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Core/Scrapper Power Builds

I recently made the swap from Necro to Engi, and am looking for up-to-date, but not necessarily 'meta' Power builds for Core Engi or Scrapper. I know Holosmith is right around the corner and I will probably be playing that when it comes out, but I'm interested in seeing what people are running for Power builds in sPvP currently. I tried the few builds on Metabattle, but as we all know the builds on that site are fairly outdated, and I felt the sPvP builds were quite lackluster. I'm not a huge fan of the support role and would much rather 1vX for objectives than be a glorified healbot. Of course, these things come with experience, but even a few basic builds to get me started would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance!


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    I'm playing this build until PoF for PVE :
    ==> hammer DPS (no support, no tank, no alte)

    Don't forget it's strictly worst then an condi build but easier and different (without kit).
    You engage a combat with a lightning's fied & hammer3 for stund, play with many combo (AOE + explosion, especially with lightning when you play solo).

    There are no problem against any trash mob, any veteran or 2 elites (max).

  • You linked a reaper build

  • @skystorm.9280 said:
    You linked a reaper build

    rofl I was thinking he was being funny "go reaper to have a good engi power build :P" anyways - correct link is nice. I want to like hammer more; for more than support.

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  • I'm currently using a Rifle Elixir Build to show off my expensive Rifle skin and am having a Blast with it (literally). Here is my build:

    I'm still trying to find a good Rune for my build, but the Sigils are pretty much set, as they give me a nice boost with my 2 and 4 abilities. Just make sure that you're using your abilities to the best they can be. I've been using this build, and can often 1v1 DH Guardians and people like that.

    Quick Notes:

    • Overcharged Shot is good for fighting on points. Not only does it knockback the opponent, but also triggers Reactive Lenses and Protection Injection for 11.5s of Fury, 11.5s of 5 Might Stacks, 10s of Blind Immunity, and Stunbreak!
    • This build is more of a Shotgun build than it is a Ranged Sniper build. You're going to be up close and personal blasting at your opponent for maximum efficiency. You're going to need to find the "Sweet spot", not to far but not to close.
    • A.E.D. should be used last minute when the enemy is focusing you in order to cleanse and heal yourself. The F1 ability can also be used to interrupt an opponent. I've won many fights vs Warriors, Guardians, and the like with this skill alone.
    • KNOW YOUR ELIXIRS! Elixir C is Mandatory vs any Condi build (turning all of those condies into random boons), Elixir U and B can be interchanged on preference, and Elixir S will not capture points but can still Finish an enemy or rez an ally.
    • The Elite Skills can be interchanged between Elixir X and Supply Crate. Try to smack someone with Supply Crate for extra damage and a knockdown, while supplying turrets. If you're fighting a Necromancer, Elixer X F5 ability ruins them.
    • Speaking of Elixir X - KNOW YOUR ELIXIRS! You'll have a 50/50% Chance of turning into Tornado or Juggernaught. Know the strengths and benefits for both of these abilities so you can use them when needed.
    • Juggernaught has huge DPS and Sustain, Spam your abilities to CC lock an opponent and deal massive damage. Tornado has huge CC potential using your 5 and 4 ability whenever off cooldown. Skill 1/2/3 Share a Cooldown, but I always use Skill 3.
    • Make sure you use your F abilities, expecially your Elixir S ability, because it activates Lock On and inflicts 10 stacks of Vulnerability against the enemy when you engage.
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