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  1. Oh and btw, before I forget, remember with the mechanist that you're losing your toolbelt. So those powerful toolbelt skills that you got for equipping a turret won't be around to provide additional damage. Now if we still had overcharging as a utility... Furthermore I could do without self detonation in the first place. I'd take overcharging over self detonation any day of the week.
  2. Cool, then we should move the toolbelt skills to the utility slots since they're the ones providing the bread and butter. Here's what I'm sayin, toolbelt skills shouldn't outshine the utility they came from. Once upon a time those skills didn't even exist because instead turret toolbelt skills were actually meant to self destruct the turret and overcharging was a utility skill that was available once the turret was placed. Controlled overcharges while still having the option to self destruct. It worked for fine, if you needed to move a turret either pick it up or if your enemy was
  3. One of the reasons I don't play engine as much as I used to. Turrets were a blast to play and just kinda fizzled out of interest once they nerfed them.
  4. I think it says something to how underwhelming turrets are when their toolbelt counterparts end up being the real bread winners in an engineers arsenal.
  5. There have been certain guilds that no matter how many times I decline their invitation, it doesn't take long that I get another invite from them. It's a tad bothersome and I would prefer not to have to go into my guild panel and hit the decline button. Is there any option in Guild Wars 2 where I can check a box that says, "Block all guild invitations"?
  6. Celestial armor just offers more stat points in combined total than 3 stat and 4 stat items. It's more well rounded and all classes use the stats celestial offers in some way or another.
  7. I would probably go further with my idea and remove the stat boosts entirely from banners and instead make them pulse combo fields periodically. A warrior actually controlling the terrain they fight on. Rather than rely on a small radius stat stick instead they use their mobility and combo finishers to determine when they need a particular buff or not. Plus combo fields are highly more versatile in what combo finishers you want to use. Would be interesting to see warriors darting through banners gaining whatever they need whenever they need it to gain the upper hand in a fight.
  8. I hope the thread title is understandable, but like the thread title states it's taking the Rev Legend mechanic and applying it to elements. Simply you select your two main elements and those are the elements you'd carry with you into combat and what your weapon and utility skills would reflect, outside of combat they'd be changeable. Switching between those two elements would flow similarly to how Rev switches legends. The added perk is you also get a dual weapon swap, so you'd get 20 weapon skills spread across two elements. Compared to base ele which has 20 weapon skills spread across 4 ele
  9. Bloodlust should heal the warrior per application of a bleed. I don't know by how much, but to me bloodlust implies that the warrior thirsts/craves the blood of his enemies and gains a sense of vigor for each wound they apply. Dual Strikes I'd rework to add an ammo counter to your offhand weapon abilities on weapons that classify as a main hand (Thus the name Dual Strike). Might be overpowered, but the possibility of a warrior performing two whirling axes, bladestorm's, Impales, Tremors, etc... within a short amount of time sounds fascinating to me. Of course you'd have to add a s
  10. They could have given each banner a different combo field rather than just one type. Defense: Ice, Tactics: Water, Discipline: Lightning, Strength: Fire, Battle Standard: Light. At least then it would add /some/ variety.
  11. Quick question, generally just curious how people identify classes other players run. Does armor type play a role on how you identify a class or are there other visual cues that take greater precedence? I ask because with outfits existing and gem store armor pieces nowadays all adopting similar visual styles I would think that identifying class by armor is ever increasing by difficulty. This leads to a second question. If Wardrobe had a drop down tab that gave you the option of selecting weight type (Light, Medium, Heavy) which would then open up the corresponding wardrobe of that
  12. Gunsaber in my opinion would have served better as weapon kit listed as an elite armament. Keep the weapon swaps, keep the burst, when you switch to the weapon kit your adrenaline bar is replaced by Flow. Switch in and out of it as desired. Just like the Engie mortar kit. Warriors would effectively get a 3rd weapon to switch to on demand.
  13. I would have just taken the pistol offhand, it has good burst. Gunsaber as a weapon kit is highly unnecessary as a profession skill, I'd much rather have two weapon slots with my normal adren bar. They could have made the Gunsaber a utility weapon kit elite skill much like the mortar kit on Engie, with the added benefit of giving you a burst skill. Trading a weapon swap and other two main hand burst skills that had utility options of their own is not worth the investment.
  14. I mean if you're going to go all out with a beta event, go all out with equipment. Non stat Ascended level armor and accessories. Non stat Ascended level weapons in your inventory As far as Runes and Sigils go, just give the player 6 boxes of runes and 8 boxes of sigils. Each rune/sigil box would function like most selectable gear boxes. You select the runes you want, a box would be expended. This is a better method than opening up one box and having it puke out a whole bunch of stuff you don't want/need and it's a lot cleaner too. As far as food and utility items.
  15. If only I get to see my Asuran toon rocking a speedo then I'm game.
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