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How do Frost Spirits work?

Returning from absence, doing reviews of how my chars have survived vs the "Balance Team". Today's question is in the title.
Mouseover says "%5 damage gain for 6s (to group). Health loss 7.5% every interval. Interval every 3s. (ergo death in 40s). Can also summon it to your location and blow it up.

Is 6s the total availability of the %5 damage gain for the life of the spirit, or does it refresh each interval? If it does not refresh, what's the purpose of intervals? A fancy way to say "dies in 40s?" If it refreshes every interval, why 6s more damage every 3s? is there a way to use up all the damage in 3s, or does it stack up to longer than the spirit lives?

I guess the confusion is why the intervals exist. If 6s is max for the %5 damage, you'd want to blow it up soon after that to start the cooldown clock. If it refreshes each interval, want to hang in there until near the end of the 40s and then blow it up.

How does it work?


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    Spirit can be healed and exist indefinitely for a permanent +5% dmg boost. It can also be damaged and die prematurely.

    The active skill does not ‘blow up’ the spirit.

    The 6s only matters when you run out of the AoE/spirit dies, the buff gets reapplied (back to 6s) per interval within the AoE.