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  1. Power Revs need 3x the damage, makes no kittenen sense when Harb and Willbender can easily delete a bunker by themselves and Anet thinks is ok, while when it takes 2 power revs to take down a bunker Anet deletes it In fact no just power revs, all melee power specs needs a massive buff, the condi meta is toxic as kitten for the past 2-3 years
  2. How is it predatory when Anet does not implement mechanics to deliberately hinder your progress? There is nothing wrong with Anet charges how much they want to charge for a cosmetic, just vote with your wallet.
  3. I too raised this before, the win condition for 5v5 is too dependent on the 4 other players instead make it a dual condition, get 1 win or play 3 matches
  4. anniversary sale seasons are biggest time of the year to get some good sales number on your balance sheet Anet, but last 2 years of were big disappointments 2020 - nice discounts, but really lacked in what's on offer 2021 - have few more items, but lacked in discounts To make anniversary sale better 1. more on-sale items per day; we can see that there are up to 14 new on-sales item added in the past, may be a bit much, 8-10 would be a good number 2. have flash-sales on certain items; this encourages players to check back every day, like what Steam does 3. M
  5. open world PvE not so much difference, raids are a different story, PvP is still a total kitten show with EOD's ES running rampant deleting ES from other expansions, 36 potential specs to choose from but 3-5 spots taken up by Harb clearly shows there's a massive problem
  6. yeah, that's always the problem with Guardian ES, all these sustains are primarily from core, which makes it difficult to nerf... well, pretty much all classes. You want to make sure core classes are viable, then the ES becomes godly, and if you want to bring ES down to earth core classes are dead, and ppl don't have expansions will yell "WHAT A kittenEN PAY2WIN kitten" I think we are too far down the rabbit hole now only a GW3 can fix
  7. ±14-16 is generally means a good evenly match team ±13 or ±17 is bordering uneven that last match -20, OUCH! you had a match manip or something? got smashed by very low ranked players I've had -6 to -10 matches where my team lost by 300+ points, clearly broken matchup than yours
  8. Living World Stories are DLCs, and not part of any expansion, the packages all says "Expansions", and there is no obligations for them to advertise for DLCs / non-core/expansion contents. Can you imagine Blizzard advertise "$100,000 - Max your character" for Diablo Immoral, which is the core game.
  9. there isn't really one, you just do map completion in the map that is corresponding to your character level; doesn't matter if you level is higher than the map you are in because you still get exp and play your personal story as they unlocks, it will also ask you to go to certain maps
  10. before even doing this, give us the ability to reshuffle guild orders instead of us having to leave and rejoin to adjust the order, such a pain in the butt
  11. same feeling as OP, but hardstuck @KC since the guild trainer left about 2 years ago, even with RA i find difficult finding a training group during my play time, training channels are rather quiet during OCE evening period, so pretty much gave up. PvP and WvW legendary armors are much easier to work since they are just chill time sinks, just 1 more PvP and 1 more WvW and I'll have 6/9 armor sets done.
  12. i was hoping they could've just reused the armor skins from GW1, and I'd be happy, my all time favorites were (and for the sake of god don't turn them into outfits) Warrior Kurzick Standard and Elite Luxon Standar Necro Luxon Elite Ranger Canthan Standard Kurzick Standard Monk Kurzick Elite Ritualist Luxon Elite
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