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  1. You are aware that this week is an alliance beta right? You server of choice has absolutely 0 bearing on this weeks WvW experience.
  2. The average player will also not immediately go on about something having to be "optimal". If they do, they likely already went out of their way to read up, which defeats your entire point. It's a beta. The intent is to get a system in place which prevents to large imbalances between sides. There are no guarantees that you get to "win" all the time. That requires effort on part of the individual player. Both in terms of organization, aka join a guild/alliance, as well as skill/class, get on a proper build and become proficient at it to be of use to your side. As to your
  3. Pretty good summary. The irony of it all: most of these players want the convenience of organized WvW which is provided by others, while retaining the freedom to do whatever they feel like, no matter if useful or not. There are some concerns with the alliance system, besides the current bugs, which will affect all players to some extent (unfortunately most nay sayers are to concerned with their own ego atm to actually come up with these as to actually provide good arguments): - alliances, much like guilds, while giving players more freedom and control, will
  4. Scourge was buffed more than 12%. The 3 most, nearly only, represented classes in fractal CMs currently are scourge, fb and ren. With scourge taking often 3 spots while being so convenient that it also pushes out condifb currently for 100cm (mostly due to epidemic and sorrows though). The graphs on wingman tell a different story. So does the majority of PUG LFG group demands. You don't have to kick anyone if you aren't even looking for that class to begin with. Feel free to try to join a current CM PUG in an elementalist and return to tell the tale. I get the ar
  5. You are mistaken: Purchasable after crafting the Dusk Experiment and training the Magister of Legends mastery. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Twilight_Vol._2 You craft the recipe, unlock the purchase option for the second collection and keep the special item which you receive when salvaging the sword.
  6. Firebrand is overpowered and over-represented in fractal CMs (not only fractal CMs, also raids), no one disputes that. In part due to far weaker alternatives for boons (weaker can also just be far more effort), in part to due its superior utility while bringing easy top tier damage performance as cqfb. Are you going by benchmark numbers or have you actually tried alac mirage? Just asking because I play both and renegade is face-roll easier, especially with celestial gear now. In short: having scourge muscle out other dps with 3 scourge to a 5 man group is good. Most
  7. So, you don't actually understand the difference in where and how damage is attributed to? Not a biggy, a tad confusing given you have been throwing around benchmark numbers, obviously not actually understanding them, but I guess now we can move on. Make sure to tell when you are having a hard time to understand what people are talking about. In case you are unclear on how to read a certain graph or reproduce a certain benchmark. Can't check atm if wingman is up again, have you had the chance to review coldis log by now? You might be able to mirror his statics run in
  8. https://gw2wingman.nevermindcreations.de/log/20220109-015927_drkai_kill from Wingman is down atm. Top dps was scourge with 41k on the Dark phase (so much for all those people who were laughing at 40k+ statement in the other thread, typical mediocre players who have like 80% understanding from watching others but lack the final 20%, yet assume they know everything). Good players are connected and make the benchmarks and exchange what it is possible as to have others have a try at the builds. If you are relying on youtube, you are already far from top tier.
  9. I really hope you are not referring to the "All Eras" graph at the end.... So desperately hoping you are not because it would not bold well for you graph reading and comprehension skills. As far as popularity, those graphs pretty much confirm scourge as 3rd place behind fb and renegade at the current point in time while showing the popularity changes in the past.
  10. If that is the case, it just means that WvW population issues are even more severe than previously assumed and the size of alliances and guilds allowed to organize has to be reduced as to not create to big chunks of players. Even more of a reason to move to the new system given servers have far larger capacities of players. Which would explain the dire differences in activity between Tier 1 and Tier 5 matchups.
  11. Ah missed that I guess. Might be unlucky or carelessness, given the cap is 168 conversions, the total possible LI from wing 5 before LD were added to the game if I recall correctly (so not fully arbitrary). Might be best to remove the conversion option all together by now tbh. Or remove Legendary Divinations, given they serve nearly no purpose by now. On second thought, maybe not, this way at least 2 materials tabs are getting filled up.
  12. Have you bothered with checking how other servers are/were doing? I mean, you literally answered your question yourself: there is always an overperforming server and the other two are kinda there The mode is not designed to be solo friendly. That was/is just a biproduct of lacking player counts on shrinking servers and offhours. In case of Gunnars and FoW: The pairing is totally overstacked atm. Glad you are having fun, now go ask the oponnent servers how fun it is to run into overstacked oponents.
  13. Isn't there the possibility to trade insights to divinations? While that direction conversion is limited, I don't think it got removed.
  14. How is this dofferent to past resets where commanders orgnaized blob fights? It's the exact same thing, with the exception of the 1 week duration and unpredictability of matchup coming with this short duration (thus not giving players a way to skip this map on reset). Unfortunate, let's hope it brings more players back than it drives away then.
  15. It's tricky. Adding World Ability Points for worthwhile abilities, or even mandatory ones (gliding, warclaw and I'll add auto loot here too) creates barriers of entry for new players. Add to many, and suddenly new players are faced with a huge amount of points they have to spend to even the playing field. Anyone notice how much hard guards and siege weapons actually hit when not skilled in Siege Bunker and Defence Against Guards? What would need to get added is abilities which benefit a player, but are not required per se to enjoy the mode. What Infusion.7149 suggested
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