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WvW server for playing as zerg

Hi, i am checking out possibility to return to the game. In order to be sure if want to purchase addons and play i would like to know if there are still any servers in europe with frequent zerg runs where experienced commander is present on voice chat. I recall Far Shiverpeaks allowed for such play(jump in without any guild partnership requirements). Is it still viable?


  • Absolutely, especially in EU. Just pick one of the Top 3 servers for WvW and jump on in.

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    If you return to the game you will already be on a server. Just go to WvW and check it out. Lots of servers use voice chat and they all have commanders.

    The only different trend in the recent couple of months has been a heavy push for invite only via discord, which makes the random pug masses reluctant to join that zerg. And then the commanders complain that there are too few on tag and kitten on those that dont join, which only make them want to join even less. It's fun to watch, in a you reap what you sow kind of way.

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  • Thanks for answers. It is nice to hear that this is still a viable option. The question came from a few hours spent on the current server (FS) where any commander seemed to be missing. Looks like I have to put few more hours into the validation of server and checking which server to choose.