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New Soulbeast player - main dagger skills greyed out

I am a pretty new player and have all the expansions. Loving the game so far and have yet to finish the last chapter of the personal story. Last night I hit level 80 when leveling up my cooking and immediately picked the dagger specialization skill. But when I put a dagger in my main hand, no skills show up in slots 1 - 3. When I look at the build tab, that weapon category has 3 skills but they are greyed out.

I assume this is because my character hasn't finished some pre-requisite. But for the life of me, I can't figure it out. And Google isn't being helpful at all.
Any kind soul out there that could give me a clue?


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    Elite specilisations work like the core ones you unlocked while levelling up - to use them you have to have them equipped on the build tab. That includes the weapons, you can't use a main hand dagger on a ranger without the soulbeast specilisation equipped.

    Go to the build tab, click on the bottom specialisation and change it to Soulbeast. Then you'll be able to use the dagger.

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  • That worked. Thanks! lol I should of figured that one out. **wry grin**