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  1. dagger/dagger shines best with condition builds. You're building super heavy on the glass cannon side. This means that you cannot afford to spam dodges at all, not even a little bit. With you're build, you are forcing yourself to perfectly evade every major attack. I'm comfortable doing this on my condi thief. It's extremely glassy and I can time every evade in the kit, which is why it's my go-to build for difficult content. If you're not able to time dodges, then it isn't the right thief build for you. While you do take invigorating precision, the healing is not enough to outsustai
  2. What you were tempted to do is what I like to call the the reverse turing test. The Turing test is essentially a test of synthetic intelligence and it's ability to mimic/exemplify organic behavior. Passing the test means that no one was able to suspect the synthetic intelligence of being fake. The reverse Turing test is to carry a conversation to see if they are dim-witted enough to believe you, organic intelligence, is actually a bot, synthetic intelligence. I have convinced many a player that I'm actually a bot that is just below the level of sapient self-awaren
  3. Wow, jailed for speeding in Rata Sum... I'm guessing that wasn't a first offense? 😜 Try slowing down you speed demon!! There's innocent golems walking around Rata Sum! Oh , the little football head guys? Nah, you can run 'em over. It's the golems that are expensive to replace!
  4. we call that Poe's Law! 😜 definitely kidding. Killing your customers is never a sustainable business model! >_> re-read what you quoted, but in John Oliver's voice with his delivery. Then you'll get it!
  5. That hits home. I, sadly, am guilty of this from time to time. 🤫 ugh.... guilty of this too. Sometimes I try to stand up for Skritt rights and yell at people not to kill the innocent little guys. But noooooo people have to keep slaughtering them because "omg they're killing me I have to fight back"..... look, hacking at you with a sword and throwing broken bottles at you are just customary Skritt greetings. It's just a misunderstanding is all. But sure, I'm the psychotic one. what?... This is objectively and absolutely false. If I can't see the other pla
  6. I actually only have that problem when using a different skin. The defaults don't do that for me.
  7. This seems related to the mount bug where- ........beat me to it. They're probably grumbling at you too. Like seriously, you used to walk places. Why can't you just walk anymore? I was having a good dream too. For you it's odd in-game behavior. For me, it's no different than how I normally "drive" in the world of GW2. The guy flying off to his death every 5 seconds? Yep, that's me. To keep immersion, just blame mesmers. Next time, in Divinity's Reach, just yell "WTF Queen Jennah! Look, we get it, you're an all powerful mesmer. Just because you're t
  8. I was under the impression that if you complete the story in order, you'll be aware of the living world seasons. Has this changed? While I do think that the living world DLC content is fine as is, it really does need better clarity on accessing/purchasing it. It should probably be much more apparent that there are extra story-step-DLC that isn't part of the expansion bundle that is initially purchased. As for pricing, I don't feel like doing the market analysis for this. ArenaNet pays people to do that that and none of us forum posters have any inside knowledge of ArenaNet'
  9. Did the OP just re-invent living world episodes?
  10. What I can agree about the skyscale quest is that the first parts were cognitively un-engaging. This is why I don't engage in the traditionally-defined MMO behavior of farming. It just has no cognitive engagement; thus, it's really boring. What I, personally, would like to see differently is for more varied gameplay with these kinds of quests and collections. I do not believe the OP was asking for a "nerf" of the content, id est, not requesting to make it easier to obtain. It's a matter of not wanting to be bored while engaging in a leisurely activity that is supposed to supplant
  11. They wanted plainer looking armor as the start set, similar to how the starter set for heavy armor is extremely plain? Some players, who are in the minority in this thread, expressed some personal opinions on in-game aesthetics. You then conflate this with corporate policy? There is no proof that you have anything to worry about, with the sole exception of the comments of a few people in this thread expressing their personal opinions that have nothing to do with ArenaNet's intentions. There is no evidence that ArenaNet is censoring their own game. There is no evidence that they
  12. This is why you see the Commander on a corner at Lion's Arch singing I need a silver, silver, a silver is what I need (hey hey) Well I need a silver, silver, 'cause killin' dragons ain't workin' for me. (hey hey) Well I NEED a silver, silver, because the Pact is tellin' me "Look we know you've slain a god and five dragons, but you're still not on salary" I need a silver, silver, a silver is what I need (hey hey) Well I need a silver, silver, a silver is what I need (hey hey) Said I need a silver, silver, a silver is what I need And if I kill for y
  13. I can help with this. It seems your ultimate goal for playing the game is not playing the game itself. Open-world maps are all part of the gameplay content. If you do not enjoy the gameplay itself and seek only rewards, this game will definitely frustrate you. This game isn't about mindless grinding just to get stuff. Enjoyment in this game is derived by enjoyment of the gameplay itself. Getting annoyed by map exploration and combat in open-world maps is getting annoyed by the gameplay itself, and will never go away. This just may not be the game for you.
  14. Question. Where is it demonstrated that this is the reason for the change? I see nothing that indicates this is the reason. Additionally, nothing was removed from the game. So censorship in any form was not committed here. Many people are complaining about the game becoming prude. But nothing was removed from the game. If apprentice armor is still in the game, what is the complaint about? People in this thread are complaining that the game is changing because others are getting offended by sexualized armor. However, apprentice armor is still in the game and can
  15. That champion is one of my early skill check champs. Basically, I use open-world champions to see where I'm at with a profession, skill-wise. The others I use on that map are the warbeast and the centaur in the cave Champions on this map are far from the hardest in the open world, and are soloable on every profession. If you struggle with a champion in pre-80 maps (with the exception of champion bandits) , it is an indication that you are not yet comfortable with the profession you are currently playing. Either you aren't using it to its strength, the playstyle doesn't mesh well wit
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