willing to give you the guild, or agree something like you get leadership permissions to keep it running in 'maintenance mode' in return for getting decorator permissions and the freedom to do what you want with the guild hall. You could offer to buy it from them, but considering yo
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