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  1. You better BEElieve this will be part of the mastery for housing; or as a bee you can do this or that or fly faster or higher or etc. idk I imagine they will have more to it then what a jadebot would offer let alone it being from another xpac. NOW, as an alternative or being able to set up a jadebot station in the homestead to explore that way would be cool; but not to replace the beehive.
  2. Play Warrior 😄 Look not everyone likes everything, I get where you're coming from sorta, but I'm sorry I can't agree less, I don't want headache complex but having mechanics within the weapon if we don't get elites, is good and fun, and ex: thieve's make me want to dust my thief off for it but I loved the assassin style/combo stuff. To me TOO simple is boring, to me and many. You may dislike it, and fair, many don't want it but I mean tbh only a few seem actually complicated, and tbh Ele's Spear when get the etching is sorta simple imo. But anyways, of course many feel meh about mechanics within a weapon so I get it. Now not liking how a mechanic works yeah that tbd with these. Personally, the engi one looks meh, but I never liked focus target like DE, esp melee. But other parts look like could be good.
  3. OCX about 3pm I think? So, not evening we still center around NA PT aka +3 reset for group times. Cheers!
  4. Someone listed good places above; but there's quite a few support options for both PvE and WvW. Now, whether offensive support or full/heal/defensive support for PvE; def changes. I personally love WvW for full supports; but honestly there's a lot for both these days; ALL supports must provide boons in PvE; quick or ala mainly, with 2ndary boons, defensive will basically = heal n stats like harriers/minstrel, or offensive boon with their quick/ala, that don't heal but may do CC/other boons/2ndary offensive. I personally feel the most "supporty/classic feel" in WvW; zergs, despite chaos, it's dynamic and I love the variety; but yeah, look at the various builds, I know Warrior Staff is nice now, actually Warriors can be defensive, but yeah. Lots of options; but it is different from other MMO yep yep.
  5. Slackers are BACK to slacking together, working alone! We are regrowing, solid base, weekly events (8pm PT NA aka +3 reset after this weekend aka time changes), n offer more like social channels, official guilds in SWG legends n SWTOR, slacker only guild in ESO, Warframe, even a Palworld server! AND monthly/weekly slacker run DnD games! OR: just focus on GW2 casually/socially! Again, check OP for more PLEASE, we are NA PT based but mems all over world esp OCX/Aussies/Canadians... if u like a cozier, silly, mature but safe, hate-free place to chill n make friends n do more in GW2 and beyond, well... Check OP for more info, n discord link (app). You can do the pre-join stuff or ask questions here/there before doing any app. OR reply to this thread OR contact.
  6. You are vastly underestimating the time and costs it takes to do just ONE legendary. You cannot just suddenly decide to "get everything legendary". SO... you should decide WHAT you want to get first - a weapon? WZ vault speeds you closer to one... ARMOR? ACCESSORY? Hold on RUNES. So... there is a trinket/amulet you can get via story as said above - Season of The Dragon; well, open world meta events. It's cheapest but takes time, but all legendaries take time except for some you can sorta buy to get ahead. There's PvP exclusive, WvW and PvE accessories, back and armor. If you don't PvP/WvW (well you may need to do some WvW for Gift of Battle), no raids, then armor is difficult. Sorta have to do one of those for armor... but https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Legendary_trinket various ones various ways. WEAPONS is you have precursors I'd just focus on that, esp with wizard vault starter kit. There's guides from jen, even metabattle and wiki it up. BUT - with minimal gold, no mystic coins, likely no clovers? You're gonna hit the roadblock there... sadly. Go just to youtube and search gw2 legendary "name" and many good guides there.
  7. This is all subjective without knowing the details of what each weapon does... I LOVE dual pistols for Guardian - and you CAN make it fit for why; Mesmer rifles is idk, not my first choice, neither is SB lol nor is that what "everyone" wants this is all your opinions and granted, some interesting reasoning behind them, but willing to see what it does. Rifle Ranger was a dream, mace is meh to me BUT again not knowing how/what the skills do or animations or any potential lore behind choices, I am open. I don't think there's a "definitive response" except your opinion lol. But, fair enough, I agree with a bit of what you say but honestly ppl like to complain, so... I get it, Ele pistol MH while Guardian get both; ppl want a certain weapon, etc. If you have Mesmer SB ppl would still have issues, let's be real, until they show details of the weapons which prob wont for sometime I'm not gonna get too weird. The xpac weapon choices were met with similar posts so, just part of it, I get pistols rifles isnt a fav of some I personally love the weapon type.
  8. Celebrate Pride Month and Dragons with slackers! Lots of stuff as said above in and OP - link for discord app there! Any questions ask/here/DM/check OP. Now - let's get go slack and have cupcakes! 🙂
  9. P/P Payback is super fun OW if you like a gunslinger motif, but yeah DE would need a few swaps like P/P isn't the best against bosses/champs. Rifle or d/d variants can work well too I play both; but I enjoy the playstyles and don't mind swapping between events/etc. If you just want ease to not swap builds then DD or Spectre is nice/great. I just like Deadeye playstyle OW.
  10. We've been sleepin' off the holiday fun now it's jeez Spring soon SO - let's slack! With the new chapter in EoD we're opening up recruitment again! Check OP... yes, there's a Discord APP but there's also cupcakes, silly friends from NA and yeah OCX (tho based events around NA PT), royal ranks, tons of weekly GW2 group content, and other games we play AND social stuff to do if want; like trivia, jack box nights, live DJ music by member, and more! BUT you never have to do that! We're still an old smaller casual social guild but we don't slack on our inclusive openness to all walks of geek, with many LGBTQIA+, men, women, furries, weebs, vets, shy, outgoing, disabled, old, and of course XTRAordinary slackers! 🙂 SO - we may not be the largest, there will be times of quiet slack, but if you are mature, have a silly humor, want to chill or give some effort to engage n make friends on your time, come slack with us, to slack together, work alone!
  11. I've played GW2 off and on since after launch. Having gone back to WoW with a few mates for their xpac I gotta say GW2 toxicity is nothing haha. I'll take it. I've seen posts like this every year tbh. Same with the games dead, Arenanet doesn't do this or that. Timeless story. People look back with rose filled glasses. I think spikes in toxicity come when lack of content or direction. Esp in group play; and any PUGs in any mode in any MMO has this issue with toxic aholes but despite MAYBE a spike in GW2, it's diddly compared with games like WoW lol I think we're spoiled in GW2 a bit. I remember when NCsoft gutted Arena net n ppl left everyone thought it was the end, a lot more toxicity back then imo esp with the Icebrood livestream everyone mocked because no xpac already for years. Communication was far worse back then between devs and a tired and wanting community. I know recruiting is slowwww n I notice both some more questionable ppl and also ppl who are impressed how nice GW2ers are esp on reddit believe it or not lol these forums can be a toxic dumping site sometimes. Anyways, I think it's a cycle, I don't see now being more toxic than anytime in GW2 I've seen way worse as I said above in GW2's history and way worse in other MMOs. So, eh, just be nice and helpful yourself in-game and out and it'll echo
  12. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Wintersday slackers and all! We're still recruiting; a bit light for the holidays making room for all the cupcakes and sweets this weekend and week but check the OP; discord app links there; DM, etc. read so ya know our awesome community extends beyond just GW2 and well, slackers w00t. Be well! Slack together!
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