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I've been seeing a lot of discussions concerning difficulty and would like to present challenge-seekers with something new.

Try to play the game the way I have to.

For this challenge you need to do the following:

  1. Adjust your monitor to brightness:2 and contrast:3 (a friend played with monitor settings as I described what I actually see and he said this is the closest you can get)
  2. Completely cover your right eye so that you halve your field of view. You shouldn't be able to see anything at all with your right eye (I don't have one)
  3. Play the game without looking directly at the monitor. Focus your gaze on the monitor's frame and use ONLY peripheral vision if you attempt to use visual information to play the game. This is extremely key. No direct vision allowed at all. I don't have direct vision, just one corner of peripheral vision in one eye.

Understand that even with this, you still see more than I do. I don't know how I can get someone to replicate the visual damage I have (such as reducing field of view for the left eye, reducing ability to perceive higher frequency light such as blue, and limiting the ability to see detail). However, I think this is good enough to give everyone a massive challenge.

You'll find that you have to rely on memorization of game mechanics and maps. You'll also need to rely more on audio cues and feedback. I advise you start in the open world of core Tyria until you can get used to it. I am able to easily do 7 jump puzzles, I struggle to do another 5 or so, and the rest I don't bother with anymore. I can do all open world content, all story instances, sPvP, and some dungeons with ease (though I will occasionally fly off a random cliff here and there, when you play like this you'll soon understand).

Anyways, I thought this was something I can lay down to the community to see if others can do it.
If any Anet employees would like to try that would be awesome.

Questions, comments, concerns, spasmatic ravings, prophetic visions of the end times, mystic riddles, or revelations on how the charr will blow up the world, please call the Bookah Hotline. Please note: All of our Asuran customer service representatives exist in a constant state of irritation ranging from exasperated to blood-boiling, mouth-frothing psychosis.

Good Luck and Have Fun! Good hunting and fly safe. Keelah Se'lai.
how can I tag Arenanet?

EDIT: Don't handle inventory while doing this challenge. You'll make some very expensive mistakes!

To handle inventory you must be able to use spatial reasoning and spatial memory. All windows must be organized and never moved (they never move on their own). You're inventory must be organized using the the appropriate bags, so you know where new items are. Having infinite kits helps with the salvage process, as you can stick those somewhere and never move them. Finally, you must be able to track where your mouse is by feel. You must be able to identify the position of the cursor on the screen based on the position of the mouse on the mouse pad. One trick is to scroll all the way to a corner, pick up the mouse and place it on the corresponding corner and there, it's reset. You have to be able to track the conversion of distance between your mouse hand and the cursor/screen space.

Once you can do all this, then it's a little safer to handle inventory.

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