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  1. Which poses an interesting philosophical dilemma, if he had quit, maybe he would have received a survey request. Alas we shall never know. 🤷‍♂️ Note to self: never make a multiple page long farewell post. Just take a break if I feel like it (as I have in the past). No one cares and the internet does not forget.
  2. That change is literally not even 1 week old. Before that your argument did not apply, but let's move on. Alacrity renegade was run in some GvG setups with 2 scourge in same subgroup. The main issue here being the off timer resulting from not all scourges/dps having the same access to alacrity. The other issue being the big amount of corrupts in larger fights again not guaranteeing this boons uptime will be equal beyond access to it. It has nothing to do with the boon its self or how powerful it is but rather the inconsistency and dependence on coordinated bombs. At least
  3. No, class mirroring was the result of the necessity of specific boons and class buffs to be optimal. It has nothing to do with raid design but with the underlying combat system and benefits inherit in boons. So unless you want to open the box of arguments why boons should be made useless, which is the only other way to remove boon necessity, making boon access easier is the best way to go. Best past example was warrior and druid, which now allow for another dps spot or healer respectively if so desired. Before that, the best utility/healer would have been mandatory per
  4. 10 Targets was one of the best changes made to PvE, especially for 10 player content. Power creep sure, but at the same time it removed the necessity for mirror compositions which was holding back class diversity and optionality big time. Between power creep and mirror compositions, I'd personally rather go with power creep to allow more classes access to 10 man content. Remember when it was 2 chrono, 2 druids, 2 warrior + 4x? I do.
  5. This. Now if only mirage was in any way useful in a meta squad... which it is not (for WvW). Renegade at least provides decent enough utility besides alacrity to warrant a potential spot in a squad replacing the occasional power herald. At least the mantra change made chrono and core mesmer a tad batter as commander again. Still outperformed by a Firebrand, but playable again in more relaxed squads. As far as PvE, both still provide 10 player alacrity, so not sure what the fuss is about.
  6. Confirming. One of the guilds I am in which is using the Lost Precipice Guild Hall is devoid of all placed items. Worse, the actual "Guild Hall" teleport button from the guild menu is also bugged. Does not allow return travel or any travel to any other guild hall. Had to use the Royal Terrace Pass to exit. Using the exit portal to Verdant Brink works too. Windswept Haven and Gilded Hollow seem unaffected.
  7. and how many groups did you see demand NHLB versus KP before? You are comparing apples to oranges. CM groups ask for UFE which is the equivalent of the old KP but now require signing up with killproof.me. Every time you see any number with UFE behind it, that is basically a demand for a killproof ID to backup that value. At least that is how it is done on EU, except for very beginner level groups, where no demands might be made. Maybe this is different for NA, but as far as EU, nothing has changed so your conclusions at least relating to EU are false.
  8. The primary question would be:" who is the survey aimed at?" Very often surveys are targeted at random as to not contaminate the data beforehand. In the question of veteran versus new player, who do you think is more important aim a survey at: the veteran who has stuck with the game for a long time and is still active, ultimately suggesting they are satisfied or in some other way stuck with the game, or newer players who are more likely to leave? The irony here is: the most loyal players who are sticking with the game might not be of primary concern when cre
  9. 1. Yes, the previous version must be crafted to unlock later ones 2. likely just a placeholder message which is displayed when lacking a specific prerequisite in order to purchase the recipe, in this case the earlier versions unlocks of these weapons 3. the exact chain is as follows: Unlocking the skin of Dragon Slayer weapon of type XYZ -> unlocks Azure and Crimson recipe for weapon of type XYZ as purchase. Unlocking the skin for Azure/Crimson Dragon Slayer weapon of type XYZ -> unlocks Icy or Fiery recipe's for weapons of type XYZ respectively for purchase
  10. Yes it is. Which is exactly what I said further up. Here is what I said: It depends on which parts of "design" one looks at. From a class and skill design this has never been true. From a difficulty design when only looking at open world content and not counting ANY challenging content in form of instances or achievements, yes the game is made for solo play (aka when one decide to not count everything which goes against this assumption. By this same logic I could call this game a shooter and direct people to the first person action camera while leaving out everyt
  11. Which is neither the thing discussed or talked about, but go on side tracking.
  12. I remember. Do you remember how the developers explained how they wanted players to share enemy agro and weave in and out of range, making enemies switch to different players, thus encouraging every player to tank at some time which is why we have personal heal skills to begin with? Do you remember how different classes brought different unique benefits to the table, besides boons? Remember when blast fields and finishers were actually distributed evenly among most classes, not allowing any 1 class (with very few combos) to do these combos? Daily achievement
  13. You are 2 years late. The complaints on release did not sway the developers, your complaints now will not either (especially with all the additional ways to acquire materials which were introduced and the already reduction in time gate implemented). You have 3 choices now: 1. continue hoping that the developers will change this collection 2. accept the work and effort which goes into this and the fact that thousands of other players managed too 3. decide to not do the collection and not have the mount
  14. and I am saying I disagree since your claim that the game is designed to encourage payers to play alone is limited at best and faulty at worst. It depends on which design elements you look at. This rings double true for different content, especially more challenging one. It also rings true for the different game modes, one which is from the ground up not designed to be played alone. Your statement only holds true for specific content in this game, and even then only when intentionally not looking at specific elements like class design and balance. Even worse, in some ca
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