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Character Model Limit

Doomfrost.5728Doomfrost.5728 Member ✭✭
edited October 25, 2019 in Account & Technical Support

Is there a way that this can be split into two categories: NPC model limit and Player model limit? The reason is that I would like control how many NPC's are visible in the distance without affecting player models or vise versa.


  • crepuscular.9047crepuscular.9047 Member ✭✭✭✭

    not sure how the engine treats character model limit, but most likely do not differentiate

    kinda annoying it does not prioritise selected target / mobs, i.e. at Karka Queen with so many people there and spamming skills, despite I have my target on KQ, KQ would flicker between rendered/unrendered, making it difficult to see the boss animations, same goes for other popular bosses like the VB Matriarch

    and we all know how much the character model limit setting affects FPS, especially the massive skill spams having too much flares making it difficult to see boss animations, so I would like dev to make a 'private' mode that do not render other players, only display the mobs and npcs, which should significantly improve the FPS

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