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This bundle is strange to me. Why can't I just get POF on sale? I already own HOT. I feel like your making me buy it twice. Please explain your logic for this. All I want or need is POF.


  • It's the same price, with or without HoT.

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    The price for PoF has not changed. It did not increase by having HoT added as free feature. Your complaint makes no sense.

  • This game is the most user friendly and sincer game i found so far. Don t know another game that would give you so many options ingame and service for this little money you spend.
    I brought the basegame at release but then started playing duo to personal issues only in 2017 when the game was allready free to play, brought later pof. But no need to be angry that the initual money i spend is „lost“

    The only issue i have is theres so much content to play i think i will never finish and often it becomes hard to decide which to do and not fall into this feeling that you must caught up to the older players.

    Ah and the other main issue i really don t like in the game is how they don t put much thought into wvw , changing maps regulary or implementing mechanics, there could be many interesting mechanics added from pve, adding strategys. Thats really sad .

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    Those of us who had to pay $50 for HoT after we already bought Core for $50 would like to have word..

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  • I don't care i didn't like HOT and feel like I have to pay for it a second time just to get POF.

  • Well, you don't. Path of Fire cost $30 before, and it costs $30 after.
    But, I'm sure you can find a retailer that will sell it for a bit less. Just make sure it's an Authorized Retailer.

    Good luck.

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    I don't get what you complain, the bundle includes HoT expansion for free when purchasing PoF (it's even stated in purchasing page). If you already had HoT you're not repaying for it, if you didn't have it is a free expansion for you.

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