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Pricing of 'The Moot'

I got ’The Energizer’ as a drop and now I’m crafting The Moot in order to sell it. Only thing is left to farm a bit T6 mats. I am not sure how much it has costed me (except 100g and the sigil), but I’ve been farming most of the stuff so it hasn’t costed me too much. I only have to do T6 mat farming for ’gift of fortune’, and it’d cost me around 151g to buy rest of T6 materials for the gift. I am running on 389g now, so it’s not too bad to buy them. However, I am farming slowly but surely heavy loot bags for some T6 mats, it’s going well.

So, my question is… How should I price it? It didn’t take either too much effort or money as I had a lot of time to farm the mats. I understand nothing about the value graphs in, but I know that it’s common to pick the first choice from ’current sellers’ when selling stuff. Is this a good strategy with legendaries, too?


  • Pricing a legendary is a serious topic and I would actually suggest you ask a friend in game or you can whisper me if you like in game. People under cut prices allot, if you are low on gold I would avoid pricing it so high as to risk having to relist at a lower price obviously because the listing fee is significant. you can use sites like which you can reach via the wiki too. It has graphs you can look at to see what the avg min/max listing prices are that actually get sold vs things that never sell. Its useful in general when trying to figure out this sort of thing. Otherwise you are kinda going into it blind which is always risky.