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  1. It's still World vs World, not Guild vs Guild. Your guild will be placed in a Team, as will the 500 player WvW guilds. That team will be made up of guilds and individual players and all of them will be roughly equal in size. I don't know the actual numbers but lets say a team is 1,000 people, that 500 player guild will be grouped with 500 other people, either smaller guilds or individuals. Your 1 player guild will be grouped with 999 other people, either guilds or individuals. So both Teams will be the same size, but yours may have more people who don't already know each other.
  2. But how disappointing would it be if everyone was issued titles for their WvW server, but it came at a time when you happened to be on the wrong server for whatever reason and then you were forever stuck with a title you'll never use and unable to get one you would use? It's not an issue for me because the only time I've not been on Desolation was less than a day in the first week when I switched to an NA server because the HoM was bugged on EU and transfers were free and unlimited, but I know some people who are concerned that if titles are given out it will just be for whatever s
  3. I like the idea, but I think it would have to allow a way for players to choose which server's title they get. I doubt you could find one option which would fit everyone otherwise. For every person who played for years on a server then hopped on a bandwagon or simply went in search of something different and should have a title for their original server there will be someone who played hours of WvW on whatever random server they picked when they got the game, then made a deliberate choice to switch and played for years on a new one and no longer has any association with their original server.
  4. That one they have answered: https://help.guildwars2.com/hc/en-us/articles/201862768-Refunds
  5. I'd be happy if that was the case because I'd like tengu to be playable, but I think it's very unlikely. A new playable race would be a major feature for a GW2 expansion, it could persuade some people to buy the expansion who aren't interested in the other aspects and would likely generate more attention in the press. That's a much bigger deal than 1 of 5 new mounts. Yes the griffon is a flying mount so it's a bit different, but all the mounts have special abilities and with gliding it wasn't immediately clear how useful and popular the griffon would be so it didn't have the same i
  6. I don't know of one, but I agree that would be really useful. I've spent a lot of time in both and I know my way around fairly well, but I still get lost in some places, or I remember there's a hidden path somewhere but I can't remember exactly where it is. So if there is one or anyone is in a position to create one I'd use it too.
  7. There's quite a few enemies, creatures, allies etc. in GW2 which don't have mini pets, and somewhat weirdly some mini pets of things which haven't actually appeared in the game, like the Mini Tsuru Whitewing - there is no NPC with that name. I'm not sure me supporting the request means much, given I will support any new mini which isn't a spider, but for whatever it's worth I'd like a mini rock dog as well.
  8. This is good advice. The only reason I recommended selling laurels is because they're easy to get for the vast majority of people, including casual players and there's a relatively small number of things you can buy with them which rarely changes. Many of the laurel-exclusive items are one-time purchases like skins or ascended armour recipes and the ones which aren't can come from multiple sources (like obsidian shards) so you might not need laurels to get them. That means after a point they'll keep building up as long as you keep logging in but there will be less and less to do wi
  9. I'm sorry that happened to you. The people who have answered so far are absolutely right. The person who had a go at you was angry because they were trying to do the meta event, which requires 4 different teams to work together, and it presumably wasn't going well. Since you were able to get into the map during the event it's likely there were not many people there when it started, which means it was unlikely to succeed anyway. None of that has anything to do with you and it certainly isn't your fault or anything you could have prevented. Even if you did know the event well and joi
  10. Levelling up will never lock you out of anything, either by levelling naturally or by using a boost or tomes of knowledge. Any story you haven't done will still be available, you can still go back to low level maps, you can even still do the tutorial achievements, but it might be harder to get the drops due to stuff scaling to your level. I wouldn't worry about that, it gives you exotics with defensive stats (soldier's in most cases) which is ok but doesn't do a lot of damage and isn't recommended by most experienced players so it's not going to give you a big advantage. I think
  11. There's no way to make it for your friend. "Selling" the account bound components of a gen 1 legendary means making the Gift of Mastery (which requires the Gift of Exploration from map completion, Gift of Battle from WvW, 250 Obsidian Shards and a Bloodstone Shard which costs 200 spirit shards) and either the Mystic Clovers or the obsidian shards and spirit shards to make them, then having your 'customer' send you all the rest of the materials required for the legendary plus a pre-agreed amount of gold to pay for the Gift of Mastery. Then you make the legendary and send it back to
  12. There's a lot of good advice in this thread. Some professions are definitely better than others (elementalist and engineer are probably the worst in this case, they require a lot of buttons) and looking for a build that uses passive signets will help too because that reduces the number of buttons you need to push. I also strongly recommend experimenting with different keybinds. I don't have mobility issues in my hands, but I did find changing the keybindings from the default to something I found more comfortable and easier to reach made a huge difference to what I was able to do an
  13. It doesn't matter, it's the same version for everyone in the world, except China which is completely separate (different publisher, separate server, separate Trading Post and Gem Store and can only be purchased in China). I know people who have used a US copy of the game to create an account on EU servers, used an EU copy to create an account on NA servers and people who have transferred their account from one region to the other and all of those worked without any problems.
  14. It will be one code for all 3 expansions, so there will be no way to separate them, it will apply all 3 to the same account. Probably for this reason - it's slightly cheaper to buy all 3 together than to buy them separately and if the purchase could be shared between two people it would be a good deal for both of them.
  15. I've made 4 legendary weapons and I intend to make more in future, I still sell mystic coins sometimes and I've never regretted it. Making a legendary is always a long process for me, the quickest so far was about 6 months and that was starting with several things already done. That gives me plenty of time to save mystic coins (and other stuff, like T6 materials). I always start with the things I can't buy and only start buying materials when I've done everything else. I haven't needed to buy mystic coins since my first one (back when login rewards didn't exist) and if I'd kept al
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