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  1. On https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Legendary_weapon scroll down to: or in case you are interested in gen 2: In both cases there are general material list requirements which follow. The text summarizes the basic components which all legendary weapons share both for gen1 as well as gen2. So far all legendary items have shared the following materials: - Mystic Clovers to varying amounts - T6 materials (and in some cases T5) - often specific materials related to the content where the items are added to - a precursor of some t
  2. That is actually not true. You are lumping every developer together here, which is both unfair to certain developers, as well as specific games. First off, it's not confusing to many people. Most gamers in the old school MMORPG genre are 30+. Most of us have seen how the gaming industry has changed. So yes, being weary and careful with your money is sensible. At the same time, lumping every developer together is doing the few studios which do deliver solid products a disservice, especially with how funding in todays gaming world works. Past experience should
  3. No, even WoJ and Boneskinner don't have mechanics which require specific classes. Both fights only require basic movement and the cc required can easily be achieved via the special action key. The difference between condition and power builds is not relevant given either will be more than sufficient to beat any timer required. So while WoJ and Boneskinner do require some mechanics be done, those do not require specific builds to work around. As such, there is no point to design builds. 🤷‍♂️
  4. The reason you don't (yet) see dedicated sites for strikes meta builds is simple: none of the strike bosses have specific mechanics which require working around. In general all they need is 1 thing: Enough damage to beat the timer (and most times the imner is very generous) At the same time, most sites which provide raid builds actually provide 10-man composition builds by now. The reason they are called "raid builds" is mostly historic (and most are not even "meta" too). Even 5 man fractal or "open world" builds are more than sufficient for current strikes. As far as met
  5. First, tickets do not drop. Second, there was an increase in pip gain per tick across the board for all players. This reduces the time required, especially at lower ranks, to acquire tickets via skirmish chests. At the same time, the amount of tickets per week were unchanged. This should be a clear indicator that the developers are currently both careful in adjusting tickets/week and ticket/time gain as well as satisfied with the current progression in place. Also, nice necro. Did you have to dig deep to find this 2 year old thread?
  6. Exactly, and any players who were having issues with this content in the past, which are holding their breath that their past approach will suddenly work, will be up in arms again.
  7. Imagine this: there used to be no pips at all at some point. I know, I know, it seems ludicrous that there used to be players who played the mode because they enjoyed it. If you only want the rewards, go play PvE. Oh but wait, you probably want the legendary gear right? Then either learn to love the game mode, get good at raids or do your spvp games. WvW is not the go-to PvE player place to get the gear and loot. On the upside: if you manage to actually find fun at playing WvW, you will eventually spot worrying about tickets, pips, gold/hour, etc.
  8. Yes, or when chrono and druid were the be-all end-all. Was nice 4+ years ago.
  9. You are not the target audience for this mount pack then are you? I know quite a few WvW players who bought the pack.
  10. Again, take a moment to think about how map instances are created and closed. It should be very obvious that this is not the reverse situation. Here to help: Case A: players leave existing map instances because they are "done" with the first part and have no need for the second part. The map as such keeps cycling players through, never closing but never filling up, thus not forcing the system to create a fresh map. Case B: players are interested in the second part of a map. Players remain with maps until both parts are done. Maps are now full until they
  11. Which is not the reverse, since eventually a south map will promote to north. As such, you can always reach a north map instance (and in fact will, becausenin order fornplayers to open new south maps, all north maps need to be full). What you will gave a harder time with is just junping into a north map, where other players put in the work to promote the map that far, and finish off the achievements. Paired with the large amount of players still in need of things on the south map, and you should have no problem any more.
  12. Scourge is busted. For many reasons, not damage alone. That said, coming with mediocre gameplay and telling others "it's not me, it's the class" does nothing in setting up a proper argument. Case in point: condi FB is just as busted as scourge, yet many pugs gravitate to cscourge for 100CM by now (and even full runs in lower UFE groups). Why? Epidemic. Absolutely damage unrelated but rather mechanic skip related (Sorrows at 100, minor adds at Artsariiv and especially Temporal Anomalies at Arkk, cleave of add trash in 98). The argument that players don't want other dps a
  13. This sums it up. Why should players willingly vote for not adding a new legendary skin/effect? The legendary selection chests were and should remain a 1 time thing used only when a major change is introduced. There is already a precedent for having multiple legendary items on the same slot. Backpacks, armor, rings, the logical conclusion has always been that there will be multiple items per slot and multiple ways to acquire these. Just for reference and reminder of events time wise: - Transcendence was announced on March 12th, 2020 (alongside Conflux)
  14. Agreed. What I will add: I believe the developers know how important working and played instanced content is. Both easy as well as, as they call it, "aspirational content". Why else would they go out of their way to try to provide this type of content? Why spend the time to assure players that such content will be available? Should the game fail on that front, well I doubt there will be much of a game after that. Just as much as I don't believe the game can live on only open world content without expansions. From all flawed metrics we have access to, i
  15. Okay let me rephrase: The "fairest" fix would be to add the 2 armors. Anything else is just stacking favor with some players at the expense of others, in which case the status quo is fairer and requires no work at all.
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