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new instability :D

so we lost birds and slippery as instability from the fractals, and today on cm groups we where talkin about that so we comes this idea if u like please put in it XD : SUICIDE Chiken it works like last laught but here a chicken will spawn ad chaise a player then explode like last laught, to avoid is the same of last laught so only CC and the chiken that explodes do "Bwak Bwak Bwaaak!" very loudly :D thik about it XD


  • No, no, no. This should be something that players truly hates, like Pocket Raptors.
    New instability "Call of the Jungle". Spawns a group (around 10-15) of Pocket Raptors, attacking one random player (probably one-shotting someone if they're not killed quickly).

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