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  1. 8 hours of continuous unranked, only came up on map selection 3 times, only once got landed on rng wheel, and just had to be against an organised team doing guild mission need to make it easier to queue for like Champion's Dusk Anet, it's frustrating to grind for the kitten APs would be nice if it is a permanent fixture on the map selection
  2. I think it's more of community moderation rather than cannot, GW1 have Japanese and it's an enhanced GW1 engine
  3. with all that development efforts thrown in beyond just making new contents for expansions, very unlikely we will see a GW3 any time soon. My guess is we may at least get another expansion after EOD. If they say they will make GW3, ppl will stop playing GW2 If they ever gonna make GW3, I think they will only announce it when it's at least 75% ready. the R&D for the game engine will take them years
  4. all the gears can be crafted, and you need all the crafting profession later if you are going for legendary weapons, so you can gain some crafting levels while crafting the gears you want
  5. same thing can be said about Coalescence, which you have to raid to complete it, a large majority of player population are hardstuck on raids at least GoB is simply about maintaining T6 participation for 6-8 hours, which is very easy to maintain can't say the old GoB is "easy", it really depended on your server
  6. i have been using SQL for the past 15 years, from technical perspective, no, not hard, all Anet have to do is reset the core story progression back to 0 but as a player, i dont understand op too, just chuck that toon aside as a storage toon if you become so bored with it character slot = 800 gems, name change contract = 800 gems, so I would say a 2000 gem Race change contract would be the right price
  7. why is it still called Dragon Bash? there's no evil Elder Dragons to bash anymore thanks to the story got cut short. I propose the festival to be renamed to "Dragon Pash", and update all the holograms with Aurene, flying around and giving festival goers with kisses.
  8. hey Anet, I would like see the option to pick specific maps as the filter for unranked rather than map type? 🙂 Players can practice for a specific map over and over again in a 5v5 setting. Allow players to work on a specific map AP.
  9. agree with @Rukia.4802, unranked have worse matchups than ranked because ratings are not taken into consideration, so it is not uncommon to matchup against organised group with 4 or 5 people that deletes you in 2 seconds. even ranked is not perfect, could be stack against high rated players due to lack of players in the same rating range, or just filled with bots on both side and see who's bots get luckier. like others had said, just ignore the toxicities and report anyone verbally abuse you; not that reporting works anyway 😑
  10. influential with a big asterisk, he basically bought influence with gold from duping items. there was one very good point from Guild MM's baron podcast yesterday, the guy was constantly having the gold in circulation, so it is very difficult for whatever the RMT flagging algorithm to track. Anet probably only have tracking at player level, that's how most MMOs pick out players doing RMT, not at Guild Bank level because a GB can be an accumulation of wealth up to 500 players, which can be massive, i guess this is an oversight they will be patching up.
  11. checking BW2BLTC, so far the price still have not plumet since the duper's ban, my guess the hoggers are still holding onto them to maintain the asset value to be used for off TP trading. why is Anet still allowing people to put in stupid asking price after all these years, wasting database space and inflating the demand figure 🤦‍♂️ https://i.imgur.com/QRWtc0g.png
  12. Dungeons are dead because Anet nerfed the liquid gold reward at the start of Heart of Thorns, players are always chasing for the best ROI. all you need to lookis at Silver Waste, thanks to Tonic of Icebrood Corruption, SW RIBA is even more profitable because it is the map that gives the most Pile of Silky Sand
  13. This has been discussed multiple times over the years, there is no need to make the same DLC, if you want to support the game just swipe your credit card for gems and buy BLC keys and gamble them away
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