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Looking for Guild NA WvW - Euph

lostgecko.9104lostgecko.9104 Member ✭✭
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Hello everyone, Its Euph.

I've never really posted on the forums but while some of you know me I am sure there are more that don't. I am looking for a Guild that can meet my needs which are at the moment quite difficult to work with. While i am currently with [Brr] on Maguuma, I am more casual then I use to be in regards of playtime, but I try and play as much as I can with that being said. My IGN is Euph, Euphoria, and to some my name is just Mike. I am Multi-Classed with GvG experience on all classes. I have played since launch , and since launch i have exclusively played WvW. I wouldn't consider myself an amazing player because i like to think of myself as humble, but I am good. Anyways, I guess I will get to what I am looking for;

• A Lowkey Guild with around 10-15 players

• Being able to accept that I can only play 1-2 days a week due to work and real life

• Not being able to use Discord Voice during raids anymore

I know that Discord/Teamspeak is a huge thing , but i am just not that sweaty anymore.

You can contact me on Discord @ Euph#7373 or with my IGN lostgecko.9104


  • Excursion.9752Excursion.9752 Member ✭✭✭

    So you cant use Discord but you want people to contact you on it? I'm guessing you don't use it for voice communication any more.

    You may want to mention what days of the week your most likely to play and what time on those days you are available.

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  • I can play any 2 days of the week from 8/9 till 11

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