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Pink Day in LA 2019!

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Hello fellow Tyrians!

The time of year for Pink Day in LA 2019 has come! Are you ready to don pink to help defeat cancer and have a blast doing it? We’re very excited for you to come by and join us in just two short weeks!

On October 19th at 12 PM CDT for NA and 19:00 CEST for EU, we’ll be gathering in Lion’s Arch to kick off the events for this year! Join us on either the NA Teamspeak at (password franticzebra) or the EU Teamspeak at GOTD.NL! Don’t forget to tune in to the GW-EN Radio through as well to keep up with the events! Pink Day 2019 will also be streamed through Twitch if you want to tune in!

If this is your first time hearing about us, we’re a group of passionate gamers who care about making the world a better place. We at Gamers Giving Back wish to help end the threat of cancer and to try to ensure that this horrific disease no longer has the power or place to hurt people and families. Started way back in the day with Guild Wars 1, we’ve been pressing on for many years now and the impact that we have is very real. With the full support of the Arenanet developers, we continue to push forward!

We have connections to the Canadian Cancer Society, where 100% of the donations go to help further and advance cancer research. We chose the Canadian Cancer Society because of how transparent they are along with the fact that their work is not restricted by national boundaries; they help fund grants all over the world for cancer research! We at Gamers Giving Back keep zero of the donations for ourselves; any expenses that we pay come out of our own pockets.

During the event itself, we’ll be playing a wide variety of games and having many events during the festivities! Some of the games and events we’ll be playing include Scavenger Hunt, Tonic Races, and more! We’ll have many in-game and even real life prizes to give away for donating and coming out to be with us, so make sure to stop by and have some fun for a good cause! Donating even gets you a spot in our Hall of Heros, where you’ll be listed on our website permanently if you donate 10 gold or $1! (

If you donate 10$ CDN or more, you will get entered into our drawing for prizes! Some of the prizes that we have to give away this year include:

  • Two (2) Guild Wars II: Path of Fire Vinyl Soundtrack
  • Two (2) Guild Wars: Eye of the North (Signed by the Dev team)
  • Two (2) Guild Wars I Skill Pin Sets
  • Thirty (30) Guild Wars II Path of Fire Drawstring Backpacks
  • Six (6) Guild Wars I Limited Edition Signed and Numbered Art Prints (Artists: Daniel Dociu, Jason Wiggin)
  • Six (6) Guild Wars I Mouse Pads
  • Four (4) Guild Wars I T-Shirts
  • Aurene T-Shirt Codes
  • And much more to come!

If you are interested in donating, make sure you check out the donation link at the top right corner of our website at!

Some useful websites and information to check out are listed below!

Canadian Cancer Society Website:
Gamers Giving Back Pink Day Website:
Pink Day FAQ:
Gamers Giving Back Discord:
GGB Twitter:
GGB Facebook Page:
GGB Instagram:
GGB Twitch Stream:

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for taking an interest in Pink Day! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to get in touch with you! We hope to see you there!

Art by Malchemist!


  • I cannot wait!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!

  • So excited to be celebrating another year of Pink Day in LA!

    Did you know - Pink Day is winning a charity award? More details about that will be shared on the 19th so make sure to keep your eyes and ears ( even the Asuran ones ) on all the awesomeness of Pink Day in LA! <3

    Thanks to Arenanet and the whole community for continuing to support this event - see you in 10 days!

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    This is awesome!

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    I am locked and loaded. HYYYYPEEEEEE!!!!