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  1. Can confirm Loss will not fix it, you need 2 wins make the Daily PvP Rush Victory count. Now the question is, do we have to get 2 wins a day considering how trash the matchmaker is?
  2. use BlishHUD and install Fishing Buddy module, and pray to rng god to catch those rare and exotic fish, in my experience they are more rare than ascended and legendary fish I've already recommended made some QoL GW2's fishing needs based on my experience with BDO's fishing system (guru tier fisher in BDO)
  3. with material storage, I think OP have a hogging problem like I used to be, my advice is start liquidating the materials, but save 1000 for a raining day. with shared inventory, I'm in the pro camp to extend it for more
  4. Such statements are meaningless 99% of the time. There is no such thing like "my internet". If you say for instance, my internet is fine because I've zero problems with YouTube videos you forget two things: Youtube is servered by 20+ data centers distributed world-wide, while an online game must route alle player to the same server and just because there is never a traffic jam in one direction, it doesn't mean there are no traffic jams. A statement like "My Internet is fine as YouTube is fine" has as much meaning as "There are no traffic jams world-wide as I never hit one when driving to my supermarket" easy way to prove this is an issue at the map instance level, just multibox have an account at world boss like Teq where you'd most likely will be unplayable from the massive ping, and the other account at another map say LA, you'd see the Teq map have ridiculous ping that none of your input works, while the account at LA you can run around and spam skills just fine.
  5. let me guess, you from OCX too? GW2 server have been crapping out for me since 11th Sept, it's normal until about 2am utc onward server starts crapping itself, start getting random lag spike to avg 600+ ping in open world, instanced content and PvP World Bosses and WvW is unplayable with avg 3000+ ping as soon as a people start spamming skill within 2000 yard. the issue seems to be upload of client data to server, because skill cast and movement becomes stalled but can see others running around spamming skills still radio silent from Anet
  6. yeah +1 here WvW players had a massive boost by 10x from their pip system, now super worth while just afk in WvW because you get the reward track done in half the time
  7. 1 for 2 deal, no complaint here, in fact, make it 1 for 4 it'd better 😁
  8. EU should have better ping, if you do a trace route to a map server, you can see from OCX/SEA it goes through Singapore, then to Sweden, finally NA if the issue is with the route there is not much Anet can do, it's what your ISP had purchased; but if the routing issue is happening within AWS it could be issue with the physical (managed by AWS) or virtual switch (managed by Anet) at AWS PS: "* * 37.751 -97.822 * * 0 0 0" is most likely internal switching not exposed to the public "United States (Unknown) 37.751 -97.822 (None) 244 24 7734" is most likely GW2's NA AWS data centre (ping response in bold) so if the game is showing significantly higher than 244 then there's something very wrong at the internal switching side at the AWS data centre
  9. a GTX 745 is a workstation GPU, it's not a gaming GPU, GW2's minimum system requirement is NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 680 / AMD Radeon HD 7970 https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GTX-745-OEM-vs-Nvidia-GTX-680/2638vs3148 221% the performance difference I'd suggest you get minimum a RTX2060 or RTX3060 or AMD equivalent, with some tweaking within the graphics settings you should be able to run mostly on medium given it's a DELL business PC, I don't know how much you can upgrade it, you'd may run into the following issue regards to the power supply unit * the psu does not have sufficient power rating for a dedicated GPU * the psu does not have the necessary pci-e power cable(s) for the dedicated GPU * DELL is using some kittenkittened proprietary connector(s) to supply power to motherboard that is incompatible with off the shelf psu if you need to replace it not sure what you mean by that, the game initially came out at the aug 2012, comparing date of your computer to the date of a game's initial release dare does not mean much * if your hardware is does not meet the minimum system requirement of the game, not matter how new it is it does not matter * games are constantly evolving, meaning the system requirements to run the game will creep up as the years goes by
  10. the game have a major network issue for OCX players since 11th Sept 2023, my guildies from thailand and australia all have extremely high ping in pve, wvw is practically unplayable with 2000+ ping came across random australia players at Tequatle (11:40AM UTC) also having issue, we missed out the event completely due to the lag the issue seems to be with servers is refusing to receiving packets from the client (upload), because we can see others moving around killing mobs fine (client download) but none of our inputs are getting a response; once Tequatl dies the avg ping drop down mid 300 (still 100 than my usual avg ping of mid 200) and my toon rapid fires a million skill into blank air if I tried to swap to an overflow map instance hoping for better ping during Tequatl fight, the game would immediately disconnect me, reconnect back to original map instance; it's so laggy that I could not wp, I had to run off way in the distance Broonloonu wp to swap to the overflow instance, but as soon as I get close to the fight scene game becomes unresponsive with massive ping i can verify the issue is only at the map instance level, i have my alt account doing astral point dailies at the same time on a different map and it do not have the massive latency even just fishing at LA there would be random spikes to avg ping 800+ I'm taking a career break atm so I'm online since daily reset (10am local time), the issue only starts happening from about 3pm my local time onward aside from the current unplayable high latency, the game has historically been pretty rough for OCX player as if our traffics to the server is treated as second class, the issue was exacerbated by Alacrity since HoT because the server needs to take additional load due to more skills can be dished out more frequently also I just noticed, wiki has been loading quite sloppy at times
  11. same thing could be said why must wvw players must be forced to do map completion (current record speed run is 6hour 48min)? it's only fair that the components are required from all game mode with the massive boost to wvw reward track potion from pips track, it's now quicker than ever to get GoB (about 3-4 hours, which half of what it used to be) and more rewarding to spent your time in wvw while you farm skirmish tickets for wvw legendaries Anet did their math, the amount of time you spent in wvw (assuming you are on T6 participation and takes you around 30min to finish the 4 old wvw dailies) you earn the same amount of wvw reward track progress as the old dailies, and instead of having previously just once a day for the big boost it's now around every 30min (15min for those hardcore max ranked wvw commanders); in fact you actually earn more the higher your wvw rank is
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